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Gardener’s Day Out at HortPark every 3rd Saturday of the month

You Can Get Plants For As Low As $3 & Free Cuttings At This Monthly Event At HortPark

Gardener’s Day Out at HortPark

Hands up if you paid way too much for a pot of greens only to see them withered within 5 days. Most of us love decorating our homes with plants and end up spending a hefty amount at nurseries – and then see our money wasted when they don’t last. Well, at Gardener’s Day Out, you can get your hands on affordable plants for as low as $3, as well as advice from experts.

The event happens every 3rd Saturday of the month at HortPark. Look forward to a marketplace where you can buy anything and everything to do with gardening. Plus, there are free workshops, talks, and guided tours to learn more about nature.

Marketplace with over 60 booths of plants & gardening accessories

Gardener’s Day Out at HortPark - booths
Image credit: NParks via Facebook

Hobbyists and plant enthusiasts already know about this monthly event but for the rest of us who are just dabbling in casual gardening, this might be news. Here, you can become plant parents of a whole bunch of saplings without forking out too much, and pick the brains of over 60 vendors for the best practices to keep them alive.

You’ll be surprised at the variety of plants available. There are hanging plants, mini succulents, indoor flowering plants, terrariums, and even larger standing plants. Attendees have even reported coming across uncommon species like Florida Beauty.

The booths aren’t only for plants, though. There are also vendors selling gardening accessories like pots and shovels, as well as potting soil and organic fertilisers. Those looking for natural products made from plants, like skincare, will be able to find these too.

Gardener’s Day Out at HortPark - succulents and pots
Image credit: NParks via Facebook

That’s not all; every month, a number of vendors will offer promotions to sweeten the deal. These could include discounts of 5%-15%, and free gifts with purchase such as fertiliser packets. The full list can be found on the NParks website but some more examples are pots for $3 and air plants for $4.

Gardener’s Day Out at HortPark - vendors
Image credit: NParks via Facebook

Pro-tip: Many of the vendors give out free plant cuttings when you make a purchase but they run out pretty quickly, so head to the event early and you just might get lucky.

Free guided tours, workshops & talks

Gardener’s Day Out at HortPark - guided tour
Image credit: NParks via Facebook

If you’re wondering whether you should bring the young ones along, the answer is yes. Each month Gardener’s Day Out also hosts a slew of fun activities for adults and kids to learn more about plants – and they’re all free.

One can go on a guided tour to explore the different sections of HortPark. The topic differs every month and prior registration via the NParks website is required. One of the tours involves spotting bees and butterflies, while another brings you around the Orchid Garden.

Anyone who loves cooking with herbs from their own garden shouldn’t miss the Edibles Discovery Tour. As the name suggests, you can learn about edible plants that are easily grown at home and can be used to enhance your dishes.

Gardener’s Day Out at HortPark - activities
Image adapted from: NParks via Facebook

Folks looking for a more hands-on experience can sign up for one of the workshops. Educate yourself on how to compost your food waste or get tips from a fellow plant lover on how to grow orchids.

Gardener’s Day Out at HortPark - workshops
Image adapted from: NParks via Facebook

Amongst other activities, you can also try your hand at floral arrangements. The volunteers will show you how you can make your very own garden bouquet sustainably using fresh foliage and upcycled materials. 

Artist or not, it might also be fun to go for one of the sketching workshops. These are held outdoors amongst the flora and fauna, so just let your surroundings inspire you.

Gardener’s Day Out at HortPark - plant clinic
Image credit: NParks via Facebook

Last but not least, occasionally there’s a plant clinic where sick plants can be brought for check-ups. Here, specialists will be able to tell you more about how to combat common diseases and pests. Keep a lookout on the event page for more information on when the plant clinic will pop up.

Mark your calendars for the monthly Gardener’s Day Out event

Gardener’s Day Out at HortPark - DPM Heng Swee Keat
Even our Deputy PM made a trip down for the December 2023 iteration of the event.
Image credit: Heng Swee Keat via Facebook

You don’t have to have a green thumb to enjoy the activities and marketplace at Gardener’s Day Out. It’s simply a great opportunity to gain more knowledge about plants and perhaps indulge in some retail therapy. Btw, pets are most welcome to join too.

And if you want to make a day out of it, plan a hike along the Southern Ridges trail where you’ll pass by HortPark, Henderson Waves, and end at Mount Faber.

Find out more about Gardener’s Day Out


Date: Every 3rd Saturday of the month
Time: 9am-3pm
Venue: Exhibition Gallery and MPH @ HortPark

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Cover image adapted from: NParks via Facebook