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6 Seemingly Unreachable Luxuries That Are Now Attainable For All Singaporeans

Atas, but not out of reach


cheap yacht party

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“You think what, money grows on trees ah?”
This is something many of us have heard while growing up, and have come to (painfully) realise how true it really is. While things like yacht parties and travelling to exotic destinations seem to be luxuries reserved for rich people who can afford them, times are changing and these luxuries are becoming increasingly accessible to the average Singaporean. 

Here are 6 seemingly out-of-league luxuries like riding in luxury cars that are no longer as cheap as we remembered them to be:


1. 3-course fine dining at $15 nett


cheap fine dining

Source: @wangjay95

Now this is fine dining at a fine price. Serving up atas food at unbelievably affordable prices, get a taste of fancy dining at L’Rez by Nanyang Polytechnic F&B students. Here’s what a typical meal sounds like: Wasabi Salmon Ceviche, Char-Grilled Teriyaki Beef Steak, and a Matcha Choux au Craquelin – all for $15 nett ($12 nett for NYP staff/students)!

Address: 180 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 Nanyang Polytechnic Block F, Level 3, Singapore 569815
Telephone: 6451 4384
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 11.30am – 2.30pm (From April to August only)



2. Ride in luxury cars with GrabCar Premium for as low as $7.50


cheap luxury car ride

With crazy promo-codes that allow us to get to our destination for as low as $0 sometimes, an additional $3-$5 top-up for GrabCar Premium barely even makes a difference. Getting picked up in a Mercedes as opposed to a regular Honda where you can barely stretch your legs properly really does make a difference to your comfort levels – and if you’re on the way to work, how you start off the day!


3. Louis Vuitton bag for $50+


cheap LV bag


If you’re a bag-addict like 90% of the female population, you’ll understand what it’s like actually considering donating a kidney just to be able to afford that Chanel 2.5 bag.

 As this company as very aptly summarised the struggle of every compulsive bag-purchaser, BagsNoEnough is an online platform that allows you to rent branded bags for up to 24 weeks. At rates like $50-$70 per week, you no longer have to physically restrain yourself from online bag shopping.


4. Yacht party at $50/pax


cheap yacht party


Hollywood has planted in our minds, the seemingly unattainable luxury of yacht parties with bikini-clad girls, free flow champagne, and LOTS of pizza. Unfortunately, as we grow older, we start to realise that adulting is more expensive than we thought, and yacht parties are well beyond most of our financial means.

Well, it ain’t all that expensive if you do the math. Marina at Keppel Bay provides many yachts for hire. Accommodating up to 18 people, the Alaska 45 is one of the yachts up for rent at $899 for 4 hours. This means, each person only has to pay about $50 each for a lavish yacht party. Some boats even have prices starting from $699 and can hold up to 22 people

If I were you, buoy, I’d seas the opportunity.


5. Monthly wardrobe makeover –  designer clothes edition


cheap wardrobe makeover


Most of us don’t even bother looking at designer clothes because we know they cost a fortune – but Style Theory has managed to lower the bar so we may all get a taste of the high life. With a subscription concept where you pay only $129 monthly*, you get to rent 3 designer items of your choice (each worth roughly $600) every month. This way, you can have a monthly wardrobe makeover and wear clothes you would normally never spend a dollar on!

*Price is inclusive of delivery and dry cleaning fee


6. Visit Greece from just $350


cheap flights to greece

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Why spend double the cash for a typical Maldives-honeymoon when you can have it at a more exotic and less mainstream place? Scoot is now flying to Greece, Athens – the previously elusive travel destination only traversed by the economic elites. For as low as $350+ onwards, you can fly across half the globe to get to this luxurious yet affordable honeymoon getaway.


Small upgrades to make your day


Whether it’s upgrading your standard ride to a GrabCar Premium, or even something as small as wearing fancier clothes than you normally would – you’ll be amazed at how drastically your mood can improve just by pampering yourself a little! So go ahead, loosen up that tie and treat yo’ self.

grab premium

So the next time you book a ride to work, spare a few dollars to upgrade to a GrabCar Premium – the smoother ride and impossible-to-stay-awake-in seats may just make your day! All you have to do is book a ride as per normal, and select ‘GrabCar Premium’. Come to work starting off the day right and looking professional af just for a slight top-up.

grabcar premium


And because you’re worth it, here’s another treat to add to your list. Just use the promo code TSLVIP when you take a GrabCar Premium 4-seater ride from now till 30 June, and enjoy $6 off your ride! Download the Grab app today. 

Note: Codes are open to new and existing users, and are capped at 500 redemptions per day.

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This post was brought to you by Grab Singapore.