Best Food IG Accounts In Singapore


b2ap3_thumbnail_singapore-foodporn.jpgWe all have that one friend who Instagrams pictures of his/her food endlessly. Either that or we have at least someone we follow online who posts snapshots of their baking/cooking/eating adventures, anything that evolves around food. Love it or hate it, they’re here to stay, with Singapore being a food nation.

Ever scrolled through your Instagram account on a dreary afternoon only to see high definition, complete with bokeh and OCD-ish plating images of #foodporn your dear Instagram chef/crush/lead in your romantic fantasies just whipped up in the kitchen? 

I can’t promise you their hand in marriage or a marriage proposal, but I definitely can give you more of such people to crush on. Here are 9 of the best #foodporn accounts to follow in Singapore, in no particular order.


1. @Lennardy


Having followed him not too long after he created his account, my heart cries every single time a picture of his creations – or as a mere plebeian like me might call it – masterpiece, pops up on my Instagram feed. 

But can you blame me?lennard-ss.pngA home cook who claims to learn everything he knows from Youtube, oh youtube you wonderful thing, he is also a full time engineer who can jolly well survive on his cooking and baking skills alone. He prepares his dishes in his house aka Mi Casa and captivates others with his amazing plating skills and not to mention, patience. 

Just look at this.b2ap3_thumbnail_lenn-tart.jpg

“Vegan vegetable tart- almond flour tart, hummus, cucumber, carrot, eggplant, butternut squash, chives and espelette pepper. 

Recently got challenged to make a vegan dish and I love a food challenge. Who said dietary restrictions have to be boundaries, they could be opportunities to think out of the box” – Lennardb2ap3_thumbnail_tuna-lenn.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_ocd-lenn.jpgThe OCD in me approves.b2ap3_thumbnail_lenn-plating.jpg“Brûléed citrus, pistachio butter, dark chocolate”

And here I am gnawing at my Hersheys bar and eating leftover oranges from CNY in front of a dustbin.

If you need proof that Lennard eats normal food, here.b2ap3_thumbnail_lenn-normal-food.jpgAye Aye dat’s right. Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice lennardified.  

“Whoever said that hawker food isn’t beautiful?” quoted from the man himself.

Follow him on Instagram.


 2. @LizyBakey


lizy-ss.pngAt only a young age of 22, this girl has got her baking game going. Her page is full of her colorful, pastel-ly creations. Think cupcakes, macarons to immaculately decorated cakes, her bakes are what dreams are made of.b2ap3_thumbnail_roses-lizy.jpgWhy spend a bomb on roses for valentine roses when you can have these? Feast for the eyes, check. Feast for the tastebuds, check. 

Talk about bang for your buck. b2ap3_thumbnail_lizy-molten-lava.jpg“Finally a free day to bake! made some molten lava cake cause I was craving for chocolate”

On first look, I thought this picture was the usual #foodporn image of some lava cake from a random cafe. But nope. This was whipped up by her when she was craving for chocolate. 

I’m too lazy to even walk to my fridge for chocolate when I’m craving some. This girl whips up a molten lava cake, artfully plates it, snaps, edits, posts and captions it.

Sigh.b2ap3_thumbnail_lizy-blue-ombre.jpgSpent Saturday baking this Tiffany blue rosette cake for@rchltn‘s birthday!”

I can’t even remember what I did last Saturday.

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3. @HoneyyDrizzle


b2ap3_thumbnail_grace-ss.pngGrace spends most of her time in the kitchen baking and flipping pancakes. This is another instagrammer who does her food, photography and plating right. With the more than occasional cookouts and bake seshs, she could be on her way to be the next Martha Stewart.b2ap3_thumbnail_grace-pancakes.jpgI remember one of my failed attempts at pancakes which were flat like Changi Airport’s runway, so flat they couldn’t even be stacked without slipping. b2ap3_thumbnail_grace-waffles.jpgWaffles with matcha greek yogurt, toasted black sesame, strawberries #howiwaffle”

Meanwhile the only way I’m waffling is between eating my cereal with or without milk.

Baking and cooking are two different things, I know. But if you think this girl can only bake, boy are you wrong. b2ap3_thumbnail_grace-cook.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_grace-cook-1.jpg

” Decided to invest in a tiny bottle of white truffle oil, so I will no longer be held ransom by cafés for their eggs 😀 Here’s softly set truffled scramble with roasted cherry tomatoes-on-the-vine and asparagus, grilled homemade challah bread.”

Follow her on Instagram.


4. @TumblinBumblinCrumblinCookie


b2ap3_thumbnail_tumblin-ss.pngOne of the rare few who broke the 100K follower mark in Singapore through Instagram alone and not by being a celebrity/blogger/artiste, Lin, 15, shares her love and passion for fresh, healthy foods through vibrant pictures of all things chocolate, peanut butter and pancakes in her feed. 

What many may not know is that behind her account lies a touching story of how she used her love for food to pull her up from the depths of an eating disorder of which she has fully recovered from. With her passion of creating, cooking, baking and plating, she gains a steady stream of followers addicted to her colorful dishes. b2ap3_thumbnail_lin-brownies.jpg/imagine dragons voice/ THIS IS IT, THE APOCALYPSE: vegan oreo stuffed chocolate sweet potato protein fudge bars made with @purplebalance sweet chocolate. Recipe still in process of trialing”

I’m all in if all vegan food looked as delicious as this. b2ap3_thumbnail_lin-porridge.jpg“Super creamy hot chocolate oatmeal made with almond milk,@du_chocolat hot chocolate mix and rolled oats with peanut butter, berries, pear, persimmon, crushed almonds, @blend_co and @pana_chocolate from the lovely @fitandfiesty.”

I’ve never been much of a fan of oatmeal porridge. Give me my teochew muay anytime. But ever since I’ve followed Lin, I’ve been a convert. 

And will you just look at that dollop of peanut butter? /heavy breathingb2ap3_thumbnail_tum-pan.jpgOh god. b2ap3_thumbnail_tum-bread.jpgToasts, pancakes, cakes, bread, oatmeal, Lin’s got it all covered. 

And the best part of it? They’re all healthy. 

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 5. @Amberlica


b2ap3_thumbnail_amber-ss_20150224-062208_1.pngIs it weird to say I have a crush on Amber’s photos? 

It may just be a photo of an orange but it’s so beautiful in it’s own way. I love the play of shadows and how Amber composes and styles her food. Featuring a series of pictures with a colder, bluish tone, her captions tells stories.

If you have time to spare, spend an afternoon stalking scrolling down her pictures and get transported to different parts of the world with her beautifully written captions. b2ap3_thumbnail_amber-silver-spoon_20150226-040412_1.jpgA recent snapshot Amber shared as part of her #silverspoonseries. 

Check this out. slack_for_ios_upload_1024.pngA gorgeous and talented baker, writer, stewardess who takes beautiful pictures, what’s there not to like?

And just a little sneak peek at some of her artistic captions. b2ap3_thumbnail_amber-food-journet_20150226-040426_1.jpgA beautiful peaked mountain of white dressed in a dust of crushed nuts and a drizzle of berry coulis sits proudly in the middle of a large shiny black plate curved slightly inwards at the edges.

Around the meringue tips sits a ring of poached peaches and apricot purée. A light sprinkle of icing sugar completes the dish.

We break through the meringue peaks to reveal a mound of vanilla icecream generously peppered with vanilla beans. Supporting the icecream lies a circular slab of crisp pastry.

The meringue is light and fluffy with lightly torched exteriors that crisped up a little to create a wonderful texture and mouthfeel. It works beautifully with the icecream and pastry, the peaches and apricot purée. Nothing is overly sweet.

Vanilla Baked Alaska. Party in the mouth.b2ap3_thumbnail_amber-cup_20150226-040425_1.jpgThis screams foodporn.

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6. @CroissantQueen


b2ap3_thumbnail_cqueenss.pngWhen I first came across Lydia’s account, I didn’t think she was based in Singapore. Her #browntableseries feature shots on yes, her brown table and a bunch of other rustic props and cutlery making the whole set look like it was shot in a rustic holiday cottage in America or England. b2ap3_thumbnail_1-cq.jpgIf this isn’t enough incentive for you to follow her, maybe these will.b2ap3_thumbnail_cq-2.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_cq-4.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_cq-3.jpgCroissants, scones and more croissants.

After all, in Lydia’s words, “Don’t mind a constant supply of croissants and coffee”.

Follow her on Instagram.


7. @CarramelLatte


b2ap3_thumbnail_caramel-ss_20150226-073657_1.pngAmanda’s account is literally all things sweet. Her account is special in that a lot of her bakes feature her own creations, heavily inspired by all things Japanese. Don’t understand her Japanese captions? Just ogle at the gooey, swoon-worthy confectionery all coming right from her oven. b2ap3_thumbnail_cal1.jpgmatcha chiffon cake + adzuki cream”

Seeing this picture again just reiterates the fact that I’m too lazy to bake a chiffon cake with all the egg beating, separating and folding much less this creation of hers. 

If you’re all about cakes and tarts, this is one account to follow.b2ap3_thumbnail_carl-2.jpg*バナナのラムシナモングラッセのタルト*



caramel cream

sautéed bananas with rum and cinnamonb2ap3_thumbnail_carl-3.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_carl-5.jpgI think i just died and went to heaven.

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8. @MyHungryBoy


b2ap3_thumbnail_myhungryboy-ss_20150226-064925_1.pngAn avid baker, Shihui bakes up a storm from cakes to churros and tarts and shares where she gets her recipes from. I remember myself looking at popular recipe sites like Martha Stewart and go “nah, too many ingredients /steps, maybe next time.”

Shi Hui shows you how you don’t have to be a celebrity baker to bake like one.b2ap3_thumbnail_q.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_s.jpgs’mores layer cake: layers of chocolate cake, (to die for) digestive biscuit cream, toasted marshmallow (which almost caught fire) and chocolate fudge sauce, topped with swiss meringue (which I over whipped) 

seriously please make this. the digestive biscuit cream is the best frosting I’ve ever made

beautiful recipe from @engnatalie!

Sometimes all we need is just some eye candy like that. b2ap3_thumbnail_f.jpg

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 9. @NgLiTying


b2ap3_thumbnail_litying-ss_20150226-070816_1.pngFounder of, Li Tying is, as she calls herself, a baker of stories. I don’t usually like wordy captions but her stories as captions never fail to captivate me each time. Li Tying shares little snippets of her life with each picture which are very relatable and hit home many a time.b2ap3_thumbnail_x.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_z.jpg This looks like a huge snickers x mars x cereal bar morphed into one legendary cake.  b2ap3_thumbnail_c_20150226-071610_1.jpgThank god for Instagram for bequeathing us such gloriously sinful #foodporn.

Follow her on Instagram.


Final Thoughts 


So there you go, 9 Singapore #foodporn Instagrams that make you want to lick your screen. Don’t say we didn’t give you a heads up! 

Now, whip out your phones and go check them out! A natural, cost-free appetite booster – just try not to salivate in public.


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