Don’t have a car?

If you don’t have access to a car, don’t worry! One of the easiest ways to get to Legoland Theme Park or their newly opened Water Park is to book a ‘package’. This comes with a free coach ride from the Singapore Flyer and your admission ticket bundled at a set price.

Note: If you’re keen to check out Legoland Theme Park instead, make sure you read our article here and if you want to read about Legoland Waterpark from Jensen and his family’s perspective check out his blog post here!

Meeting my TSL buddies!

We were taking the 9am media preview shuttle bus from the Singapore flyer and i woke up wayyy too early because I got confused of the actual timing that I was supposed to meet Alicia. Which meant I only got 2 hours of sleep.

Which means I’m invincible really.

Met up the rest of the TSL writers Malcolm and Averlynn and off we went! By the way will be sharing Averlynn’s (@chaverry) instagrams in this article too!

These darling little coupons entitled us to the entrance and $25’s worth of food and drinks that could be used at the Water Park, how nice!

Getting to Legoland

We departed from the Singapore flyer and then reached Legoland within just 10 minutes of leaving Tuas. So mad fast. This of course excludes the time at customs because CUSTOMS ARE ALWAYS SLOW THIS IS A BOBIAN ONE REALLY.


Averlynn has been to Malaysia so much she could probably bake 16 cupcakes while pointing you directions to the nearest gas station as you spiral into lost madness in a Malaysian car. Buay tahan her hair in this picture because it looks shinier than mine.

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_3251.JPGMandatory shuttle bus group shots!

This is 10am in the morning but THERE IS NO WEARINESS ON OUR FACES because 1) we were pretty hyped up for the waterpark 2) the sun shining from the windows my god.

Such adorable ticketing stands.



Welcome to the largest Legoland Waterpark in the world!

It has opened to the public on 21st October 2013 and the Legoland hotel is scheduled to open for 2014 so hardcore Lego fans, plan your itineraries!

Do we look fantastic or what heh.

The photographer told us to do a “L” pose for Legoland but then he must not be very clear of Singapore hand signs so we decided to just do our own schtick, which meant a vain pose for me as you can see.


Fuel for the poor starving Malcolm.


And the media briefing begins!

Key Takeaways:

  1. The park is specifically designed for families with children between the ages of 2 – 12 but they would be happy to cater to hardcore fans too.
  2. The highlight of the Legoland Waterpark would be the Build-A-Raft River (see photos of my glorious cyclops later) and the Joker Soaker
  3. It opens on the 21st October 2013 to the rest of the world!
  4. Day tickets are RM105 for adults and RM85 for children.
  5. There are food and beverage outlets, private cabanas and Legoland exclusive souvenir stores.

And then before I knew it, it ended hahah oops.


The Slides



Blurry overview shot because my phone stayed in this waterproof pouch that is an incredible accessory but causes some of my photos to be a little blurry thanks to water on the surface.

Ok why am I getting technical let’s move on!

My shots stopped after this photo because of the drop (as you can see) which I underestimated so I screamed and my phone flew out of my hand and that was when I learnt it was fully waterproof.

Thank you creators for this piece of godsent.


Averlynn is arriving (heh).

Built-A-Raft River

We’ve now come to the highlight of Legoland Water Park – The Built A Raft River!


And this would be the Build-A-Raft River!

You can’t see it much but there are lego blocks floating around. And contrary to people crying out their mother’s name when they step on such bricks, these are soft and cushy and I would know because I threw one at Malcolm and he returned fire and we’re both still free from bodily injuries.

I probably liked this attraction best because that’s where I created my monster.

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_3317.JPGSay hi to my cyclops.

I swam (okay not really I just waddled) around looking for his eye and some kid had it and when his tower fell I quickly snatched it up so IT TOOK ME A WAR TO EARN THIS EYE.

However I did not have time to instill discipline into this guy because as you can see, he is visibly checking out lego lady in the first photo and then just blocking her out in the second when she ignored him.

My god (lego) men and their issues when they don’t get the girl.

Malcolm built a fortress that fell like a ton of bricks soon after.

(hehehe SUFFER MY PUNS!)

Alicia chillin’ with a zip loc!

Averlynn chillin’ with lego blocs!

(I think I’m the only person who understands my own jokes sigh)

Malcolm the mermaid l’orealed by.



I gave it a hat and a mouth and some new body structures and subsequently beat it down and tried to make a float with the blocks but the lifeguards stopped me sadface sadface sadface.


I like this photo best. Lego blocks washed up. What a strange world.


You can trade them but we didn’t know where to get the figurines from!

Cannot believe the guys behind me strutting and ignoring me taking a photo.

But nvm it’s okay my aim was to squeeze the very shameless me and the Legoland sign into a picture and at least that much is achieved!





And we had a pit stop here.

To be honest I expected the prices to be much higher for a specialized theme park with such great effort into their infrastructure and all. So it was a very pleasant surprise. Should’ve tried their specialty drinks.



Was almost crying with happiness when Averlynn and Alicia came back with the food. I ordered a mini freid chicken (5pcs) and cheesy wedges and a ribena and they were fantastic. The packaging is so cute. I’m getting hungry typing this.



Gorgeous views of a gorgeous place.

Group shots with the brick!

I remember when I first saw it, I squealed and my first words to the costumer was “hello! oh no I don’t know if you’re a male or a female!” and he/ she almost didn’t want to let me hold his/ her hand HAHAHA. No points for creepy Nicole.

Going Home

We left and managed to catch an early bus (thank you so much!) and customs were so smooth (thank you so much again!) so we reached Singapore within half an hour (THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!)

Malcolm, Averlynn and Alicia left at Jurong because we are all westsiders but I had to attend the Girls Learn to Ride Wavehouse event so I dropped at the usual spot which was the Singapore Flyer.

Which meant a lonely short ride that I humbly enjoyed.

All in all, it was a fun time! 

Do not miss the Build-A-Raft and the tallest slides! They cover two of the things I care for – lazing and adrenaline heh. And be sure to get the souvenirs! I got my baby brother these:

From the show Ninjago heh heh so cute.

I especially liked the Build-A-Raft River and the food was great and the people were so friendly and my only complaint is the food took too long to reach us.

Also, the TSL team went to the Legoland Theme park earlier this year. So if you’re keen to check out a blog type post like this have a look at Wei Ling’s blog of their 3D2N Johor trip.

Here is a parting shot of Legoland theme park just next door by Averlynn.

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