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8 Coolest HDB Void Decks In Singapore

8 Coolest HDB Void Decks In Singapore For The Next Time You Wanna Lepak Downstairs

Void decks in Singapore

With void deck football and bird-singing corners being a thing of the past, HDB void decks are no longer high-demand hangout spots these days – but not all is lost. There are tons of void decks in Singapore worthy of a good ol’ kickback and not just a place to eat supper late at night.

Here are 8 cool HDB void decks to lepak under with the besties.

1. Block 436 Yishun Avenue 11 – Free neighbourhood library

 Block 436 Yishun Avenue 11 superhero library

Yishun may be in the news for its wild animal sightings, but its residents do have something to proudly show off – a free community library at Block 436, Yishun Avenue 11.

The Yishun Superhero Library has books of all genres – from children’s books to biographies of public figures like Marilyn Monroe –  all donated by members of the community.

 Block 436 Yishun Avenue 11 superhero library

While the library is open 24/7, it has a take 1, leave 1 policy. In the spirit of sharing is caring, you’ll have to replace every book taken with a one of your own. This means that there’s always a rotation of new books and an endless supply, so you’ll have a new story awaiting whenever you visit. 

Address: 436 Yishun Avenue 11, Singapore 760436

2. Block 224 Jurong East Street 21 – Smart lighting for studying

Block 224 Jurong East Street 21 HDB Void Deck smart light panels

If you need a change of scenery while mugging for your next exam, head on down to Block 224, Jurong East Street 21. This block’s void deck has cool, futuristic, cuboid smart lighting panels.

Block 224 Jurong East Street 21 smart light panels

The light panels respond to the movements of different furniture arrangements which means you can customise your version of a conducive environment. You can even shift the furniture to create a makeshift dinner setting with your crew and the lighting will adjust accordingly. 

Plus, they emit neon pink lights – coolest study corner ever.

Address: 224 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore 600224

3. Block 56 Pipit Road – Van Gogh-inspired art gallery

Block 56 Pipit Road HDB Void Deck van gogh art gallery

You don’t have to fork out any money to see an art exhibition when there’s a free one located just 10 minutes away from Macpherson MRT. At Block 56, Pipit Road, you can be an art snob from right under the HDB block.

Block 56 Pipit Road van gogh art gallery

Splashed in blue and yellow, colours commonly found in Van Gogh’s works, this free art exhibition showcases a reproduction of his greatest works like Starry Night and his self portrait. Just like an exhibition, there are also short blurbs for you to learn more about the artist as you admire his work. 

Block 56 Pipit Road van gogh art galleryDid we mention it also makes for great IG pics? 

Address: 56 Pipit Road, Singapore 370056

4. Block 112 Bishan Street 12 – Community garden & rescued food distribution 

Block 112 Bishan Street 12 the green hub

Nothing says kampong spirit like a community coming together to create something special for its residents. And you can find tons of “spirit” at the Green Hub at Block 112, Bishan Street 12. The community hub is made up of a makeshift garden with plants such as eggplant bushes and mini succulents. 

Block 112 Bishan Street 12 the green hub repurposed appliances
Old appliances like water flasks and kettles donated by residents have been repurposed as planters. 

Block 112 Bishan Street 12 HDB Void Deck community garden and fridge

Apart from growing their own fruits and veggies, there’s also a community fridge with free items like grapes and cookies that residents can take as they please. These food items have been donated by residents and food rescue groups to cater to those in the community rather than letting it expire and go to waste.

Block 112 Bishan Street 12 hall of fame

Also, check out their “Hall of Fame” specially dedicated to a collection of artefacts of yesteryear such as old-school typewriters and posters.

Block 112 Bishan Street 12 community library

While you’re there, browse through their community library with a take 1, leave 1 policy, located just behind the Green Hub. It has a seating area with a swing, so residents can chill while they dive into different literary adventures for free. 

Address: 112 Bishan Street 12, Singapore 570112

5. Block 441 Tampines Street 43 – Community freezer & free veggie basket 

Block 441 Tampines Street 43 HDB Void Deck community freezer and veggie basket

Similar to Bishan, there are also community fridges at Block 441, Tampines Street 43. The items have been donated by local food businesses to the residents; and are separated into 2 fridges to hold halal and non-halal items respectively. 

Block 441 Tampines Street 43 baskets with pre-loved items
Pre-loved items include baby lullaby CDs.

You can also find baskets for dry produce like vegetables. Take a look and you’ll see veggies such as green beans and spinach.

In addition, there’s a section for residents to donate pre-loved items such as shoes and CDs for others to make use of.

Address: 441 Tampines Street 43, Singapore 520441

6. Block 320C Anchorvale Drive – Vending machine that dispenses meals

Block 320C Anchorvale Drive HDB Void Deck chef-in-box vending machine

Grab supper at the novel Chef-in-Box Vendcafe at Block 320C, Anchorvale Drive in Sengkang. Chef-in-Box is a 24-hour vending machine that dispenses halal ready-to-eat meals such as mutton rendang with biryani rice or Thai basil chicken with green curry fried rice. 

Customers can choose if they’d like their meals frozen to take home or warmed up to eat on the spot. 

Block 320C Anchorvale Drive ched-in-box vending machine

Vendcafes differ from your regular Chef-In-Box vending machines as they also dispense snacks such as chips and cup noodles as well as drinks. Quench your thirst with a can of Milkis or a variety of coffees to complement your meal. You can also pick up disposable utensils at the side of the machine as your meal is being prepared. 

Block 320C Anchorvale Drive chef-in-box meals

These machines accept both cash and contactless payments so you won’t have to worry about being low on cash to enjoy a quick meal. The Vendcafes can be found everywhere from Sengkang to Jurong – so everyone gets a chance to try it out.

Full list of Chef-in-Box Vendcafes

7. Block 107 Bidadari Park Drive – Condo-like void deck

Block 107 Bidadari Park Drive void deck

When I say Bidadari, you say BTO – no, not really. Apart from being a new BTO hotspot, Bidadari is also a hip and happening neighbourhood and she’s not like other girls, as evident with Block 107, Bidadari Park Drive

Block 107 Bidadari Park Drive void deck

This void deck has a minimalist and modern design – similar to that of a condo that your rich aunty lives in. Its pillars are adorned with lush vertical gardens to give it that ultra chic vibe – perfect for fit checks. 

While you are in the neighbourhood, there are plenty of things to do in Bidadari such as playing futsal and taking a stroll along the Kallang River.

Address: 107A Bidadari Park Drive, Singapore 341107

Bonus: Boon Lay & Jurong Air-conditioned study pods

Boon Lay & Jurong HDB Void Deck burzt study pods

If things get too hectic at home and you wanna get out before the pang sai hits the fan, check out the Burzt pods such as the one at Block 183C, Boon Lay Avenue

These study pods are equipped with WiFi, air conditioning and sockets for you to charge your devices. It’s even big enough to seat 2 people – but don’t get the wrong idea because each pod has a CCTV camera. 

Boon Lay & Jurong burzt study pods

Download the Burzt app (Apple Store | Google Play) to book a slot at the pods for just $0.075/minute. These pods are a new initiative to help provide more conducive spots for Singaporeans across the island. They are currently on a pilot trial until September 2023 so try them out while you can.

Where they can be found:

  • 183C Boon Lay Avenue, Singapore 643183
  • Blk 260 Boon Lay Drive, Singapore 640260
  • 674B Jurong West Street 65, Singapore 642674

Check out these cool HDB void decks

Block 112 Bishan Street 12 the green hub HDB Void Deck
Block 112 Bishan Street 12.

From visiting free community libraries to an art gallery, there are tons of ways to have a good time at a void deck that don’t end with you winding up on STOMP. Check out one of these HDB void decks with your friends and have a good time in the heartlands.

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Photography by Afiqah Amir.