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12 Greatest Muji Items In Singapore To Give Your Home That Minimalist Zen Vibe

What to buy in Muji Singapore

Achieving the perfect minimalist home goes beyond white walls and wooden floors – your choice of decor and functional pieces can also make or break your theme. Which is why choosing the right items to add to your abode can help you achieve that highly-coveted Muji aesthetic.

Instead of feeling clueless about where to start, here are 12 of the best Muji items to get so you can have your ideal minimalist home.

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1. Aroma Diffuser

Muji aroma diffuser
Image credit:

For upgraded R&R sessions at home, get this aroma diffuser from Muji. It’s not just aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely functional by adding a pleasant smell to your home. And, depending on the scent or essential oil you use it with, can help reduce stress and promote better sleep.

There are 2 light settings that allow it to double as a nightlight. Never fret about accidentally leaving it on overnight either – both the light and mist can be timer-controlled too.

Price: $89

2. Porcelain toothbrush holder

Muji toothbrush holders
Image credit:

Instead of chucking all your toothbrushes in the same mug and creating a convenient breeding nest for germs and bacteria, get these simple, individual, porcelain toothbrush holders.

They’ll help add some organisation in your life, and they’re also coloured coded for easier identification.

Price: $4.30

3. Umbrella stand

Muji umbrella holder
Image credit:

Singapore has pretty much 2 weather moods: thunderstorm or blazing sun; and an umbrella is our shield-of-choice either way. Grab this umbrella stand from Muji to place by your door so you’ll never forget to bring out an umbrella before you head out for the day.

Besides looking aesthetically simple, it’s super practical too because it’s suitable for both foldable umbrellas and parasol umbrellas.

Price: $79

4. PP storage case

Muji PP storage box
Image credit:

Another storage solution you can get from Muji is their drawers. Their polypropylene (PP) storage case is stackable, and the perfect size to neatly store everything from T-shirts and underwear to socks and neckties. They’re semi-transparent as well to allow a peek at what’s inside without frantically opening its tray when getting ready.

Price: $29

5. Makeup storage boxes

Muji items: Makeup containers
Image credit:

If you’ve been meaning to reorganise your vanity space, get these PP boxes from Muji. There are many different sizes you can get from $2.30 onwards to categorise different makeup products you have.

Similar to the PP storage case for clothing, these storage boxes are semi-opaque with a clean and simple look, allowing you to organise your desk or vanity in true minimalist fashion.

Price: $2.30-$6.90

6. Waterproof smartphone speaker

Muji waterproof speaker
Image credit:

Complement your powerhouse vocals – or lack thereof – in the shower with this waterproof speaker to jam out to your favourite tunes even. It’s designed to hold your phone upright while protecting it from a watery grave. Brownie points for its sleek, elegant look.

The clear panel also still allows your phone screen to be touch-sensitive so you don’t have to stress about having to crack it open to change the song or reply messages.

Price: $69

7. Wooden dustbin

Muji Wooden dustbin
Image credit:

Even your dustbins can elevate your home to Marie Kondo-levels. This light-coloured natural wood dustbin from Muji steers away from blah-looking dollar store ones to make even throwing trash an aesthetically-pleasing affair. lt comes with a corrosion-resistant inner wireframe too to conveniently attach a plastic bag to collect your litter.

Price: $59

8. Organic cotton duvet and pillowcase

duvet and pillowcase
Image credit:

We all love crashing into comfort after a long, tiring day – these soft duvets and pillowcases from Muji are bound to make your bed even more inviting. They also come in monochrome or nude colours which make them fit right in a minimalist theme.

Price: Duvet – $89 | Pillowcase – $13

9. Room slippers

Muji items: slippers
Image credit:

Most of us follow the age-old Asian culture of taking our shoes off before we enter a house, but some of us adopt wearing indoor slippers instead. Besides the health benefits like avoiding fungal infections and having better foot support, getting the right slippers also has the potential of making your house feel more like home.

If you’re looking for indoor slippers to add to your home or office, you can get them from Muji. Be spoilt for choice by their many colours and patterns for you to choose from, that all exude a minimalist style.

Price: $12.90

10. Screwdriver set

screwdriver set
Image credit:

DIY tools like screwdrivers are house essentials but they’re usually the last thing you’d expect to look pretty. Cue this mini screwdriver set from Muji which strays from the typically large and clunky tools that are often tucked away in storage. They’re compact enough to leave at your work desk or fit in your bag in case of emergencies.

Price: $13

11. Beech utensils

wooden spoons
Image credit:
MUJI Australia

Dustbins aren’t the only thing that can look great in wood tones – swap your usual metal spoons and forks with wooden utensils to upgrade the aesthetics of your meals as well. Muji even sells them for different purposes, like dessert spoons, soup spoons, and teaspoons.

The benefits of wooden spoons? They avoid leaving scratch marks on surfaces of other plates, pots, and pans in your kitchen storage. And unlike metal spoons, they don’t conduct heat so you won’t accidentally scald your hand if you leave your spoon in hot soup for too long.

Price: $8.90 each

12. Acacia tray

acacia tray
A full set of an Acacia tray, plate and bowl.
Image credit: @mujisg

An Acacia tray may look unassuming, but it can actually transform the appearance of your home in multiple ways. You can put a simple vase or centrepiece on this tray and leave it in the middle of your dining table, use it to serve drinks to your guests, or even surprise your loved ones with breakfast in bed.

If you want to collect a full set for your kitchen, they also sell Acacia bowls and plates of different sizes.

Price: $29

Best Muji buys for a minimalist home

The next time you step foot into Muji, you don’t have to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of items to get. It’s easy to feel like adding everything to your home will give it the minimalist look you desire, but sometimes, less is more, and this list of items will lead you in the right direction.

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Cover image adapted from (clockwise from top left): Muji, @mujisg, @mujiindia, @mujisg