Interesting NTU elective modules 

As hectic as a semester at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is, nothing compares to the sheer frenzy that ensues about a month before classes start. With the stress of our intense online module bidding exercise known as “Star Wars”, choosing the perfect elective modules at NTU can be tough. 

Apart from looking for modules that fit into your plan for a perfect 3-day work-week, you’ll also want easy-to-score electives that are interesting too. To help you with those tough demands, here are 9 interesting NTU elective modules recommended by seniors to enrich your NTU student life.

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1. Draw nude live models to learn realistic illustration 

life drawing moduleImage credit: Jiahui

If you are an artistic individual by nature and would like to improve on your skills, Life Drawing teaches you techniques to capture realism in your art pieces. Especially since the human figure is inherently complex, the nude live models are the ideal subjects to train you to master your strokes.

Using just Chinese ink and charcoal as your mediums, this module is one that teaches you to use light and dark shades to mimic real-life shadows and movement. Self-proclaimed non-artists do not have to be discouraged, as you will be graded based on how much you improve rather than your level of skill.

Module code & name: AAA18D Life Drawing
Uniqueness level: 3/5
Difficulty level: 3/5

2. Design your own board games

Tabletop Game Design module
Image credit: HEY NTU

For board game lovers, Tabletop Game Design will be an irresistible opportunity to find out what goes into famous games like Monopoly and Risk that makes them so enjoyable. From action cards right down to character pieces, you will understand how the thoughtful designs and features contribute to a wholesome experience.

Students will be tasked to engage in coming up with game prototypes after learning about the basics of game design. The final assessment requires you to come up with a game from scratch and who knows – you might have the next Singaporean Dream in the works.

Module course & name: AAA18G Tabletop Game Design
Uniqueness level: 5/5
Difficulty level: 3/5

3. Hone your ceramics skills and make your own tableware 

Ceramics I and IIImage credit: Tay Yu Yan

Those who don’t mind getting their hands a little dirty in the name of art can try making something functional. Try your hand at ceramic-making with the module Ceramics I. Here you’ll get to learn basic techniques like stamping and glazing. If you want to give yourself the extra challenge to learn with the potter’s wheel, you can have a go at Ceramics II instead.

Look forward to designing and crafting your own tableware from scratch, and yes – you’ll get to take them home after the module is over. However, be prepared to clock in extra hours as most seniors have noted that the 4-hour lessons per week are not enough if you want your final graded pieces perfected to a T.

Module code & name: AAA28R/AAA28S Ceramics I & II
Uniqueness level: 4/5
Difficulty level: 3/5

4. Get professional voice coaching to crush karaoke sessions 

Singing with freedom moduleImage credit: NTU CAC

For professional bathroom singers and budding Beyoncés, this is a chance to further improve on your singing. Singing with Freedom teaches you a series of relaxation exercises and tips on improving your posture to develop your voice, as well as singing techniques to enrich your tone and vocal production.

With 1-on-1 coaching sessions, you will be guided by experienced McClosky Voice Technicians to nail songs across various genres to earn a spot as the lead singer for your next Teo Heng session.

Module code & name: AAI08B Singing with Freedom
Uniqueness level: 4/5
Difficulty level: 3/5

5. Engage in deep stretching with pilates and hatha yoga 

Introduction to hatha yoga and pilates module
Image credit: Cassilda Beh

If you’ve recently been into following free online yoga classes on YouTube especially during the Circuit Breaker, this is the time to perfect your poses through the Introduction to Pilates Matwork and Hatha Yoga. The module covers intermediate movements and poses suitable for students of all levels of flexibility.

The lessons are split into 2 segments, teaching you the techniques of both pilates and yoga, and understanding their theories, histories and benefits. So look forward to engaging in deep stretches and reconnecting with the zen mode in you.

Module code & name: SS9003 Introduction to Pilates Matwork and Hatha Yoga
Uniqueness level: 3/5
Difficulty level: 3/5

6. Design and make your own OOTD

fashion & design: wearable art as a second skin module
Image credit: Lynette Neo

Binge-watchers of the “America’s Next Top Model” and “Project Runway” reality series will be thrilled to learn hands-on fashion skills in Fashion & Design: Wearable Art as a Second Skin. The twist? Getting artsy with sources of inspiration from everyday items.

Learn how to sew basic articles of clothing like skirts, shirts and even pockets, and fashion your own apparel according to your own unique concept. Transparent pockets? No problem. Crepe paper for your entire top? Yes please!

Module code & name: AAA08B Fashion & Design: Wearable Art as a Second Skin
Uniqueness level: 5/5
Difficulty level: 4/5

7. Put a modern twist to kebaya-inspired designs with batik

Batik module
Image credit: Alexandra Cheung

If artsy, avant-garde fashion isn’t your cup of tea, try something more traditional with Batik. This module teaches you the fundamentals of batik-making starting with wax designs created using a small metal and wooden tool called a tjanting.

As you discover the history and inspiration behind the art of batik, experiment with different designs and master the techniques of executing proper strokes. Play around with the variety of silk dyes to bring your intricate patterns to life in vivid detail too. Creating texture through your designs like wax cracking will also be taught – so let your imagination run wild!

Module code & name: AAA18M Batik
Uniqueness level: 3/5
Difficulty level: 4/5

8. Solve real-life crimes using forensic analysis 

forensic science module
Image credit: University of South Wales

If you enjoy the mystery and blood splatters in “CSI: Miami”, the Forensic Science module will be your best bet at narrowing the gap between you and your dream job. As one of the most popular UE modules in NTU, it teaches you the science behind uncovering and solving criminal cases.

Dexter Morgan fans, you’ll have fun analysing shapes of bloodstains to figure out the weapon of crime, as well as the several tests for drugs, poisons and other unknown substances. As you delve deeper into the module, you can even look forward to solving real-life case studies to channel your inner Sherlock.

Module course & name: CM8002 Forensic Science
Uniqueness level: 5/5
Difficulty level: 4/5

9. Learn to dance the tango, waltz and cha-cha 

Dancesport module
Image credit: Choo Yut Shing

Whether you are an experienced dancer looking to widen your horizons or someone with 2 left feet, Dancesport is one of the best NTU elective modules fit for everyone with an ear for upbeat Latin fiesta music. Master the different forms of dances like Rumba, Tango and Waltz and learn about the origins of these dances.

This module also gives you the opportunity to put your creativity to the test as you choreograph a dance routine piece in a group and perform it to the class. Not only do you learn the fundamentals of these dances, but you will also improve your posture, balance and endurance. After all, it’s more than just a hobby, but a sport as well.

Module course & name: SS9302 Dancesport
Uniqueness level: 4/5
Difficulty level: 3/5

NTU elective modules to enrol in

As the last lap to the finish line, university life is your last chance to absorb as much as you can as a full-time student before you finally start your adulting journey. So it’s time to put your big boy pants on and challenge yourself to learn a new skill or pick up a new hobby.

From waltzing your way into the world of dance to mastering the skills to be a professional singer, there is a slew of interesting elective modules at NTU for you to choose from.

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Image adapted from: University of South Wales, HEY NTU, Cassilda Beh, Tay Yu Yan

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