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Mirage Aesthetic Teeth Whitening Before After

A million dollar smile has always been important for a first impression, but it’s so much more important now. With the many OOTDs flooding Instagram daily, some people are pre-judged as being unfriendly just because they don’t smile with their teeth. Trust me, I’d know. With awkward grimaces and tight smiles characterizing my IG feed, I’ve often come off as unfriendly even to friends. Oops.

Going for teeth whitening has been on my bucket list for a while. But rather than using a home kit, I decided to go all the way with LED teeth whitening, a procedure that helps your teeth go up to 8 shades lighter in an hour! Entirely painless, quick and non-invasive, I was excited to experience Mirage Aesthetic’s LED teeth whitening.

An introduction to LED Teeth Whitening

Mirage Aesthetic Teeth Whitening Procedure Side View

Terrified of dentists? I feel ya. Needles, next to having someone stick their hand down my throat, are high up my list of phobias, which is why knowing that a procedure is painless is crazy important to me before committing to it.

LED teeth whitening involves coating your teeth in a whitening gel, before LED light is used to activate it, bleaching out blemishes and stains in the enamel. It’s pretty simple – a blue light lamp shone on your teeth for 40 minutes while you take a nice nap, before waking up to what feels like a brand new set of teeth.

My experience at Mirage Aesthetic

Mirage Aesthetic Reception Area

Mirage Aesthetic Terrarium Decorations

Stepping into Mirage Aesthetic, my first impression was green. Think walls lined with artificial grass, terrariums hanging from the ceiling, and a trickling mini fountain – a calming experience for the nerves.

Mirage Aesthetic Complimentary Green Tea

Chatting with the receptionist over a complimentary cup of green tea, I learned that Mirage Aesthetic’s decor is heavily botanically inspired. Walking down their beautifully-adorned corridor, I could see the results of this.

Mirage Aesthetic Green CorridorA cross between nature and chic modernity – talk about great decor!

Step 1: Consultation

Mirage Aesthetic Meeting My Aesthetician For Consultation

After a short wait, I met my aesthetician, Louisa. Friendly and patient, she explained to me how teeth stains build up over the years and which are the main culprits behind yellow teeth. That’s right caffeine, I’m looking at you.

Mirage Aesthetic Consultation Before Teeth Whitening Procedure

All those years of chugging coffee in the morning and cold drinks in the afternoon definitely did my teeth no favours. Turns out my teeth were a pretty bad case: they were on a range of S28-S32 on the bleaching scale, with the most extreme case being S40. Guess my months of avoiding the dentist finally caught up with me.

Mirage Aesthetic Teeth Whitening Bleaching ScaleThat’s the colour of my teeth on the pink side of the scale. Yikes!

I also had lots of white patches on my teeth from years of drinking cold soft drinks. PSA to everyone: floss. Louisa gave me a short lecture on the importance of regular flossing and going to the dentist – definite props for dental knowledge.

Step 2: The treatment

Mirage Aesthetic Towels

Mirage Aesthetic Teeth Whitening Treatment Room

After a short briefing on what to expect, I was led to the treatment room. Airy and warmed by natural sunlight, I was greeted by comfy bedsheets and immaculately-folded towels.

Mirage Aesthetic Teeth Whitening Applying Protective Gels

As I was tucked into the green tea-scented blankets, Louisa applied protective gels to my gums and lips.

Mirage Aesthetic Teeth Whitening Mouth GuardSorry if this scared you off your chair.

Putting in the mouth guard was a little uncomfortable at first, and sensing my discomfort, Louisa brought me through how to relax my mouth muscles such that both rows of teeth would be exposed to the LED light.

Expect 2 rounds of 20-minute treatments, with the gel being topped up in between – a thorough procedure to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Some people may experience a slight tooth sensitivity to the blue light, but I experienced nothing of the sort. I even fell asleep a short while into the session, before being woken up to get my whitening gel touched up. Then I knocked out again. #Sorrynotsorry, the blankets were too comfortable.

Step 3: The results

Mirage Aesthetic Consultation After Teeth Whitening

After the session, my teeth went 6 shades lighter! Granted, they didn’t turn into a cornea-searing, celebrity-standard shade of white – photoshop for real life faces hasn’t been invented yet. But tbh, my teeth were the whitest I had ever seen them in a while.

There were still a few patches of discolouration, but those were just remnants of the grub on my teeth which faded over the next few hours. Strongly coloured foods like coffee, tea and laksa were off the menu the next few days as a preliminary safeguard. Tough, but worth it!


Teeth Whitening Mirage Aesthetic Before After

Within 1 hour, my teeth got the whitest I can remember them to be! And best of all, no pain and no needles – just a quick nap before visible results.

I was initially skeptical about how effective LED teeth whitening would be, but the results were evident. If you’re looking for a painless process that yields quick results, LED teeth whitening does the job. Depending on your lifestyle, results can last for months or even years!

The quick, painless way to get whiter teeth

Mirage Aesthetic Teeth Whitening

Update: the promotion is now over as this article was published in Feb 2017.

If you’re stuck with yellow teeth that don’t seem to get any whiter no matter how often you brush them, the quest for white teeth is NOT a lost cause. This quick procedure, coupled with the lack of any scary dental procedures, is a great life hack to get some pearly whites.

Whether it’s before a big day or just to boost your self-esteem, you’ll find yourself grinning wider than you have in a while.

After Mirage Aesthetic Teeth Whitening Procedure!With my aesthetician, Louisa!

If you’re keen on this quick and painless treatment, check out Mirage Aesthetic’s promotional price of $180 for 1 session (U.P. $480/session) and get that million dollar smile! On top of offering LED Teeth Whitening, Mirage Aesthetic also offers the following services:

Find out more about the LED Teeth Whitening promotion!

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