IKEA’s DAJLIEN gym collection

With every new year, comes new resolutions. If one of your goals this 2024 is to get into shape or lose a few pounds, IKEA’s DAJLIEN gym collection has a few items you might wanna “add to cart”. 

FYI, Dajlien means “the day” or “daily” – so these items are meant for everyday use. But if you’re picturing basic dumbbells or plain ol’ yoga mats, you’ll be surprised. These products are quite stylish and serve multiple functions – at an IKEA-level price range, too. Check out some of our favourites below: 

– Exercise equipment & accessories –

 Exercise equipment isn’t exactly what you would expect from the Swedish houseware giants; but some of these look so good that we wouldn’t even mind getting them purely for aesthetics.

Exercise mat (from $39)

ikea gym collection mat
Image credit: IKEA

If you own an exercise mat, chances are that it’s usually rolled up and tucked away somewhere when not in use. IKEA’s DAJLIEN exercise mat ($99) delivers the same non-slip surface users require, but has rounded edges and comes in a light pastel shade of green. The mat measures 110cmx210cm – but if you’re short on room, there’s a smaller (70cmx110cm) darker green version that sells for $39.90.

Why the curved edges? We can’t say for sure, but if you’re a feng shui enthusiast, it’s known that the masters believe curves stimulate energy flow. This balances the energy of a room’s decor, creating harmony. 

ikea gym collection small mat
Image credit: IKEA

Bench with storage ($175)

On rest days, your bench can serve as a coffee table.
Image credit: IKEA

Buying a bench solely for workouts requires ample space in your living room, so IKEA made sure theirs came with storage space and a reversible lid so that it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your furniture. 

ikea gym collection bench
The holes on the sides make it easier to carry and move around.
Image credit: IKEA

The removable light green mat at the top provides soft padding, so you won’t be hurting your knees and palms when working your triceps. You can take the mat off for storage after your workout sesh, leaving you with a chic coffee table to place your snacks on during your post-workout Netflix marathons. 

4-piece exercise set ($49.90)

ikea gym collection 4 piece
Image credit: IKEA

Introduce some colour into your home-based exercise routines with IKEA’s pastel-coloured equipment. The 4-piece exercise set ($49.90) has everything you need to get started – 2 knee cushions that you can also use to pad your hands and elbows, an adjustable yoga strap, and a massage ball – all packaged in a convenient drawstring bag.  

Stretch out those calves before your morning run, or protect your joints while doing push-ups or planks. The included massage ball helps soothe those sore aches post-workout, if you’ve got stubborn pressure points, this is a definite godsend. 

Training weights ($29.90)

ikea gym collection training weights
Image credit: IKEA

Don’t be fooled by these soft pastel-coloured “doughnuts”, each DAJLIEN ring-shaped training weight ($29.90 for a set of 2) weighs a respectable 3kg. Made from cast iron, they are suitable for resistance training and simple load-bearing exercises.

Given their stylish design and colour, you could probably pass them off for bookends or paperweights when not in use. If the dumbbells you have feel like an eyesore whenever you see them, this might be a good replacement.

Step-up board ($39.90)

ikea gym collection step-up board
Image credit: IKEA

 Seasoned gym rats would know that a good step-up board is key in many aerobic and cardio workouts. But there’s one in IKEA’s DAJLIEN gym collection that serves multiple purposes – and even doubles up as a laptop stand or a stool to reach those high shelves when you’re not working up a sweat. 

Carrier bag ($9)

ikea gym collection carrier bag
Upgrade from IKEA’s signature blue bags to this see-through $9 carrier.
Image credit: IKEA 

If you prefer taking your workout beyond the confines of home, simply stash everything in their mesh-lined carrier bags ($9). The bag’s perforated and comes with a smaller drawstring bag that you can pack it into when not in use. 

Belt bag ($7.50)

ikea gym collection belt bag
Image credit: IKEA

Ask any jogger, and they’ll tell you how much of a hassle it is to carry around their essentials during their runs. IKEA’s solution comes in the form of a green belt bag ($7.50) made from 90% recycled polyester, with enough space for your keys or mobile phone.  

– Accessories & appliances –

Besides exercise equipment, IKEA also brings some supplementary wares that might come in useful around the house. The best part is that they come in the same pastel hues for those who are very serious about their home aesthetics. 

Trolley ($129)

ikea gym collection trolley
You can get the trolley in either white or the collection’s signature green colour.
Image credit: IKEA 

For those looking for a worthy storage solution for your new exercise equipment, IKEA’s trolley ($129) offers 3 shelves stacked atop each other. It comes with smooth-rolling wheels, so you can easily transport it around your house. 

Air purifier ($50)

air purifier
Image credit: IKEA

If this particular shade of pastel green is something that matches your vibe, you may consider picking up a limited-edition UPPÅTVIND air purifier ($50). Don’t forget to grab the matching coloured head cushions ($13.90), and valet stands ($69) to brighten up your home or office.   

ikea gym collection cushion stand collage
Image credit: IKEA

Bath poncho with hood ($39.90)

The poncho can be folded into the breast pocket for quick and easy storage.
Image credit: IKEA 

Part hoodie, part quick-drying microfibre, this poncho will serve you well on rainy days as a makeshift towel or extra layer of warmth.  

Bathroom items (from $3.90)

Fellas, if you’ve grown tired of the ever-reliable SAF towel’s dark green tinge, you can now inject some colour into your gym wear. These sunny-yellow, absorbent microfibre towels come in 2 sizes with hand towels going for $3.90 for 2 pieces and bath towels retailing at $7.90

\towel slippers
No points for guessing IKEA’s favourite Coldplay song.

Image credit: IKEA

Seeing as the puffy aesthetic is showing no signs of slowing down, you can also pick up a pair of slippers ($9.90) to go along with your new bathroom linen.    

Check out IKEA’s limited-edition DAJLIEN collection

Even if you’re still on your way towards attaining fitspo status or consider yourself a regular at the gym, brighten up your homes with some of these special pieces from IKEA’s DAJLIEN gym collection. We can’t guarantee you’ll hit new personal bests or get gold for your IPPT, but at least you’ll look good while working out!

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