Gardens by the Bay Sakura Festival 2024

Spring is in the air, quite literally so at Gardens by the Bay this March and April, when the Sakura Festival returns for its 9th run. If you missed it last year, this year’s cherry blossoms in the Flower Dome will run for almost an entire month, from now to 21st April.

Night floral display with famous Golden Pavilion

You’ll be whisked from Singapore to Kyoto in a heartbeat at this sakura festival. This year’s display sees the installation of the famed Golden Pavilion right here in the Flower Dome.

gardens by the bay sakura 2024 - golden pavilion collage
The Golden Pavilion installation by day and night.
Image adapted from: Gardens by the Bay

This UNESCO World Heritage site, also known as Kinkaku-ji, is such a wonder because of the gold leaf that covers its top 2 levels. In Kyoto, it’s set behind a Mirror Pond, at the foot of Kinugasa Hill, so you can imagine what a magnificent sight it must make.

gardens by the bay sakura 2024 - golden pavilion
Image credit:@ rokuonji_kinkakuji.official via Instagram

Hanami by day, yozakura by night━hanami being the tradition of sakura viewing, whilst yozakura is the combination of 2 words: 夜 (yo) 桜 (sakura), or quite literally, night sakura.

gardens by the bay sakura 2024 - night illumination
Image credit: Gardens by the Bay

This year’s cherry blossom trees will be illuminated when night falls, with whimsical light projections on the ground, creating a magical experience for viewers. There are more than 140 trees at this year’s festival, spanning over 40 varieties of cherry blossoms, including a new European species.

Experience Chado on weekends

gardens by the bay sakura 2024 - tea ceremony
Image credit: @yuya_4411 via Instagram

Live your most zen life with some tea appreciation, or Chado, at the sakura festival. Happening at the South American Garden in the Flower Dome, chado reads “the way of tea”, and sessions will be held across the weekend of 30th-31st March.

They’ll run in half-hourly sessions between 10.30am and 2.45pm. Find out more at the Gardens by the Bay website.

Cosplay at Sakura Anime Garden 2024

Calling all anime fans: it’s time to put on your コスプレ (kosupure) this Good Friday weekend. Running for just 2 days, from 30th to 31st March, is Sakura: Anime Garden 2024, held between 3.30pm-10pm in the Flower Dome and Supertree Grove. This is the festival’s first run since Covid-19, and promises a line-up of Japanese artistes, as well as F&B stalls.

gardens by the bay sakura 2024 - sakura anime garden
Image credit: Gardens by the Bay

Expect to meet superstar cosplayers like BaoBao, Thames Malerose, Mikki and Xiaoyukiko during the 2-day event. If you’re game, there’s even a cosplay competition for individuals; to enter, register for Anime Garden 2024 before 18th March.

Make your own sakura ring

Also running on Good Friday weekend, 30th-31st March, are Ring of Cherry Blossoms by Happy Hands Can workshops, where you’ll get the opportunity to make your own sakura ring.

gardens by the bay sakura 2024 - cherry blossom ring making
Image credit: Gardens by the Bay

Commemorate your visit to the sakura festival by walking home with a cherry blossom ring that you’ll get to craft yourself. The workshop is priced at $15 per participant; you can only sign up on-site, and it’s on a first-come, first-served basis.

Don’t fret too much about time: the workshop is only 15 minutes long, and it’s child-friendly too.

Celebrate spring at Gardens by the Bay’s sakura festival

22nd March is still some time away, so it’s time to jio your sakura buddies and book those admission tickets to the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay. We’re not sure what blossoms they’re bringing in this season, but here’s a handy dandy guide to the types of sakura you might spot.

If you’re headed to Japan for sakura season:

Cover image adapted from: Gardens by the Bay
This post was originally published on 5th March 2024. Last updated on 25th March 2024.

18 Marina Gardens Drive,
Gardens by the Bay,
Singapore 018953
22 Mar - 21 Apr 2024
9:00 am - 9:00 pm
Things to note:

Admission (Singaporean and PR): $12/adult | $8/senior | $8/child for Flower Dome only
Admission (Standard): $32/adult | $18/child for Cloud Forest & Flower Dome

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