Florists in Singapore with preserved flowers 

Image adapted from: FloracentFloral PassionThe Singapore Florist

When it comes to romantic gestures, fresh flowers are the classic way to go. However, they die in a matter of days and it’s hard not to think about the money that will be going down the drain.

That won’t be the case with preserved flowers – they’re treated with non-toxic chemicals that retains their colour and prevents them from withering, so that helps them last for months or even years!

With flowers that can last for that long, perhaps the romantic notion of giving your beau a bouquet may just become more practical. To help you out, check out this list of florists selling affordable preserved flowers.

1. Floracent – for animal lovers (from $28)

The Precious in Charming Hot Pink and The Precious in Royal Purple (both $58)
Image credit: FloracentFloracent

Floracent’s products are arranged according to colour series, so you can easily narrow down your choices based on your girl’s favourite colour. Their flower domes have a Beauty and the Beast vibe start from $58 – you can choose between spherical or cylindrical-shaped coverings.

Abbie ($68)
Image credit: Floracent

They’ve also got a series of arrangements that feature animals. Unicorn-lovers would delight in Abbie ($68), which looks exactly like a unicorn cake from afar. There are also other arrangements topped with figurines of dogs, whales, and bumblebees.

Bee Happy and Fall For You (both $68)
Image adapted from: FloracentFloracent


2. Roselodge Florist – cotton bouquets (from $38)

Puff It Up in Black ($38)
Image credit: Roselodge Florist

Roselodge Florist’s Puff It Up series ($38) comprises of fluffy cotton bouquets with wrappings that match the hues of the coloured baby’s breath that’s included. These range from pretty pinks to bold blacks, so you can be sure that there’ll be something that will suit your girl’s fancy.

Timeless Love V1.0 In Pink ($42)
Image credit: Roselodge Florist

You can also turn to their Timeless Love series (from $42), which puts a single rose and cotton flower in a sea of dried baby’s breath and other small blooms.

Barrel of Joy in Blue ($70)
Image credit: Roselodge Florist

Apart from their bouquet collections, there’s also the Barrel of Joy (from $70) collection, with roses and other wild blooms carefully arranged in a box.

Address: 1 Choa Chu Kang Grove, ITE College West, Singapore 688236
Opening hours: Weekdays 9.30AM – 5.30PM, Sat 10.30AM – 4PM
Telephone: 92776218

3. Bloomback – rose charms with personalisation options (from $28)

A Beautiful Day ($75)
Image credit: Bloomback

Bloomback’s A Beautiful Day ($75) mini flower pots are small enough to put on your desk and brighten up your workspace, and the best part is that you won’t even have to water them. Same goes for their dried Faith Petite ($18) bunches of caspia, forget me not, and foliage.

Faith Petite ($18)
Image credit: Bloomback

For a memento that can be carried around, opt for the Birthstone Charms ($55) or Petite Charms ($55) which will add a sophisticated touch to any bag that you attach it to. The keychains can be made even more meaningful with the addition of personalised alphabet charms.

Birthstone Charm in Mauve and Petite Charm in Antique Red (both $55)
Image adapted from: BloombackBloomback

My Lollies ($28) and You Are The Reason $29)
Image adapted from: BloombackBloomback

Actual bouquets are also available, starting from an affordable $28.

Address: 33 Ubi Avenue 3, The Vertex, #05-70, Lobby A, Singapore 408868
Opening hours: Weekdays [a]10AM – 7PM, Sat 10AM – 2PM
Telephone: 8749 4806

4. Floral Passion – boxed roses surrounded by baby’s breath (from $35)

Red Preserved Roses + Baby’s Breath & Caspia ($35)
Image credit: Floral Passion

With three red roses doubly wrapped in black and white, the Red Preserved Roses + Baby’s Breath & Caspia Bouquet ($35) by Floral Passion is undoubtedly classy.

Tiffany Blooms – Preserved Flowers & Lavender ($55)
Image credit: Floral Passion

If roses aren’t your favourite, an alternative is the blue Tiffany Blooms Preserved Flowers & Lavender Bouquet ($55).

Preserved Roses & Baby Breath’s Flower Box ($75)
Image credit: Floral Passion

For something that can double up as room decor, their romantic Preserved Roses & Baby Breath’s Flower Box ($75) works perfectly, with the vibrant roses standing out against the white baby’s breath they’re nestled in.


5. Each A Plant – petite rose arrangements in glass cubes and mugs (from $38)

Serenity and Enchant (both $38)
Image credit: Each A PlantEach A Plant

Each A Plant sells a range of tiny flower arrangements put together in mini glass cubes and jars (both from $38). These include a rose as a centrepiece, amidst a bed of button flowers and broom blooms.

Deep Charm ($45)
Image credit: Each a Plant

For something slightly larger but following the same concept, their floral mug arrangements ($45) will bring a touch of elegance into any room they’re put in.

Loyal Max and Best Buddy (both $35)
Image credit: Each A PlantEach A Plant

If your lady’s a doggo lover, Each A Plant also has mini pots with dog figurines attached to them ($35).

Address: 5008 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 #04-09, TechPlace II, Singapore
Opening hours: Weekdays 10AM – 6PM, Sat 10AM – 4PM

6. First Sight – mini flower baskets (from $32)

Everlasting Love in Violet ($38)
Image credit: First Sight

First Sight’s Everlasting Love bouquets (from $38) follow a series of colour-coded themes ranging purple to pastel and various shades of blue – everything from the roses, fillers, and wrapping paper are carefully chosen to match.

Everlasting Love ($42) and Bundle of Love ($32)
Image adapted from: First SightFirst Sight

For something more fun-sized, consider the Perk-Me-Up Mini Bloom Box ($42) – a little pink cylindrical box filled with bright red roses and carnations. Bundle of Love ($32) would be a welcome addition to any home garden – with roses and eucalyptus leaves packed into petite flower baskets.

Everlasting Love in Blue ($38)
Image credit: 
First Sight

Address: 1 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A, Singapore 568049
Opening hours: Weekdays 9AM – 6PM

7. The Singapore Florist – roses in a box (from $38)

Enchanted Petite Floral Box, Red Rose ($38)
Image credit: The Singapore Florist

If you’re looking for something sweet and compact, you’ll find it at The Singapore Florist. Their Enchanted Petite Floral Box ($38) will present you with a beautiful combination of either a pink or red rose and hydrangeas.

Enchanted Floral Box ($69)
Image credit: The Singapore Florist

Their Rainbow Rose ($69) is another option for an added touch of colour, with 2 additional roses.

Dry Spell in Tiffany ($52)
Image credit: The Singapore Florist

If boxed flowers don’t cut it for you, there are always the classic bouquets. The Dry Spell series ($52) combines soft fluffs of cotton with other dried flowers.

Address: 539 Bedok North Street 3, #01-583, Singapore 460539
Opening Hours: Weekdays 11AM – 9PM, weekends 11AM – 8PM
Telephone: 96463641

8. Skinny Blooms – vibrantly coloured bouquets (from $38)

Everlasting Petite Jars ($38)
Image credit: Skinny Blooms

Not all flower arrangements need to be big and showy, and the flowers from Skinny Blooms’ Everlasting Petite Jars ($38) show that you don’t need a lot to steal your lady’s heart.

Hey Wild Ones in Tangerine Twist and Amethyst Crush (both $88)
Image credit: Skinny Blooms

But if you fancy something a little more extravagant, the Hey Wild Ones collection ($88) comprises of a series of preserved wild blooms that comes in four striking versions: Tangerine Twist, Cobalt Blues, Blush Pinks, and Amethyst Crush.


9. SK Fleur – teddy bear bouquets and LED bell jars (from $29.80)

Single Preserved Rose Bouquet ($29.80)
Image credit: SK Fleur

There’s nothing quite as classic as declaring your love with roses, and SK Fleur’s Single Preserved Rose Bouquet ($29.80) can easily get that job done.

Cute Bear With Preserved Rose Bouquet – choice of 1 ($49.80) or 3 ($69.80) teddy bears.
Image credit: SK FleurSK Fleur

For an added touch of cute, you can also opt to get their bouquets topped with mini stuffed toy characters like Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, and Pikachu (from $49.80).

Greenhouse Glass With LED Light – Spumoni Pink Rose ($69.80)
Image credit: @skfleursg

You could also consider the Greenhouse Glass Series (from $69.80) that encapsulates a single rose and hydrangeas within a glass dome.

Address: 183A Rivervale Crescent, Singapore 541183
Opening hours: 8AM – 6PM
Telephone: 82656855

10. Floral Garage SG – black rose bouquets (from $45)

Pink Reverie ($45)
Image credit: Floral Garage SG

Floral Garage SG’s range of preserved bouquets is small, but you can’t go wrong with their Pink Reverie Bouquet ($45) – a pink rose and cotton tuft surrounded by baby’s breath and other small blooms, wrapped in both pastel and rustic brown paper.

Black Fantasy ($59.90)
Image credit: Floral Garage SG

Guys with goth girlfriends would be delighted to know that there’s an option for them as well – the Black Fantasy Bouquet ($59.90) features two black roses standing out against a background of pretty pink blooms – equal parts bold and feminine.

Address: 756 Upper Serangoon Rd, #03-34, Singapore 534626
Opening hours: Weekdays 9AM – 6PM, Sat 10AM – 6PM, Sun 10AM – 1PM
Telephone: 62822813

Everlasting bouquets in Singapore

With the invention of preserved bouquets, the idea of buying flowers seems less wasteful than it was before. After all, there is no better way to show your endless love with a flower that never dies!

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