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haidilao freebies

12 Freebies At Hai Di Lao Singapore To Take Advantage Of During Your Next Hotpot Feast

Hai Di Lao Singapore hacks

When we Singaporeans think of having hotpot, the household name Hai Di Lao probably pops up immediately in our minds. And regardless of whichever outlet you check out, there’s always a long queue. That’s no surprise though, as not only is their food mouth-watering, they’re also extremely generous with their freebies.

If you’re new to the Hai Di Lao scene or a loyal customer who has yet to uncover the full list of perks to be had, check out these freebies that all Hai Di Lao Singapore outlets offer, and make sure you tick them off your list during your next meal there.

Check out our video on HDL hacks:


1. Free multi-cooker when ordering set meals for delivery

The free mini multi-cooker from Hai Di Lao is waiting for a moment to shine in your kitchen.

haidilao freebies singaporeImage credit: @haidilaosingapore via Instagram 

To get your hands on this beaut, you’ll need to order either a 1-person or 2-person set meal for delivery on the Hai Di Lao website. Set menus are $79.80 for a single serving and $113 for a double serving, and come with soups, beef, pork, seafood, veggies, dumplings, and sauces. All ingredients, along with the red pot, will be delivered to your doorstep within 60 minutes.

The Hai Di Lao multi-cooker can chef up soups, stews, noodles, and porridge. Plus, it’s small enough to not take up precious counter space. 

2. Free-flow snacks like popcorn and ice cream while queuing

hai di lao

The queues at Hai Di Lao can get crazy long and to stop your stomach from growling, they offer up all types of sweet and savoury treats while you wait for your seats. These options range from popcorn to watermelon slices and even ice cream.

hai di lao hacks

These are refillable, so be sure to pop by their snack counter for seconds

3. Gel manicure and gloves

hai di lao singaporeImage credit: HaiDiLao Singapore

Yes, ladies, this is probably one of the reasons why Hai Di Lao’s queues are extraordinarily long. They sure know how to pamper their female customers who’re waiting for their seats by providing them with free gel manicures. Children who are yearning to get their nails done too are more than welcome. 

Customers can choose between having simple single-coloured nails or themed nail art designs during festive occasions. To protect your freshly done nails, the restaurant also provides you with plastic gloves.

4. Prawn peeling service

hai di lao Image credit: Hai Di Lao Singapore Facebook

We all know one person who only eats prawns if they’re peeled, and whether you’re that pampered person or the one who ends up doing the peeling, you’d be glad to know that the restaurant offers up free prawn peeling services.

Simply wave to any friendly staff and state your request and voila, you got it. Say goodbye to dirty hands and just sit back and enjoy your meal.

5. Side dishes when you solve puzzles

sudoku puzzle
This sudoku puzzle given out by Hai Di Lao is impossible to solve
Image credit: @Apocsky_ via Reddit

For those looking for more than just walking to and from the snack counter to pass time while queuing, give Hai Di Lao’s quizzes and challenges a shot. Solve them, and you’ll get a free side dish worth $6.

We recommend trying out the origami challenge to fold paper cranes and stars. Under this category, you’ll get a free side dish for every 30 paper cranes or 100 stars folded. Redemptions for origami activities are unlimited so jia you!

Those who prefer something more analytical can try solving a Rubik’s cube or sudoku puzzle while waiting. However, the side dishes under this category are limited to one redemption per table.

During this time, you can also try your hand at the viral jumping game Tiao Yi Tiao. Those that score 200 points will get a Hai Di Lao-styled noodles; 600 points will get you any side dish worth $6; 880 points will get you any side dish worth $8.

6. Charging ports and wifi

hai di lao singaporeYou’ll need some juice and Wifi to IG story your spread of meats at HDL

Yas, charging ports and WiFi. The charging ports are built into every table so just whip out your USB and refuel your phone’s battery juice if you’re running low for that perfect flat lay shot.

The username and password for the free WiFi are as follows:
ID: haidilaohotpot
Password: haidilao

You’re welcome.

7. Birthday fruit platter and longevity buns during birthday month

hai di lao birthday celebration

One year older, one year healthier. To celebrate your birthday, Hai Di Lao will give you a free fruit platter during your birthday month. And we’re not looking at just a small plate with only 1 type of fruit. We’re looking at a huge spread including mangoes, kiwi, tomatoes, and seedless grapes.

The elderly get something a little different – longevity buns, which represent health and long life in Chinese culture. In addition, the restaurant also loans all birthday peeps a giant LED-light display signboard with the words “Happy Birthday”

8. Children’s playroom

children's playroomImage credit: HaiDiLao Singapore Facebook

Hai Di Lao is a family-friendly place thanks to the restaurant’s playrooms for children. These spaces can be found across most outlets and contain toys, games, and slides to keep the little ones entertained.

Parents can also request for the baby cot to be brought directly to their table so they can keep a closer eye on their toddlers.

*This service is currently unavailable until further notice due to COVID-19.

9. Hair ties

hai di lao singapore hair ties
Image credit: Ebay

Ladies (and gentlemen) with long hair will understand how it always gets in the way when eating. Once again, Hai Di Lao comes to the rescue with their FOC hair ties so you don’t have to borrow from your friends. Aside from helping you keep your hair in place, the restaurant will also provide you with aprons to protect your clothes from stains.

10. Ziplock bag to protect your phone from soup splashes

hai di lao singapore ziplock bags
You can also request smaller zip lock bags to protect other personal belongings like jewellery
Image credit: Wander In The Raine By Sherraine YQ

Placing your phone anywhere near boiling water is pretty precarious, but many of us take the risk anyway. But to give our phones extra protection, the restaurant provides free ziplock bags in case of any soup or drink spillage.

11. Free Hai Di Lao membership to chalk up points to redeem branded gifts

hai di lao singapor emembershipImage credit: HaiDiLao Singapore Facebook

Loyal fans of Hai Di Lao, here’s an extra excuse for you to continue dining there. If you sign up for Hai Di Lao’s membership program, you’ll receive points for every dollar spent ($1=1 point), which can be used to redeem attractive branded prizes such as Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryers. The gifts change every few months, so you’ll always be surprised by what’s offered next.

hai di lao singapore membershipImage credit: HaiDiLao Singapore Facebook

It’s completely free to be a member so just notify any of the staff of your request and you’re in the fam.

12. Zero corkage fee

gan bei
Image credit:
@valnyang via Instagram

We know how particular restaurants can be sometimes, with all their rules about not allowing drinks purchased from other stores to be brought in. Well, that’s something you won’t have to worry about at Hai Di Lao Singapore since they don’t charge you corkage. Yep, feel free to bring your bubble tea into the restaurant without having to worry about it getting confiscated.

Hacks and freebies at Hai Di Lao Singapore

hai di lao singapore

And there you have it, an extensive list of freebies to look out for apart from just Hai Di Lao’s manicure services. We hope that this list will make your next visit extra memorable as you nab every one of these good steals.

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Originally published on 22nd July 2019. Last updated by Samantha Nguyen on 7th June 2023.