I don’t usually ride

But when I do,

I ride waves.

So today was the day of ApeSnap’s Girls Learn to Ride! This is definitely no motor riding, oh no darling, this is something more.


(my apprehensive face in the above pictures tell a different story, ignore it)

Wavehouse Events for chicks

Apesnap has been the ticket distributor for one of the most underrated Wavehouse events ever. I was extremely undecided about sharing this experience because it’d mean more queues but ah la let’s all share good stuff.

Basically it’s a monthly event (instructor told me so haphazardly so it may or may not be true, but it will definitely come back again) where you get an hour of surfing lesson for $20 flat.

The single requirement is: you have to be a chick.

So I’m sorry boys, maybe next time!

Riding the Waves


Here is my friend on her turn. She kept joking that she was one with the waves and I insisted I was the queen of waves so it was undisputed that the sea had two dowagers that day so BOW TO US, YOU FAST WATERS.

It was so insanely fun I didn’t feel the pain of my face smashing against the ground.

When I stepped onto the board, it felt as if everything else tuned itself out and my single mission in life was to balance myself and GOD WAS I HAVING FUN!

The instructor was really kind and patient and she said we had to control the board with our hips (Shakira girl you gonna own this) and I tried but I wiggled too much hahah.

I panicked and fell at least 3 times before finally being able to keep a balance for a grand total of 3 seconds. 


I uploaded this onto my instagram and had my fair share of “hahaha” from my mean friends and one of them asked “I’m surprised you fell on your face instead of your butt” and even right now I’m still in great disbelief that my friend thinks I can choose where and when to fall.

For the record, the waves generated are at such high speeds that I FLEW when I fell down. So I couldn’t decide on anything but how graceful I can look on my walk of failure down the slope.

You can watch my “face-down in the dirt, she said this doesn’t hurt” take here:

And now I shall forever live by:

Why watch waves

When you can ride them?


I gave it a 5 star review here! Check out more Wavehouse reviews on TSL.

Wavehouse Address

  • 36 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa    Singapore 099007
  • Website: http://www.wavehousesentosa.com
  • Number: 6377 3113