Don Don Donki Jewel Changi

You’ve got a gazillion yummy Japanese ingredients in front of you and an earworm bop chiming in the background – yep, you’re in Don Don Donki. Testament to the Japanese supermarket’s popularity in Singapore, they’ve got the largest number of stores in Asia here. And in 2023, we’ll be welcoming its coolest: a travel-themed outlet in Jewel Changi

18,000 sqft at Basement 1 of Jewel

We love Don Don Donki for its myriad of instant food, snacks and gifts, and you’ll find all of these surrounded by a fitting aviation-themed interior at their upcoming Jewel outlet, opening in the first quarter of next year.

Don don donki jewel changi
Image credit: Jewel Changi

Not too many details have been revealed yet, but what we do know so far is that there’ll be motifs of planes and other travel art in store, alongside cashier rows that resemble check-in counters.

It’ll also be 18,000 sqft in size, marking it as one of the largest outlets in Singapore. 

Don don donki
Image credit: Jewel Changi

On top of bringing us the taste of Japan we sorely miss, Don Don Donki Jewel will have a display corner with the latest offerings from our favourite travel destination. Love your tipples? There’ll also be a dedicated sake corner with not just bottles, but barrels of the beverage from all over Japan. 

Don don donki jewel changi

For those with a soft spot for Donki’s ready-to-eat meals, these will be prepared in an open concept kitchen here so you can spot the chef whipping up your nosh. 

Also expect the usual fresh produce, cosmetics and household items.

Get ready for Don Don Donki Jewel Changi

It may be a year away but we’re more than excited to have a new Don Don Donki to splurge at and can’t wait for 2023 to come sooner.

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Cover image adapted from: Jewel Changi