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The Amazing Quest Cruise Is Tinder On A Ship With Only Single People Onboard

Join two hundred singles on the quest for love


The Amazing Quest Cruise is basically Tinder on a ship. Meet new singles!

Imagine the classic Hollywood love story: you and bae frolicking on the deck of a ship, the salty ocean wind billowing around the both of you locked in an embrace. Now snap back to reality. You’ve finally made a match on Tinder, you’re standing outside the MRT gantry waiting for your date and BAM. He doesn’t show. #Ghosted

Real life Tinder may leave you high and dry, binge watching romcoms on your couch, but it’s never too late to turn your love life around. If you’re sick of botched dating attempts and looking to liven up your social life, the All Aboard The Amazing Quest, a 4D3N Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas singles cruise is just what you need to ship yourself with a prospective boo and reenact your own maritime romance.


Games To Spark The Flame


Look out for an exciting lineup of group activities to keep you from being a wallflower.

Warm up to your cruise mates with the Discovery Quest, a treasure hunt cum ship tour, and Trivia Quest, a quiz on everything from pop culture to facts about your new friends. This all wraps up with the Amazing Quest – a heart-thumping race to complete thrilling tasks and get to the finish line where prizes and cocktails await you.

You’ll be teamed up with 9 other people for every activity so be sure to put on your social butterfly wings! A DJ and emcees will be manning the deck and livening up the party, so go ahead and whip out some dance moves while you’re dashing around.

Even the awkward turtles will be inched out of their comfort zone with games like People Bingo.
Hint: The info here will come in handy during Trivia Quest!


Catch Theatre Performances And Climb Into Bae’s Heart


We’re not always lucky enough to find an artistic lover to paint us like one of his French girls, but if you’re the kind to fall in love during an evening soirée, The Amazing Quest Cruise is not short of entertainment opportunities to sneak an arm around your future lover’s shoulder.

Catch a nightly show in the Royal Mariner of the Seas' theatre.

Trade sneaky hand touches over nightly performances and fall in love surrounded by your very own Broadway setting. This’ll make up for all those Esplanade musicals and plays you had to catch alone.

Fun deck activities on the Mariner of the Seas like rock-climbing and basketball!

And for adrenaline junkies, the ship also comes equipped with state-of-the-art facilities like a rock-climbing wall and ice-skating rink. Sayonara to awkward silences – your heart will always be pumping alongside your new bae’s.


Dine Like Royalty


Dine in the Royal Mariner of the Seas' grand dining zone for a dining experience fit for royalty!

Foodies will be pleased to know that meals are provided for the entire duration of the cruise. Have them in the Mariner of the Sea’s grand dining zone and be wowed by a dining setting fit for royalty. Decked out in hues of gold and burgundy with chandeliers hanging overhead, this is the ultimate first class treatment.

There are plenty of casual dining options and 24-hour food stops situated along Café Promenade for you and your new date to grab some bites while taking a romantic stroll. Be sure to enjoy some frankfurters at Boardwalk Dog House and wipe the ketchup from each other’s mouths – romcom-style.

On your last night, give your date the royal treatment by bringing them as your plus-one to the cruise’s Gala Dinner. Red carpet glamour is at its most dazzling here with an evening theatre show and live band. This is a bash just like your prom dreams – but glammed up for maximum elegance.

Can’t find bae? Here’s a hack: 
Wi-Fi is provided on board, so just tweak the location tracker on your Tinder app to a 2km radius and you’ll be swiping your very own cruise mates. Swipe right and instantly score a date with that cute neighbour down the corridor. No more of being ghosted for you.


Have Your Beauty Sleep And Wake Up Model-Ready


If you’ve always thought of cruise cabins as claustrophobic cubicles that leave balukus on your head, the staterooms at Mariner of the Seas will prove you wrong.

Catch up on beauty sleep in the Royal Mariner of the Seas' staterooms.

After a hard night of partying out on deck, rest up in spacious staterooms capable of fitting more than just you and your luggage. With room interiors spanning 150 to 160 square feet, you’ll have space for all your barang barang.

The rooms are twin-sharing cabins so be sure to sign up with your friends!


*BONUS* Eat Your Heart Out In Penang


The ship docks at Penang on Day 2 – so if your feet are aching for some solid ground, satisfy yourself with a bonus day trip here!

One of Penang’s main lures, find old school simplicity at the vibrant Street of Harmony. A single stretch of path dotted with places of worship and street art – this is the perfect place to whip out that camera.

Feast on Penang delicacies at the iconic Gurney Drive Hawker Centre!
Source: @beatsq

And of course, Penang is famously never short of gastronomic delights. End off your great escapade with a dinner at the iconic Gurney Drive Hawker Centre. Great Penang food and new friends by your side, this will be 10 points for the gram – and your new social life!


Your Own Titanic Love Story IRL


Have a romantic night out under the stars on the Royal Mariner of the Seas with All Aboard The Amazing Quest Cruise!

If you’re keen on meeting new people Titanic-style, check out All Aboard The Amazing Quest, organized in conjunction with Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas and Spark Connections 2017.

Whether you’re a diehard romantic or looking to beef up your social life, this cruise offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to fall in love and make new friends while out at sea. With 4 days’ worth of activities, unforgettable memories and a chance to find your special someone, this is one fantasy worth living out.

Price: $300 per person (U.P. $650)
Dates: 24th to 27th February 2017. Registration closes 19 February 2017, 23:59 hours.
Eligibility: 20-35 year old Singaporean/PR Singles

Register for The Amazing Quest Cruise here!

This post was brought to you by All Aboard The Amazing Quest.