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You’d expect watching a movie in Gold Class recliner seats or luxurious sofa beds to cost a bomb. At CGV Cinemas in Batam, however, they’re comparable to regular ticket prices in Singapore. 

That’s right – from just ~S$3.30, you’ll be able to watch everything from Hollywood blockbusters to local Indonesian flicks that aren’t available in Singapore. So the next time you head to Batam and looking for alternative things to do after a day of shopping and feasting, be sure to add CGV cinemas to your itinerary. Here’s what to expect when you’re there:

Affordable regular and premium movie tickets

$3 movie tickets
We purchased a regular movie ticket to Bullet Train for just RP40,000 (~S$3.78). 

At CGV, regular tickets start from RP35,000 (~S$3.30) at Park Avenue Batam, and RP40,000 (~S$3.78) at Grand Batam Mall. Pay a little more and you can enjoy VIP seats in their Gold Class, Sweetbox Seat, and Satin suites. Despite their bougie names, tickets are still super affordable, most costing less than a regular ticket here in Singapore. 

For instance, Sweetbox Seat tickets start from just RP40,000 (~S$3.78) at Park Avenue Batam, and RP45,000 (~S$4.25) at Grand Batam Mall. These are essentially couple seats with no arm rests to hinder you and bae from cuddling during the movie. 

CGV Cinemas Batam - velvet class
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CGV Cinemas Indonesia

The most expensive tickets are to their Velvet Class theatres. These start from RP120,000 (~S$11.33) and are only available at Park Avenue Batam. It’s still comparable with our local weekend ticket prices, and cheaper than some cinemas in Singapore. 

As you’d imagine, their Velvet Class is super impressive, especially if you’re a homebody who loves watching movies in bed. Here, regular cinema seats are swapped out for sofa beds, so you’ll get to lie down and watch your flick as if you were in the comfort of home. 

Catch local and international blockbusters

Besides screening Hollywood blockbusters such as recently trending movies Bullet Train and Spiderman: No Way Home, CGV also plays local Indonesian titles that we can’t catch in Singapore.

CGV Cinemas Batam - indonesian films
An ongoing Indonesian hit is their remake of Miracle in Cell No. 7, which isn’t available in mainstream cinemas here.
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Cosy cafe-like ambience

CGV Cinemas Batam - cosy waiting area

The waiting area at CGV at Grand Batam Mall is pretty cosy, with a couple of tables and chairs scattered around. We imagine it’d be a good spot to chill with friends while waiting for your movie to start, especially since it was quite empty when we were there.

The entire place has a comfy cafe-like aesthetic, with pretty signs and brick walls. There’s the usual F&B kiosk, where you can purchase popcorn and soda combos. At the Park Avenue outlet, there’s even a premium lounge cafe selling snack platters and mains. 

Enjoy an affordable but premium experience at CGV Batam

With yummy snacks, an aesthetic atmosphere, and $3 movie tickets, there’s no way we’re missing out on visiting CGV when we’re in Batam. Plus, if you’ve always wanted to live the Gold Class life but could never justify forking out the cash, now’s your golden chance to do so. 

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CGV Park Avenue Batam
Address: Park Avenue Mall 3rd Floor, Orchard podomoro, Kel, Belian, Batam Kota, Batam City, Riau Islands 29444, Indonesia
Contact: +62 778 4162801

CGV Grand Batam Mall:
Address: Grand Batam Mall #03-A3, Jalan Pembangunan, Batu Selicin, Lubuk Baja, Batam City, Riau Islands 29444, Indonesia

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Cover image adapted from: CGV Cinemas Indonesia
Photography by Tasha Sun.

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