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DBS matches dollar-for-dollar donations cover

DBS Is Matching Dollar-For-Dollar To Donations Made To Migrant Workers, Elderly & Low-Income Families

Donate meals to the needy

DBS matches dollar-for-dollar donations cover
DBS donation drive
Image adapted from:
The Food Bank Singapore & ItsRainingRaincoats

This COVID-19 season has revealed the best in Singaporeans and the fact that there’s a hidden Masterchef in us all. But it has also uncovered an ugly truth – some of us aren’t as well-equipped to survive a pandemic.

Groups like the elderly, low-income families and migrant workers are some of the hardest-hit communities, and even putting food on the table has become a full-on struggle. To help them stay afloat during these hard times, DBS has partnered with The Food Bank Singapore and ItsRainingRaincoats to provide meals for them.

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Feed the City and Project Belanja – donate meals for elderly, low-income, and migrant workers

The Food Bank Singapore
Image credit:
The Food Bank Singapore

If you haven’t heard of Feed the City, an initiative by The Food Bank Singapore, and Project Belanja, the brainchild of Blossom World, supported by ItsRainingRaincoats, it’s high time to get acquainted. The former provides food supplies for the elderly and low-income individuals while the latter supports migrant workers.

Project Belanja donate meals
Image credit: ItsRainingRaincoats

With many facing retrenchment or forced no-pay leave, the demand for these programmes is higher than ever. To alleviate the strain on these organisations, DBS has pledged $2.5 million through 300,000 meals for the beneficiaries. In addition, they’ll be matching every dollar donated up to $250,000 for each initiative.

The Food Bank Singapore donate meals
Image credit: The Food Bank Singapore

F&B establishments like Koufu Group, Wee Nam Kee and other restaurants will be engaged to prepare these meals which feed two needs with one deed – helping the less fortunate and supporting local businesses at the same time.

Provide meals for those who need it

If you’ve been looking for a way to do your part to help these hard-hit communities, here’s a great way to start. Supporting those in need and standing in solidarity is imperative for us to weather this COVID storm together as a nation.

Provide meals for the elderly and low-income here.
Provide meals for migrant workers here.

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