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The Henderson Project: Celebrating Alternative Art In Singapore

The Henderson Project


b2ap3_thumbnail_henderson.jpgPhotographs courtesy of Dream Academy®

The Henderson Project celebrates the alternative arts, and is Singapore’s newest platform for play and party. Set in an industrial park, it is the platform for unusual and alternative art projects in Singapore, including performances, theater, music and exhibitions. This February, it consists of two projects, Project 1: Our Hobby is Depeche Mode and Project 2: The Revolution Will Not be Televised.

Our Hobby is Depeche Mode is an unusual documentary about the fans of Depeche Mode, said to be the band that produced alternative music before alternative music was a thing. People who felt like they didn’t fit in identified with Depeche Mode’s music. This 70-minute film will be screened for the first time in Asia in what resembles a tight clubspace on Henderson Road.

Hugely popular in the 80s to early 2000s, Depeche Mode is listed in Q Magazine’s list of “50 bands that changed the world”, and with that knowledge, my interest in the documentary was piqued. The star of this documentary is Depeche Mode’s international fanbase and not Depeche Mode itself, so you can really see the hard-hitting impact of Depeche Mode on their fans across the globe.

There will be at least 3 screenings of said documentary and a free after party from 12am til late, DJ-ed by Aldrin and KFC, with live visuals by M/SF/T of Non/Aligned. Capacity is quite limited so priority will be given to ticket holders.


The Documentary Review



This documentary takes you deep into the inner-world of a fan and shows you the mechanics of a fandom. For someone like me who’s never been a die-hard fan of anything or anyone before, this gave insight on how the mind of a fan works, and showed the astounding lengths fans would go for their idols, and also the shockingly intimate reasons why. I believe that those who are fans will relate to this extremely well.

The film explores various issues such as the harmonising power of music, human loyalty, the sense of belonging and, of course, identity. But it definitely wasn’t one of those super deep life changing documentaries that confers upon its viewers successive epiphanies about life. It is, however, insightful, poignant, and deeply fascinating. It’s like the passion of their fans transcend time and space and seep right through the screen, and that’s what really got to me.

In the entire documentary, Depeche Mode is not featured at all. There are no spectacular scenes, there are no dramatic effects, just the fan’s pure and unadulterated love for Depeche Mode. The casual style of the documentary further highlights the idolatry people can have – it makes you wonder how these fans can worship other human beings like it’s the most normal thing in the world. I found it endlessly interesting to see how music can piece broken people together and become the bonding force of that being.

Watching this documentary gave me the opportunity to witness the transformative power of music, as fans open up about the deep-rooted feelings they have towards a band they cannot imagine how they lived life without.


Final Thoughts


The entire film was very personal, unlike regular documentaries that are detached and purely informational. There was no acting involved, every smile was genuine and bright, every word resonant and true, every person real and multi-dimensional. You don’t even need to be a fan of Depeche Mode to enjoy this.

Everyone featured in this film had a story to share, and to them, Depeche Mode is more than just a band. It’s something they enjoy, something that gives their lives meaning, something that makes them happy.

The authenticity of this film made it truly enjoyable.

For more information on Our Hobby is Depeche Mode, check out this website.


Project 2: The Revolution Will Not be Televised


b2ap3_thumbnail_THP_Michaela--L.A.B-Copy.jpgThere is also Project 2 under The Henderson Project, which is something like poetry night but waaay cooler, titled The Revolution Will Not be Televised. It’s going to be a night of art, poetry, rhymes & beats and hip hop.

The event line-up for this night is plentiful, featuring Elemental, Benjamin Kheng & Michaela Therese with L.A.B., Shigga Shay & his band, Lazy Habits, and an after-party with Matteblacc DJs from 8pm til late.





Our Hobby is Depeche Mode

Date:  6 February – 7pm, 9pm, 11pm

Tickets are priced at $15 for all screenings. To buy, contact Dream Academy’s ticketing hotline at 9726 7866 or 6278 0377 or email them at

Note: Tickets for 6 February have been completely sold out, but we hear that they’ll be extending the screening to 7 February as well so do check out their Facebook page for more details!

After-party is free for anyone above 18 (there will be alcohol), subject to capacity. Priority will be given to ticket holders.

Address: 203A Henderson Road #02-01, Henderson Industrial Park (Lift Lobby A), Singapore 159547

The Revolution Will Not be Televised

Date: 13 February – from 8pm til late

Ticket Prices: $20 for Dream Academy mailing list subscribers | $25 for advance tickets | $30 at the door

To buy, contact Dream Academy’s ticketing hotline at 9726 7866 or 6278 0377 or email them at

Address: 203A Henderson Road #02-01, Henderson Industrial Park (Lift Lobby A), Singapore 159547

This post was brought to you by The Henderson Project.