Appetite – 3-in-1 bar, vinyl lounge & art gallery

Nestled in the heart of the city, what once housed the many cubicles and filing cabinets of a law firm has since given way to Appetite – an experimental kitchen, art gallery, and indie vinyl bar all rolled into one. The brainchild of Nouri founder Iven Brehm, it first began in 2018 as Nouri’s research department before finding its legs as a standalone restaurant in 2020.

Lounge in a cosy living room with vinyl music & art pieces

Located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of a pre-war shophouse, Appetite shares the same premises as its older sister at 72A Amoy Street. The first thing that you’ll notice after ascending the steep staircase is that the entire space eschews conventional ideas of a fine dining experience.

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If you thought that the atmosphere at Nouri was relaxed, you’ll find the mood upstairs even more so. Gone are the white tablecloth-draped tables and stuffy chairs common to other high-end restaurants, their place taken by the likes of low tables and plush couches.

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Those seated on the 2nd floor can admire the exhibition-grade art pieces hanging off the wall. Featuring a roving collection that changes every quarter, past displays have included themes like identity formation, the dignity of the marginalised, and the legacies that colonial powers left behind in Southeast Asia.

The ears of those dining a floor up will be treated to a symphony of songs, courtesy of the restaurant’s 3,000-strong vinyl collection. One of the largest private collections in Singapore, it boasts a whole range of genres from 80s hits like Tears For Fears and Eurythmics, to Turkish jazz stars such as Okay Temiz.

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Should you find the playlists too eclectic for your taste, you’re outta luck – for hygiene reasons, touching the vinyls here is a strict no-no. That said, you can still browse through their massive collection for inspiration, or ask the full-time DJ for some recommendations. Follow them on Spotify to listen in on their weekly playlists too.

Munch on atas fusion dishes

Whether you’re pondering over the thought-provoking exhibits on the 2nd floor, or getting lost in tunes on the floor above, the dishes here will certainly whet your appetite. In line with the eclectic theme, the ingredients used in the dishes here hail from all over the world, before being fused together in a variety of dishes.

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Take their Tortilla de Camarones ($26), for example. Served with amaebi, a Japanese sweet shrimp, the tortillas here aren’t the usual soft, circular flatbreads that you’ll find at Tex-Mex joints. Rather, these are more akin to tempura, paying homage to the little-known Arabian roots of the ubiquitous Japanese deep-fried dish.

Up close and personal with famous personalities

Thai artist Nakrob Moonmanas sharing more about his pieces.
Image credit: @fonostick via Instagram

With the chill vibes here, the space naturally lends itself to deeper, more intimate conversations. These happen pretty often too, where a smorgasbord of personalities ranging from chefs to artists pop by for a fireside chat to share their opinion on just about everything.

Recent guests include the likes of 2 Michelin-starred Dewakan’s Chef Darren Teoh, who reflected on how observation can inspire creativity. Artists Josh Tirados and Yuta Yang and musician Huang Ming Xiang have taken the floor recently too, where they discussed philosophical subjects.

Whet your appetite today

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Whether you’re here to quell your hunger pangs, whet your cultural appetite, or just wanna glean insights from a maestro during a fireside chat, you’ll find that there’s plenty to do here at Appetite.

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Address: 72A Amoy Street, Singapore 069891
Opening hours: 6pm-12am, Tue-Sat (Closed on Sundays & Mondays)
Contact: 9751 5300

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Cover image adapted from: @you_got_the_picture, via Instagram

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