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Bubble tea earrings and Good Morning mugs are some of the things us millennials might have picked up over the last year or so from local brand Naiise. But if you’re looking for more unique items to gift to your friends and fam, here are 15 unique items we found that haven’t been all over the internet already:

1. TOTO printed tee

TOTO printed tee
Image credit:

Printed tees are aplenty but none are as apt for a trip to the Singapore Pools as this top from Naiise. It’s also available in red for extra huat.

Get it here.

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2. MRT map laptop sleeve

Singapore MRT laptop sleeve

A conveniently placed mrt map, for those who live in the ulu West and North of Singapore to point out on, when asked: “where do you live?”

Get it here.

3. Kopitiam-themed earrings

Kopitiam food-themed earrings
Image credit:

Have a friend that doesn’t operate without a kopi or teh peng? Get her this mismatched earrings set.

Kopitiam-themed earrings
Image credit: @thelittledromstore

Designs inspired by our local breakfast of eggs are also available, complete with a side of soya sauce and pepper.

Get them here.

4. Nasi lemak tea

Nasi lemak tea
Image credit:

This unique nasi lemak tea is made of ingredients like dried pandan and dried chilli that makes the drink slightly spicy… just like the tea you spill, during gossip sessions with your bestie.

Get it here.

5. Singlish bracelet

Stylo milo gold metal bracelet
Image credit:

A stylo milo gift, for that stylo milo friend. 

singlish bracelet
Other variations available
Image credit: @naiise

Get it here.

6. Singapore-inspired beeswax paper

Singapore-inspired beeswax paper
Image credit:

A product that literally has fine written all over it, for your eco-friendly buddies. 

Singapore-inspired beeswax paper
Image credit: Creative Mark

They’re a sustainable alternative to cling wraps and are reusable, washable and compostable. Your friend will thank you and so will mother earth.

Get it here.

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7. Kueh lapis watch

Kueh Lapis watch
Image credit: Naiise

Some friends are easy to read and some friends are like kueh lapis – complex, with many layers. Commemorate a friendship like that with this kueh lapis watch. 

pineapple tart watch
Pineapple tart designs are also available
Image credit: Naiise

Get it here and here.

8. HDB erasers and memo pads

HDB products naiise
Erasers (left) and memo pads(right)
Image credit: Naiise, Naiise

To get for your boo, for a subtle hint that it’s time to BTO. *wink*

Get it here and here.

9. Kang Kong growing kit

Kang Kong growing kit
Image credit: Naiise

Hop on the urban farming trend and grow your own kang kong this 2020.

On top of caring for the plant, you’ll also be caring for those in need when you purchase this kang kong pot. Proceeds from this product go to covering basic necessities like food and housing for the underprivileged elderly.

Get it here.

10. Ayam Brand Pouch

SG Ayam Brand Pouch
Image credit: Naiise

To profess your undying love for chicken rice, you can either express it verbally or get this Ayam Brand Pouch that everyone can see each time you whip it out and say “aunty 一个烧鸡饭 (one chicken rice)!”

Get it here.

11. Uncle Kid & Ah Ma Floral onesie

These kopitiam uncle and ah ma floral onesies are hands down the best gift you can bring to a baby shower. 

Uncle Kid & Ah Ma Floral onesie
Image adapted from: Naiise, Naiise

Get it here and here.

12. Good Morning Tumbler

Good Morning Tumbler
Image credit: Naiise

Mandatory for anyone who already has a Good Morning mug and towel. It’s also double-walled so you can fill it with hot beverages.

Get it here.

13. Plastic bag pen holder

Plastic bag pen holder
Image credit: @meykers

This plastic bag pen holder is a nostalgic gift for your 90’s kid deskmate, who may or may not have an unbearably messy table with stationery cutting into your space.

Get it here.

14. Merlion night light

Merlion Night Light
Image credit: Naiise

For a literally lit night that doesn’t involve you doing a “merlion” (puke) on the way back from Zouk. 

This night lamp has 7 different colours and has a surprisingly soft and flexible exterior that won’t break easily.

Get it here.

15. Tingkat carrier

Tingkat carrier
Image credit: Naiise

The Shophouse Tingkat Carrier is both a fashion statement and a useful container for all your meal prep needs, with 3 compartments to separate your food.

Get it here.

Non-tacky local products from Naiise

On top of hitting the aesthetic bullseye, these are also gifts that you can give to your friends that a) have cultural value and b) are actually useful so you know they won’t be returned or regifted!

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