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Mirage Aesthetic Has A Treatment That Will Achieve Korean Glass Skin In One Session

Mirage Aesthetic facial for clear and moisturised skin


Mirage Aesthetic - glass skin procedure

Having watched a K-drama or two, it’s always difficult to keep my eyes off the heroine’s glowy “glass skin”. It’s the latest Korean beauty trend – having skin so plump and moisturised, till it’s almost translucent like glass. But wait up: you can actually achieve this beauty look.

Glass skin means that your skin’s in the prime of its health, and that’s what Mirage Aesthetic is putting on the table. Unlike sheet masks and shimmery highlighters that’ll give an all-over temporary sheen, Mirage Aesthetic’s Nano Crystallise Hyaluronic Skin Booster Treatment aims to give you lasting clear and poreless skin. Be prepared to shine bright like a diamond.


Skin consultation at Mirage Aesthetic


Mirage Aesthetic - reception

My first experience with Mirage Aesthetic was for their BB Facial Treatment, and I’ve come to expect a thorough consulting sesh that’ll shed much-needed insight on the condition of my skin. And of course, they came through with a high-tech machine that zoomed in on each and every blemish on my face.

Mirage Aesthetic - skin consultant

The consultant told me that my skin is extremely dehydrated – and that doesn’t simply mean dry. Instead, she explained that dehydration occurs when skin is lacking hydration. Slabbing on all the moisturisers in the world wouldn’t salvage dehydrated skin, since it only reaches the surface level of your skin cells.


Nano Crystallise Hyaluronic Skin Booster Treatment


First, I was led into a cosy room which had tons of lush greenery around, putting me instantly at ease. 

Mirage Aesthetic - rooms with greenery all around


Step 1: Double cleanse 


Mirage Aesthetic - facial

All facials need to start on a clean slate, so to rid the skin of any impurities, my skin was cleansed twice. The first with a mild cream cleanser to remove dirt and grime, and the second, a scrub to exfoliate oil and sebum build-up. 

I easily sank into complete and utter relaxation with the aesthetican’s gentle massage!


Step 2. Massage skin booster into the skin with nanocrystalline injector


No matter how diligent you are with your multi-step Korean skincare regimen, products like moisturisers, serums, and essences might only improve things on the surface. But this skin booster treatment penetrates all the way  through to reach skin cells.  

Good thing too, when it’s made up of collagen and other luxe ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides, and oligopeptide filaments – 500 grams is supposedly worth USD60,000! These boost collagen growth by increasing collagen elastic fibres, which helps to slow down aging.

Mirage Aesthetic - skin booster treatment

There’ll be a nanocrystalline injector – this means micro-sized needles – set at radiofrequency heat (RF) to pump all the goodness into your skin. RF heat helps to open up all your pores, but you won’t even feel a twinge of heat and it was more cool and calming than anything. 

Mirage Aesthetic - numbing cream

But just in case, you can opt for the numbing cream – the aesthetician will apply this to prominently bony areas, mostly across your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. 

Mirage Aesthetic - LED injector

Another interesting thing I noted was that the injector comes in three different LED modes: Blue – for acne and oily skin, Green – for sensitive and acne prone skin, and Red – to refine pores and lift. For me, the aesthetician used Green and Red since I have both dry and sensitive skin. 


Step 3: Moisturise with the Silk Protein Mask


Mirage Aesthetic - silk protein mask

Once the injector’s done working its magic, the aesthetician will gently apply a Silk Protein Mask, which resembles a Korean sheet mask in how its soft and dripping with nutrients. Like the booster, this particular mask is filled with collagen peptides and polypeptides filaments, and will transform troubled skin into bouncy and radiant skin. 


Step 4: Tighten skin with 5D Sculpture Lifting Protein Mask 


Mirage Aesthetic - 5D sculpting mask

A 5D Sculpture Lifting Protein Mask ties everything together by giving your face some major lift. It’s not just any regular mass-manufactured mask – instead, the treatment’s applied to fit the precise contours of your face. 

Mirage Aesthetic - contoured to fit your face

The aesthetician will lightly drape layers over your face, and yes, that includes eyelids and lips. The only openings left were for your nostrils so you can still breathe. Much like clay, it’ll slowly harden into a cakey material. 

All in all, it was a relaxing process. The mask was left on for about 15 minutes and I liked how it was slightly cool to the touch before hardening – it felt like nutrients were seeping into my skin, encased in a mask of collagen goodness. 


Step 5: Massage with serum and sunscreen 


Mirage Aesthetic - removal of mask

Once the aesthetician removed the mask, she immediately massaged in a soothing post-treatment serum. It was similar to the consistency of a watery toner. She then ended the facial with the most vital skincare product – sunscreen. 


The results


Mirage Aesthetic - dewy glow

What a pleasant surprise! I took a quick glance in the mirror, and my skin was glowing in a quality similar to glass. This isn’t just your run-of-the-mill dewy skin – my complexion was now smooth and hydrated, and had a sheen that a Sephora-bought highlighter won’t be able to pull off. 

But the question is: do the results last? There was an instant lift to my cheeks and jawline right after the treatment, and my chin was noticeably sharper. This faded a few days later, but my skin is still hydrated – it’s bouncy to the touch with less creases of dehydration around my eyes. 


Treatments at Mirage Aesthetic


There’s a huge range of beauty treatments at Mirage Aesthetic – they’re not just limited to facials. Those who want a million dollar smile can try the LED Teeth Whitening treatment, or if they’re looking to lose a few inches off, opt for the Fat Freezing treatment. 


Mirage Aesthetic’s skin booster treatment 


Mirage Aesthetic - skin booster treatment

If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to get your skin glowing – almost like a shard of glass – then try Mirage Aesthetic’s RF Nano Crystallised Skin Booster. It’s filled with collagen and other luxe ingredients, so you’ll be able to pull off the Korean glass skin look with little to no effort.

And now that Mirage Aesthetic is opening a new outlet in Westgate, it’s even easier to get your skin looking as clear as glass. For all TSL readers, you can now try the treatment at a trial price of $280 nett* (RRP of $860)!

*For first time Mirage Aesthetic customers only. 

Find out more about Mirage Aesthetic here!


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