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16 Instagrammers So Amazing You Wouldn’t Believe They’re Singaporean

About Singaporean Instagrammers


Even if you aren’t technologically savvy, you should have heard of Instagram. Till date, more than 300 million users worldwide pit their photography (and editing skills) against each other to share pieces of their lives with their followers.  

These 16 Singaporean Instagrammers have gorgeous feeds that will put your feed to shame. Hunting them down hasn’t been easy, and there are all sorts of accounts here, from food stylists, to astrophotography, to photos of normal everyday Singaporeans.


16 Instagrammers you should be following 


1. @araburr 


b2ap3_thumbnail_araburr.jpgSource: Instagram

This darling’s mum goes to extreme lengths to create the most adorable shots for her precious girl using everyday objects such as blankets and stuffed toys. Baby Ara, barely a few months old, has battled a menacing shark, laid on a bed of cash, been a lobster roll, and even fought Darth Vader. One wonders what adventures her future holds…


2. @bagaholicboy


b2ap3_thumbnail_bagaholicboy_20150205-081144_1.pngSource: Instagram

It’s not easy to find male fashionistas in Singapore. You may have come across bagaholicboy before, but you probably never knew he was Singaporean. Bagaholicboy describes himself as “A man on his never-ending quest to seek out the best designer bags and life’s other little luxuries. When in doubt, shop.”

Good advice, sir.


3. @sh3ngy 


 b2ap3_thumbnail_sh3ngy.jpgSource: Instagram

Being in a concrete jungle may not be a bad thing if you have a keen eye for looking at structures with unique lenses. Marc Tan, an architecture student, clearly has such lenses. He shoots patterns we see every day but don’t bother noticing, framing them beautifully. It’s said that a good photographer draws out the beauty in everyday objects, and Marc does this well.

The next time you’re out, look up and whip out your iPhone. Not for a selfie, but to capture the beauty around you. Who knows when you’ll snap a dope photo you can show off to your friends!


4. @justinngphoto 


b2ap3_thumbnail_justin-ng.jpgSource: Instagram

Justin’s an astrophotography wonderkid who’ll amaze you with his celestial shots anywhere in the world. An amateur like me has issues capturing the full moon on Mid Autumn Festival, so imagine how gifted Justin must be to capture the Milky Way over MBS


5. @mellowedhigh


b2ap3_thumbnail_mellowed-high.jpgSource: Instagram

People, landscape, shoes, architecture, and street – Anton’s got them all covered. Anton has a unique ability to play with lights and colors to create the perfect shot. This talented photographer was even commissioned to shoot the 2014 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix! 


6. @aikbengchia 


b2ap3_thumbnail_aikbengchia.jpgSource: Instagram

Aik Beng captures portraitures and the melancholy of everyday life of people in Singapore, communicating his subjects’ stories visually through cleverly composed shots. He occasionally embarks on mini campaigns, once shooting a tribute series for Chinese opera troupes, and also having a series where he placed posters on the walls behind the subjects he intended to capture.

His pictures lean towards the grim side, but are unerringly honest. They show grit and a realism that few photographers capture, and are guaranteed to give you a new appreciation of the Singapore you know.


7. @willamazing


b2ap3_thumbnail_willamazing.jpgSource: Instagram

Willabelle is flawlessly put together all the time. This high fashion young lady is known for her sophisticated style and her penchant for playing with textures, layering, and all things furry. She travels a lot, and takes amazing photographs. Did you know she’s only 21 this year and is already one of Australia’s top fashion bloggers? 


8. @meowiie 


b2ap3_thumbnail_meowiie.jpgSource: Instagram

I love how vibrant and whimsical Melody’s Instagram feed is! She’s another traveller whose style, an elegant mish-mash of bohemian and chic, is always on point. Melody’s adoration for pretty plates is so strong it has even propelled her to source for and sell them.  


9. @hajarali 


b2ap3_thumbnail_hajar-ali.jpgSource: Instagram

Here’s one brave soul who’s travelled to more places around the world than you can even rattle off at the top of your head. Hajar Ali is the first woman to cross Middle East’s Empty Quarter – the largest sand desert in the world. And while this globetrotter’s photos aren’t of Singapore, her success shows that armed with a camera and a fierce passion, you can make a living from photography too. Even if you’re from an unassuming little red dot. 


10. @hforhozzie  


b2ap3_thumbnail_hforhozzie.jpgSource: Instagram

Hosanna’s instagram feed is sharp with vibrant aesthetics that document her food, travel and style picks. Hosanna’s photos look like they jumped right out of Kinfolk and Vogue! Her clever use of contrasts draws out the beauty of things, making them appear sharp and eye-catching. 


11. @sarahsloft


b2ap3_thumbnail_sarahsloft.jpgSource: Instagram

Sarah is an avid baker and the mastermind behind Maple and Market, her cosy cafe where she holds baking classes. Her Instagram feed features her creations and all things quaint. Follow this account for pictures that evoke a sense of homeliness and cute pastries you can’t wait to sink your teeth into!


12. @catslavery  


b2ap3_thumbnail_catslavery.jpgSource: Instagram

Feast your eyes on Bella’s gorgeous posts on healthy food, vintage accessories and dapper style picks. The amazing food she’s been whipping up might motivate you to eat cleaner too! Bella became a food stylist owing to her love for cooking and keen eye for styling. Oh, and cats. Her cats make unexpected appearances sporadically throughout the feed too!


13. @_yafiqyusman_ & 14. @_yaisyusman_ 


b2ap3_thumbnail_yafiq.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_yais.jpgSource: Instagram

Twin talents Yafiq and Yais have Instagram feeds so captivating you’ll wonder if art is in their genes. Their feeds are amazing yet have distinct personalities with perfectly framed shots. Yafiq largely captures architecture from interesting perspectives while Yais documents interesting architecture, portraitures and gorgeous landscapes. 


15. @organic  


Source: Instagram

While others are filling their Instagram feeds with vivid colors and a myriad of VSCO filters, Weijiang’s account shows you the world through his eyes – in black and white. From architecture snapshots like windows and spiral staircases to nondescript details like a recorder, a toothbrush, or a cob of corn, his feed is proof that everything looks better on Instagram.


16. @humansofsingapore 


b2ap3_thumbnail_humansofsingapore.jpgSource: Instagram 

If you’re a fan of one of the most famous instagram accounts around, Humans of New York, you’d be glad to know we have a local equivalent. Humans of Singapore’s uniqueness stems not only from the amazing human photography, but also from the stories the photographer manages to elicit from his subjects. The faces you pass on the street daily have their stories to tell. And through this instagram feed, they now have their voice.


Find your new favourite Instagram account!


 creepy-stalker.gifSource: Giphy

We hope these local Instagram accounts we’ve curated have piqued your interest. It’s amazing how much talent we have, and in such diverse fields too! Let us know in the comments below if you know of other talented Singaporean Instagrammers who have splendid feeds. We would love to check them out.

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