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LUX Luminique’s New Haircare Products From Japan Come With Superfood Ingredients Like Açaí & Goji Berry To Nourish Your Hair

LUX Luminique Superfoods haircare range


LUX Luminique Superfoods Shampoo - shampoo full conditioner

Talk about self-care and the first things that come to mind are eating clean, pampering our skin with a 10-step facial routine, and a good workout. But treating ourselves doesn’t necessarily mean weekly yoga sessions or exotic smoothie bowls.

The new LUX Luminique Superfoods haircare range is infused with natural superfoods extracts, giving us a good reason to add hair care to our self-care routines. Power packed with nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants, here’s how eating superfoods isn’t the only way to get all their benefits:


Açaí Straight- contains antioxidant properties for damaged or fragile hair


LUX Luminique Superfoods Shampoo - acai straight shampoo healthy

Whether in our berry bowls or haircare, açaí berries are loaded with antioxidants, which help repair damage caused by oxidative stress that our hair and scalp are subjected to daily. The new Açai Straight range’s formula also contains collagen, shea butter, and kukui oil. These ingredients strengthen the hair follicles and prevent pesky split-ends and break-offs, while adding bounce back to those once limp locks.


The thick and creamy lather acts as a soft cushion, reducing friction between each individual hair strand that can lead to hair breakage during wash.

The refreshing scent of Açaí Straight is perfect for an impromptu aromatherapy session, and will leave your hair smelling like a freshly blended berry smoothie. With longer wear, the fruity fragrance also changes into a light floral sakura note thanks to its unique dual aroma technology.


Goji Berry Moist – contains hydrating vitamins for dry hair and dry scalps


For ladies out there whose desk space is plunged in a perpetual winter under the AC, the Goji Berry Moist Shampoo is a life saver.

LUX Luminique Superfoods Shampoo - Goji berry moist

Goji berries are really popular in Asian cuisine –  these little, bright red berries are often used in herbal soups and teas. Known as one of the world’s most powerful fruits, goji comes packed with minerals, amino acids, and polysaccharides. This combination of nutrients retains and rebalances the moisture in our hair and scalps, keeping them hydrated. 

Paired with a refreshing citrus tone, there’s no need to worry about having a smelly hay-like mess atop our heads at the end of the day!

LUX Luminique Superfoods Shampoo - goji berry conditioner

Use the Goji Berry Moist Treatment for that extra shine and hydration in Singapore’s warm weather.

Other natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Camellia extract are present in the Goji Berry Moist to calm the scalp, so feel free to give yourself that much needed scalp massage in the shower. 

LUX Luminique’s naturally derived ingredients ensures a formula that’s got zero silicone, parabens, artificial colorants and other nasty stuff. This makes sure it’s gentle on both our hair and scalps, enriching from the roots to produce healthier locks rather than being just a short-term cosmetic fix. 


The LUX Luminique haircare range


LUX Luminique Superfoods Shampoo - full product range

Other than the superfood range, LUX Luminique also boasts an extensive range of products inspired by botanical and natural ingredients, with something for every hair and scalp type:

  • LUX Luminique Damage Repair – For damaged and dry hair
  • LUX Luminique Relax & Smooth – For frizzy hair or oily scalp (This is especially suitable for Singapore’s humidity)
  • LUX Luminique Volume Shine – For dull or fine hair
  • LUX Luminique Botanical Pure – For sensitive scalps

Superfoods in your daily routine with LUX Luminique


LUX Luminique Superfoods Shampoo - healthy living range

So if you have damaged tresses, fragile locks or even dry, hay-like hair, fret not. LUX Luminique Superfoods are available now at Guardian and Watsons for $16.90 each, and will be available in major hypermarkets from October onwards! 

Check out this episode of Hired or Fired where Xenia and Mongchin used LUX Luminique’s haircare products as they tried their hands at being hairstylists for a day:

Also, from now till 30 September, you can use “LUX2OFF” when you check out at Watsons’ e-store to enjoy $2 off your purchase. 

Bringing out that beautiful, healthy shine has never been easier with LUX Luminique’s superfood concoctions for the hair. Suited for Asian hair types and having a fun fruity scent to boot, it’s no wonder LUX Luminique is the No.1 hair care brand in Japan*. 

*Based on INTAGE SRI Value from Jan’17 to Dec’17

Find out more about LUX Luminique Superfoods range here!

This post was brought to you by LUX Luminique. Photography by: Alastair Pang.