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11 Ways You Can Give Back This COVID-19 Season Including Where To Donate Blood In Singapore 

Ways to give back in Singapore during COVID-19

As we huddle up in the safety of our homes with the newly-imposed Circuit Breaker measures, we shouldn’t forget about the vulnerable segments of society. During these difficult times, donations to charities have fallen by as much as 60%, while prices of essentials have increased.

To show solidarity with our healthcare workers, less-privileged families and migrant workers, here are 11 ways you can help out during COVID-19 in Singapore.

1. Donate essentials and transportation vouchers to frontline healthcare workers

Donating to healthcare workers is a good way to give back to society during COVID-19.
Image credit: Home Nursing Foundation

Some of us might complain about the boredom of staying in the safety of our houses, but our heroic frontline medical staff are risking themselves during this period to deal with the spread of COVID-19. 

Apart from nurses in hospitals, nurses serving in other fields like making essential home calls and serving in nursing homes have also been affected by the spread of COVID-19 and the enhanced Circuit Breaker measures in Singapore.

Ways to give back:

  • Community Foundation’s Sayang Sayang fund – support for frontline healthcare workers with transportation vouchers.
  • Home Nursing Foundation – encouraging home nurses with travel tokens and other essentials.
  • Singapore Hospice councilappreciating palliative and hospice care staff with cookies and a hamper of essential items. 
  • AMKFSC Community Services – appreciate more than 9,000 healthcare staff at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) and the National Centre of Infectious Diseases (NCID).

2. Feed those in need

You can also give money to the needy to give back during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Image credit: Food from the Heart

The hundreds of dollars we will receive from the government during this trying period is essential for many households affected by salary cuts and job losses. But for many of us, we might be able to even save some money from staying in for the weeks ahead.

If you’re able to spare a portion of the Solidarity Budget payouts, consider using it to ensure the less privileged are able to get their next meal.

Ways to give back:

  • Food From The Heart – donations starting from $30 to the Community Food Pack Programme.
  • Children’s Wishing Well  – help feed vulnerable children and their families, especially since many have lost their part-time or temporary jobs. 
  • The Food Bank Singapore – support the purchase and delivery of food to around 200,000 beneficiaries. 
  • Belanja Eat – treat others to a meal with no conditions attached.
  • Metta Welfare Association – donations to the United We Care Project will support beneficiaries with disabilities or chronic and terminal illnesses. Contributions of $40 and above will receive an appreciation pack of masks and antibacterial wipes, which can also be donated to other beneficiaries.

3. Buy milk and diapers for underprivileged children

During this COVID-19 period, you can give back by donating to benefit underprivileged children.
Image credit: SSVP

Children are one of the most affected by the rising costs in this period. To support children in needy families, make a donation to the following charities.

Ways to give back:

  • SSVP – help the Society of St Vincent de Paul provide milk and diapers to children in less-privileged households.
  • YWCA – donate to provide milk powder and diapers to needy families.

4. Donate blood to the Singapore Red Cross

Donating blood during a critical period like COVID-19 can save lives.
Image credit: Singapore Red Cross

Not only have cash donations and volunteer sessions been affected by the Circuit Breaker measures – blood reserves are also dwindling. If you are blessed to be in the pink of health, make an appointment with the Singapore Red Cross and head to the nearest blood bank.

Ways to give back:

  • Singapore Red Cross – donate blood to save lives, as national blood reserves are low for types A+, B+, O+ and AB.

5. Fund sanitising kits for the vulnerable

Sanitising kits will help the less privileged stay safe during COVID-19.
Image credit: @touch_international via Instagram

Purchasing masks, hand sanitisers and thermometers might be well within the means of most households, but many others living from paycheck to paycheck might struggle to prioritise hygiene. Others are more vulnerable to the coronavirus, and need additional resources to keep safe.

Ways to give back:

6. Donate to counselling services to support mental health

One of the ways to give back during the COVID-19 circuit breaker is by supporting mental health resources.
During this Circuit Breaker period, most counselling centres are providing sessions via phone or video call.
Image credit: Singapore Association for Counselling via Facebook

Being forced to stay at home can take its toll on mental health. For many who are already living alone or have pre-existing conditions, the social isolation caused by the Circuit Breaker measures might aggravate their mental health.

Ways to give back:

  • O’Joy Care Services – help offset counselling sessions via phone or video calls that offer comfort to seniors and patients.

7. Donate essential food items

Food from the Heart will continue to feed families during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Operations at Food from the Heart will carry on during the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker period.
Image credit: Food from the Heart (Singapore) via Facebook

Food purchase limits imposed due to panic buying have made it difficult for some charities to obtain the necessary food items for their beneficiaries. If you have a stock of dry food, canned food and beverages, pass them on to those who need them so much more. 

Ways to give back:

  • M.Y Manna – donate items from this list for the less privileged.
  • Food From The Heart – drop off supplies like rice, cooking oil, noodles, canned food and Milo at their facilities.

8. Donate extra laptops to help the less privileged work and study from home

Donate your laptops to give back to the most vulnerable portions of society.
Donated laptops are repaired and processed before being passed on to beneficiaries
Image credit: Engineering Good via Facebook

As our schools and workplaces shut down, many of us easily resume our face-to-face conversations on our phones, and continue earning a salary as we work-from-home on our computers. 

For the less privileged without the same access to laptops and technology, COVID-19 Circuit Breaker measures can be especially punishing. Some children have to share old devices to continue attending classes, while adults struggle to find employment in non-essential sectors. Your old electronic devices that could have been tossed without a second thought might make a difference in someone’s life.

Ways to give back:

  • SG Bono – volunteers provide IT-related services to low-income families. 
  • Computers Against Covid – Engineering Good is collecting, fixing and distributing old laptops to those who cannot afford their own.
  • Children’s Wishing Well – donate to subsidise laptops and internet access for less privileged children.

9. Donate masks and sanitisers to keep everyone safe

Those with extra masks and hand sanitisers should give back to society by donating supplies to those who need it more.
Image credit: HealthServe

With the international spread of COVID-19, masks and sanitisers are in short supply. If your company is working from home, and your office is left with stockpiles of masks, hand sanitisers and detergents that are not being used, do your part to ensure everyone is protected. 

Ways to give back:

  • Healthserve – donate masks, hand sanitisers and Vitamin C supplements to migrant workers. Doctors, dentists, pharmacists and dermatologists can volunteer at their Geylang clinic at this email.
  • – share your surgical and N95 masks.
  • MASKGOSHARE – share your masks and hygiene supplies with the less privileged in rental flats who need them more.

10. Take care of our migrant workers by providing essential supplies

Give back to our migrant workers by providing money and essential supplies.
Image credit: Touhidur Rahman via Google Maps

COVID-19 infections have skyrocketed recently after new clusters emerged in tightly-packed migrant workers dormitories. With tens of thousands of residents in lockdown, we should do our part to help our valued guests get access to food, sanitisation supplies, mental health resources and financial assistance. 

Ways to give back:

  • SG Climate Rally – contribute cash, goods or services to help alleviate the situation at the many dormitories. 
  • – sign a petition to improve the hygiene to better contain COVID-19 in these workers’ dormitories. 
  • Mad Wish – provide virtual English tutoring for migrant workers who are confined to their dormitories.

11. Provide free tuition for underprivileged students

Giving online tuition for free will help underprivileged students.
You can do your part by providing online tuition to underprivileged students

Image credit: @theannexeproject via Instagram

With all its merits, our educational system in Singapore is still highly competitive and many underprivileged students struggle to keep up. If you have the qualifications and the passion, you can volunteer to tutor these students online to make sure they’re up to speed with the curriculum.

Ways to give back:

Stay updated on opportunities to help out

  • SG United (Telegram|Website) – stay updated on community-led initiatives.
  • Giving SG (Website) – a charity web portal to easily find opportunities to give back.
  • The Courage Fund (Website) – donate to the Community Chest to support those affected by COVID-19. 
  • City of Good (Website) – to respond to requests for donations in kind.
  • (Android|iOS) – be a good neighbour during these difficult times.
  • Mutual aid initiatives (YHL!|Wares Mutual Aid|A Good Space) – coordinating resources and requests.

Ways to give back in Singapore during COVID-19

For most of us, staying safe at home is a privilege. As we join forces to fight the spread of COVID-19, let’s not forget the less privileged and do our part to appreciate, donate and provide our services to these communities. 

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