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FITGEAR Reached 1 Million Revenue In A Year Selling Ultra Light Travel Gears

Fitgear travel accessories


foldable extra bag

Image adapted from: FITGEAR

All this talk about backpacking getaways to exotic locales might have spurred you to update your #wanderlust plans, starting with getting new travel gear. But then, an ugly problem rears its head: getting the good stuff doesn’t come cheap. 

Enter Fitgear. Their premium activewear and travel gear is up to 30% cheaper than other brands, and takes up less space in your luggage as they’re collapsible – so they won’t break your bank – and back. We’ve sussed out 5 Fitgear products worth getting for your next vacay.


1. Wind T-Shirt


fitgear travel accessories gears

Image credit: FITGEAR

Whether you’re hiking outdoors or lifting indoors, a light tee goes a long way in ensuring your comfort throughout. And with the Wind T-Shirt (USD$20, ~SGD$27), be prepared for max comfort. 

At 87 grams, it’s 30% lighter than most innerwear and is designed to faster absorb moisture, making it 2 times quicker to dry so you can go about your activities without that icky, sweaty feeling – perfect even for humid ol’ Singapore.


2. Wind Daypack


fitgear travel accessories gears

Image credit: FITGEAR

The Wind Daypack (US$55, ~SGD$74) checks off all the boxes for a daytrip bag; at 120 grams, it’s extremely light so it won’t bog you down on your climb, and has loads of storage space with a max capacity of 24 litres, complete with 2 elastic side pockets and 6 heavy nylon straps for extra hanger space.

fitgear travel accessories gears

It can also be compacted into a 13 x 8 cm case, saving up luggage space.
Image credit: FITGEAR

And if you’re worried your bag can’t withstand rugged activities, fret not cause the Wind Daypack is made from Cordura – a military-grade material that’s very durable and waterproof!


3. Go-Tube


fitgear travel accessories gears

Image credit: FITGEAR

There are many ways to live life on the edge while you’re travelling, and one of them is to carry around shampoo and soap bottles which are prone to leakage. The solution? GoTube (USD $25, ~SGD$34), a set of 3 travel containers, which are 100% leakproof and are equipped with suction pads to make showers a lil more convenient.

These GoTubes are BPA-free, and you can even bring them in your carry-on as the bottles are transparent and well under the 100 millilitre limit.


4. Flexbot


fitgear travel accessories gears waterbottle

Image credit: FITGEAR

Nothing beats quenching your thirst after successfully completing strenuous activities, and with the FlexBot (USD$25, ~SGD$34), you can drink more and still save up a lot of bag space. The 750-millilitre bottle is made out of medical-grade, collapsible silicone so it can be rolled up into ⅕ th its size – fitting even into a purse! 

And if you’re scaling a mountain and find yourself desperate for a sip, thank your lucky stars cause the bottle comes with a handle meant for attaching a carabiner.


5. Wind Lite Towel


fitgear travel accessories gears

Image credit: FITGEAR

After you’ve conquered all you’ve set out to do, dry yourself with a Wind Lite Towel (USD$12, ~SGD$16) which has a highly absorbent and cooling fabric that dries 10 times faster than standard cloth towels.


Travel light and comfortably with Fitgear


fitgear travel accessories gears

Image credit: @fitgearactive

Getting high-quality travel gear no longer means shelling out huge amounts of money. With Fitgear’s extensive range of activewear and accessories, you pay prices that are 70% lower than the brands out in the market, while still enjoying premium and functional products such as a highly-absorbent T-shirt and an ultra-light daypack.

Find out more about Fitgear products here!

This post was brought to you by Fitgear.