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8 Late-Night Karaoke Places In East Singapore Because Cabbing Home From Town Is Expensive

Non-sleazy KTVs in the East of Singapore


Teo Heng


Karaoke has been and always will be a favourite when it comes to group activities. Something about being in a dark room with a great sound system helps you wipe away all your inhibitions and sing your lungs out. Forget Grammy winners – between us and the soundproof walls, the real star is whoever’s holding the mic. 


1. Kloud Karaoke at Tanjong Katong – from $12/pax for 3 hours


Kloud karaoke

Image credit: Kloud Karaoke

If you’re one of those people who would prefer to do something else while your friends scream “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?”, you can play a game of darts in the main lounge at Kloud Karaoke

Individuals rooms are pretty spacious and songs are all updated. Kloud Karaoke would be suitable for small group outings to medium sized company get-togethers.

The best part? There’s a bar. So if you spot that one quiet friend bobbing along without a sound, get him/her a drink and maybe you’ll get to see them belt out to an emotional song or two. 

Price: from $12/pax

Address: 11 Tanjong Katong Rd, #03-08, Singapore 43715
Opening Hours:  Mon-Sun: 11AM-1AM
Telephone: 6612 4607




2. 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe at SAFRA Tampines – from $15/room for 3 hours


7th heaven

At 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe, you can not only sing, but drink, eat, play pool…and even watch a soccer match screenings. And no, it won’t be on a small TV, but projected clearly on a wall so you’ll get a great view of all the goals and penalties. 

7th heaven waffles

Ice cream waffles $9.90

Image credit: 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe

As its name suggests, 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe is a 2-in-1 joint – which means that the food options here are more than just the usual crackers or finger food. Choose from desserts like Ice Cream Waffles ($9.90) to mains like Seafood Pasta($17.90) and wash it all down with a Matcha Ice Blended Smoothie ($7.50). Don’t worry, they have alcoholic beverages too. Check out their menu here

7th heaven safra tampines

Image credit: 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe

Manually selecting your songs can take some effort, especially when you’re not familiar with the system.. At 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe, you can easily so do on your phone. And unlike other karaoke places with this feature, no external apps need to be downloaded. Simply visit their website and make your song selection from there. 

7th heaven ktv

The rooms are all pretty spacious and their largest room can hold up to 30 people

Image credit: 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe

Room rates: from $15 

Address: 1/A Tampines Street 92, SAFRA Tampines #03-02, 528882
Opening Hours:  Mon-Sun: 1130AM-1AM
Telephone: 6538 0312



3. Cash Studio at Simpang Bedok – from $30/room for 3 hours


Cash Stdio

Image credit: Cash Studio

Remember when the Wondergirls shook the world with “Nobody”, the retro 60s style music video with 5 girls dancing with standing microphones? You can totally recreate that scene at Cash Studio, and there’s an outlet at Simpang Bedok for the Easties. 

With cushy seats and disco lighting, this karaoke joint is one to beat. For those that constantly need to charge their phones, every room has charging outlets too. Be sure to make reservations in advance because this place is very popular during weekends. 

 Room rates: from $30 for 3 hours

Address: 347 Bedok Rd, Singapore 469534
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 2PM-4AM
Telephone: 6244 4164




4. Ten Dollar KTV at Aranda Country Club – from $10/pax for 3 hours


Ten Dollar club downtown east

Image credit: Emily Tan

Not everyone can be JJ Lin, but, if you really really want your own live audience, Aranda Country Club’s Ten Dollar KTV has an open karaoke area. Of course, for who don’t fancy performing in front of strangers, they have private rooms with cool disco lights too.  

Price: from $10/pax

Address:  Aranda Country Club (3rd floor), 60 Pasir Ris Drive 3, Singapore 519497
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 2PM-2AM
Telephone: 6582 0002




5. Teo Heng at Tampines Hub – from $8/pax for 2 hours


Teo Heng Tampines Hub

If you haven’t heard of Teo Heng by now, you’re seriously missing out. They have outlets islandwide, with 3 outlets in the East. Their song selection is relatively wider than most, so there will be a jam for everyone. 

Price: from $8/pax 

Address: 25 Tampines Street 82, #05-32, Singapore 528988
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 1PM-1AM | Sat-Sun: 12PM-1AM
Telephone: 6844 9336 



6. Teo Heng at Bedok Point


Address: 799 New Upper Changi Rd Singapore 467351 New Upper Changi Rd, 03-08/11, Singapore 467351
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 1PM-1AM | Sat-Sun: 12PM-1AM
Telephone: 6844 9722


6. Teo Heng at Katong


Price: from $8/pax

Address: 865 Mountbatten Road, #01-75-82/90/92 Singapore 437844
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 1PM-1AM | Sat-Sun: 12PM-1AM
Telephone: 6345 6513 


8.National Service Resort & Country Club at Changi – from $10/hour



Image credit: National Service Resort & Country Club

Even if you’re not staying at its chalets, National Service Resort & Country Club – or NSRCC for short – has many fun activities like bowling, pool and of course, Karaoke. 

There are 4 rooms available at different prices, check them out here.

Room rates: from $10/hour 

Address: 10 Changi Coast Walk, 499739
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu, Sun: 12PM-11PM | Fri-Sat:12PM-2AM
Telephone: 6545 6365



Bonus: Power K karaoke booths in Eastpoint Mall – from $6 for 15 mins


Simei eastpoint karaoke box

Perhaps you’re waiting for a friend who’s late, or maybe you’re itching for a last minute K- session when all the other places are booked. In any case, these Power K karaoke boxes are perfect for short singing session if you don’t have 2-3 hours to spare. 

Because of the soundproof aspect, you’ll have to wear headphones – which means you can listen to your own voice with more clarity. 

The system also comes with a “record” function, so you can pretend you’re a star in a recording studio. 

Price: $6 for 15 mins, $10 for 30 mins

Address: Simei Street 6, Singapore 528833
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 10AM-10PM 


Karaoke places in the East for aspiring Singapore Idols


They say that when words fail, music speaks. Whether you’re blessed with the ability to carry a tune or are notorious for screeching into the microphone, karaoke is an activity for all. Fellow easties, it’s time to introduce these places to the friends living near you, and quit travelling halfway across the green line for your next karaoke session.

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