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Preserved flowers in Singapore

When it comes to romantic gestures, fresh flowers are the classic way to go. However, they die in a matter of days and it’s hard not to think about the money that will be going down the drain. That won’t be the case with preserved flowers – treated with non-toxic chemicals which retains their colour and prevents them from withering, making them last for months or even years.

With flowers that can last that long, perhaps the romantic notion of giving bae a bouquet may just become more practical. To help you out, check out this list of florists selling preserved flowers in different forms, for various occasions.

1. Floracent – Cute prosperity cat domes (from $52)

Preserved Flowers - Floracent Flower Domes
Candy Love ($68) and Timeless Premium Dome ($128).
Image adapted from: Floracent, Floracent

Floracent’s products are arranged according to dome style and how elaborate the preserved flower arrangements are, from classic round or cylindrical domes to the fancier Grandeur and Premium series. Their flower domes have a Beauty and the Beast: enchanted rose vibe.

Preserved Flowers - Floracent Cat Domes
Fortune Cat – Good Fortune ($78) and Fortune Cat – Peace ($72).

Image adapted from: Floracent, Floracent

They’ve also got a Fortune Cat series (from $72) where a cute maneki-neko figurine poses in various positions amidst colourful blooms.

Floracent website

2. Roselodge Florist – Cotton bouquets (from $38)

Preserved Flowers - Roselodge Florist Puff It Up Bouquet
Puff It Up in Black ($38)
Image credit: Roselodge Florist

Roselodge Florist’s Puff It Up series ($38) comprises fluffy cotton bouquets with wrapping that matches the hues of the coloured baby’s breath that’s included. These range from pretty pinks to bold blacks, so you can be sure that there’ll be something that will suit your girl’s fancy.

Roselodge Florist Timeless Love Bouquet
Timeless Love V1.0 In Pink
Image credit: Roselodge Florist

You can also turn to their Timeless Love series (from $48), which puts a single rose and cotton flower in a sea of dried baby’s breath and other small blooms.

Address: 21 Bukit Batok Crescent, WCEGA Tower, Singapore 658065
Opening hours: Walk-ins by appointment only
Contact: 9277 6218 | | Roselodge Florist website

3. Moon Fleur – Floral frames & mini bouquets (from $15)

Moon Fleur Floral Photo Frames
Moon Fleur’s Floral Photo Frames come in various colour schemes.
Image credit: Moon Fleur 

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but our favourite photos with loved ones are packed with a priceless trove of treasured memories. Moon Fleur beautifully adorns these snapshots with preserved flowers in their range of Floral Photo Frames (from $75), available in palettes like vibrant pink and blue as well as soft neutral tones.

To take things to the next level, you can complete the experience with a photoshoot ($350) featuring their partner makeup artist Makeup Doyennes and photographer Ocular Kandy. The package includes a makeup session, hair makeover, and a 30-minute shoot for a picture-perfect shot to be included in their 4R Floral Photo Frame.

Moon Fleur Mini Bouquets
Mini Rainbow Preserved Baby Breath Bouquet (left), Over The Rainbow Bouquet (right).

Image adapted from: Moon Fleur

To suit budgets of all sizes, Moon Fleur also offers the wallet-friendly Mini Rainbow Preserved Baby Breath Bouquet ($15) all the way to the full-sized Over The Rainbow Bouquet ($88) that’s sure to blow the socks off your loved one.

Moon Fleur Desk Jars
Kawaii Emoji Series Desk Jars (left), Sunny Vivid Garden (right).

Image credit: Moon Fleur

Their preserved floral arrangements are also available as cute desk ornaments for a mid-work mood boost. Channel some positivity with their Limited Edition Collection of Kawaii Emoji Series Ceramic Desk Jars ($68), or the Mini White Floral Desk Jar – Sunny Vivid Garden ($38) which brings a spot of joy with its hydrangeas.

Address: 76 Playfair Road, #04-02 Suite 09 LHK2 Building, Singapore 367996
Opening hours: Walk-ins by appointment only
Contact: 8892 5221 (WhatsApp) | Moon Fleur website

4. Bloomback – Birthstone bag charms (from $75)

Bloomback Happiness Bottles
Image credit: Bloomback

Bloomback’s compact Happiness Bottles ($75 for set of 5) are small enough to put on your desk and brighten up your workspace, and the best part is that you won’t even have to water them. All that beauty is encapsulated in the unique test tube-like vessel, and you’ll get to admire a series of hues.

Bloomback Personalised Birthstone Bag Charm
Image credit: Bloomback

For a memento that can be carried around, opt for the Personalised Birthstone Bag Charm ($75 each) which will add a sophisticated touch to any bag that you attach it to. The keychains can be made even more meaningful with the addition of personalised alphabet charms ($20) of your initials.

Address: 33 Ubi Avenue 3,  #05-70 The Vertex, Lobby A, Singapore 408868
Opening hours: Walk-ins by appointment only
Contact: 8749 4806 | | Bloomback website

5. Floral Passion – Flower-packed gift boxes (from $48)

Preserved Flowers - Floral Passion Bouquet
Image credit: Floral Passion

With 3 red roses doubly wrapped in black and white, the Red Preserved Roses + Baby’s Breath & Caspia Bouquet ($48) by Floral Passion is undoubtedly classy.

Preserved Flowers - Floral Passion
Image credit: Floral Passion

If roses aren’t your favourite, an alternative is the blue Tiffany Blooms Preserved Flowers & Lavender Bouquet ($65).

Floral Passion Flower Box
Preserved Roses & Baby Breath’s Flower Box ($75)
Image credit: Floral Passion

For something that can double up as room decor, their romantic Preserved Roses & Baby Breath’s Flower Box ($75) works perfectly, with vibrant roses standing out against the white baby’s breath they’re nestled in.

Contact: 94241101 | | Floral Passion website

6. First Sight – Mini bloom boxes (from $35)

Preserved Flowers - First Sight Everlasting Love Bouquet
Everlasting Love in Violet ($38)
Image credit: First Sight

First Sight’s Everlasting Love bouquets (from $38) follow a series of colour-coded themes ranging from pastel purple to various shades of blue. Everything from the roses, fillers, and wrapping paper are carefully chosen to match.

First Sight Everlasting Love Mini Bloom Box
Image credit: First Sight

For something more fun-sized, consider the Everlasting Love Mini Bloom Box ($35) – a little pink cylindrical box filled with a bright red rose, dainty hydrangeas, and bunny tail foliage air-flown from Japan or Italy, depending on the season

Address: 1 Marne Road, #01-05 The Citron, Singapore 208380
Opening hours: Walk-ins by appointment only
Contact: | First Sight website

7. SK Fleur – Character plushie bouquets (from $30)

Preserved Flowers - SK Fleur Petite Hand Bouquets
Petite Hand Bouquets, available in a range of colours and flower types.
Image adapted from: SK Fleur, SK Fleur

There’s nothing quite as classic as declaring your love with roses, and SK Fleur’s Single Preserved Red Rose ($30) can easily get that job done. For a touch more pizzazz without going way over budget, you can get the Petite Hand Bouquets ($34.80) which are sorted by flower – such as rose or gerbera – or by colour scheme.

SK Fleur Mini Character Bouquets
Image adapted from:
SK Fleur, SK Fleur

For an added touch of cuteness, you can also opt to get their bouquets topped with mini stuffed toy characters like Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh, and Pikachu (from $60).

Address: 371 Beach Road, #B1-31 City Gate, Singapore 199597
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 1pm-6pm (Closed on Sundays)
Contact: 8265 6855 | SK Fleur website

8. Floral Garage – Rustic bouquets (from $39.90)

Preserved Flowers - Floral Garage Rustic Bouquet
Image credit: Floral Garage

Floral Garage’s range of preserved bouquets may be on the smaller end, but you can’t go wrong with their Taylor Bouquet ($39.90)a medley of preserved wildflowers in feminine purple hues, wrapped in rustic brown paper.

Floral Garage Rainbow Wildflowers Bouquet
Image credit: Floral Garage

For something equally rustic but more on the colourful side, their Rainbow Wildflowers Bouquet ($52.90) is a definite hit. Something about the quaint wrapping paper and harmonious mish-mash of blooms really gives it that homely vibe – as if the sender just happened to pick some flowers en route to meeting his or her lover.

Address: 8 New Industrial Road, #06-01 LHK 3 Building, Singapore 536200
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm | Sat 10am-6pm | Sun 10am-1pm
Contact: 9387 8871 | Floral Garage website

9. Anndol Floral – Unique vases like seashells & butts (from $40.99)

Anndol Floral Seashell Vase
Image credit:
Anndol Floral

If you’re looking to gift something extra unique and memorable, Anndol Floral presents its preserved flowers in unique vases like seashells ($108) and butts of various shapes and sizes.

Anndol Floral Butt-Shaped Vases
One & Only Butt-y ($98) and Cheeky Butt-y ($108).

Image adapted from: Anndol Floral, Anndol Floral

A petite bum arrangement will set you back $98, while the larger displays are priced $108 each. On top of that, there are ever variations available for more slender bottoms as well as perkier cheeks.

Anndol Floral Petite Jars
Image adapted from:
Anndol Floral, Anndol Floral

To spruce up your desk, get their petite jars priced at a flat rate of $40.99 across all styles and colour schemes. Choose from a wide variety of preserved flowers such as roses, hydrangeas, and lavender. Plus, each pot is handcrafted, making it one of a kind.

Address: 6 New Industrial Road, New Century Building, Singapore 536199
Opening hours: Tue-Sat 11am-6pm (Closed on Mondays & Sundays)
Contact: | Anndol Floral website

10. My Eternal Roses – Themed designs for CNY & Xmas (from $25)

My Eternal Roses Chinese New Year
Golden Prosperity Vase ($88)
Image credit: My Eternal Roses

You wouldn’t think of going the preserved flowers route when jazzing your home up for the holidays, but My Eternal Roses is here to change your mind with their extensive range of themed designs for every festivity. KIV their Lunar New Year series for next year’s celebration, which will give your house major CNY vibes without the gaudiness of traditional decor.

My Eternal Roses Mini Christmas Trees
Choose between Wintry Snow, Holly Jolly, and Woody Log designs.
Image credit: My Eternal Roses

Their Christmas range features mini preserved Christmas trees ($25 each, $70 for bundle of 3) that are festive yet easy to maintain and won’t take up a lot of space. Because they’re not fresh flowers, you’ll get to keep them for months to come – perfect for folks who love to savour the Xmas vibe.

Preserved Flowers - My Eternal Roses
Superwoman Carnation Pot ($88) and Infinity & Beyond ($228).
Image adapted from: My Eternal Roses, My Eternal Roses

For other occasions like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day where you’d need to gift flowers, they’ve got designs which are specifically tailored to fit the celebration.

For instance, a sturdy golden pot of carnations to signify a mother’s love that is worth is weight in gold, and a heart shape made of preserved blooms to gift your SO, as if you were offering your love preserved for eternity.

My Eternal Roses website

11. Fleurdas – Popmart domes & crochet bouquets (from $49)

Fleurdas Woven Baskets
Image credit:

Fleurdas offers free same-day delivery for orders made before 11am, so hit them up if you’re in a pinch to surprise a special someone. Besides preserved flowers presented in vases, bouquets, and woven baskets, their character domes are a popular choice.

Fleurdas Popmart Skullcandy, Care Bear Domes
Image adapted from:
Fleurdas, Fleurdas

Choose between a nostalgic Carebear ($108) design to evoke some childhood memories, or a Skullpanda ($128) one for your Pop Mart-obsessed bae.

Fleurdas Crochet Bouquet
Image adapted from:
Fleurdas, Fleurdas

For bouquets that are even more long-lasting than just preserved flowers, how ‘bout a crocheted flower? Their series of crochet bouquets (from $35) are so cute that they almost look straight out of a cartoon.

Address: Self-collection available at Henderson, exact location provided upon order confirmation.
Opening hours: 10am-5pm, Daily
Contact: | Fleurdas website

Gift everlasting bouquets made of preserved flowers

With the invention of preserved bouquets, the idea of buying flowers seems less wasteful than it was before. After all, there is no better way to show your endless love with a flower that never dies.

If you’re on a budget, check out our cheap florists article where you can get flower delivery services on bouquets priced from $20.

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Cover image adapted from: Floracent, Bloomback, Anndol Floral
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Originally published on 12th July 2019. Last updated by Renae Cheng on 10th April 2023.


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