Hotel by Wassies – First NFT hotel in the world

Before the advent of non-fungible tokens in 2014, most would have thought “nft” refers to the sound one makes when they’re suppressing a laugh. In 2023, we now have NFT art, NFT-themed festivals, and even an NFT pop-up hotel. Enter Hotel by Wassies – which, in case you’re wondering, is a real hotel; not a virtual one.

The pop-up hotel along Hong Kong Street will be open for bookings from now till September 2023 only. 

Character-themed NFT hotel 

hotel by wassies - reception
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Heads up, finance bros and staycation seekers. When it comes to atypical staycations, Hotel by Wassies may just take the cake. It is the first NFT hotel in the world; not just in Singapore. 

wassie comic
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A Wassie refers to a fictional comic character from Twitter that looks like a penguin, duck and platypus all at once. In some online artworks, it looks a bit more like the Pepe frog. Talk about an identity crisis.

Wassies are characterised to be highly relatable and quirky, but also not the sharpest tool in the shed – the poor things were even described to have a “small brain”. Still, they’re pretty cute and rather amusing characters to follow on social media.

hotel by wassies - lobby
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Hotel by Wassies

Book a stay at Hotel by Wassies if you’ve taken a liking to the character. The 55-room concept takes over what was once Hotel 5 Clover and is now adorned with cutesy artworks from the rooms to the communal space. You can even find a large mural inspired by the iconic The Great Wave off Kanagawa near the entrance. 

hotel artwork mural
Mural titled “The Great Spawning Off Kanagawa”.
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Rooms from $148/night, with a discount for Wassie NFT holders

hotel by wassies - deluxe room
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Hotel by Wassies

49 of the rooms are Wassie-themed, with a purplish interior, while the remaining 6 are themed “Wassie and Friends”, featuring other NFT characters like CryptoPunks and Pudgy Penguins.

wassie and friends hotel room
Find Wassie and Friends-themed NFTs on the 5th floor.
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At the time of writing, we only spotted one room type available. The cosy 12sqm Deluxe Double Room ($148/night) comes complete with essentials like a kettle, flat screen TV, and an AC. 

toiletries wassie
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Hotel by Wassies

Aside from framed NFT artworks, each room comes with toiletries like toothbrushes, soap, and shower caps in Wassie-themed packaging. 

hotel by wassies - toiletries
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Hotel by Wassies

Needless to say, this NFT “penguin-frog” has made a splash. To like to make one as well – literally – head on over to the rooftop swimming pool, where you can enjoy a refreshing dip on a hot day. 

hotel by wassies - rooftop pool
Rooftop swimming pool and lounge.
Image credit: Hotel by Wassies

If you hold a Wassie NFT, better news: other than getting 20% off your room bookings, you can also swing by the in-house cafe for 69% off coffee and other drinks. 

wassie cafe
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Hotel by Wassies

Ride the hype at an NFT-themed hotel

Granted, NFTs aren’t for everyone – heck it’s still something that only a handful can claim they fully understand. If you’re the average Joe – or perhaps more appropriately, an average Lim in Singapore – this could still be a fun way to ride the hype, without having to read up on all blockchain thingamajigs.

Book a stay at Hotel by Wassies


Rates: From $148/night
Address: 5 Hongkong Street, Singapore 059648
Contact: 8157 1992 | Hotel by Wassies website

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Cover image adapted from: Hotel by Wassies

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