Cruises coming to Singapore in 2024

Life is busy enough with KPIs to hit and deadlines to chase. Who’s got time to plan a holiday? Good thing cruises exist. They’ve got planned itineraries, comfy accommodations, entertainment options, and food and drinks.

There are cruise liners aplenty anchoring in Singapore, departing for destinations as far as Greece and London. We took the liberty of picking out the best cruises coming to Singapore in 2024.

1. Celebrity Cruises

Try glassmaking on board

Celebrity Solstice Ship Tour
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Celebrity Solstice Ship Tour

When it comes to activities on board, you’ve got your usual casinos, pool, spa, and fitness centres. That’s available at Celebrity Cruises, but you’ll also find a slew of workshops you can sign up for. There’s Mixology 101 US$29.99 (~S$40.26), a masterclass on shaking and stirring classics like margaritas and pina coladas. 

Image credit: Hollywood Hot Glass

If you’re looking to exercise your creative muscle, sign up for the Hot Glass Class (from USD40, ~S$53.69). You’ll get to blow your own glass masterpieces like paperweights, vases, and bowls under the tutelage of experienced teachers. This class is available on the Celebrity Solstice, which sails to Thailand, Vietnam, and Australia from Singapore.

12-Night Vietnam & Thailand
Price: From USD1,150 /pax (~S$1,549.69)
Next available cruise date: 20th February 2024
Book the 12-Night Vietnam & Thailand on Celebrity Cruises

12-Night Northeast Asia
Price: From USD1,149 (~S$1,548.41)
Next available cruise date: 4th March 2024
Book the 12-Night Northeast Asia on Celebrity Cruises

Bali, Malaysia & Thailand Holiday
Price: From USD1,742/pax (~S$2345.16)
Next available cruise date: 21st December 2024
Book the 12-Night Bali, Malaysia & Thailand Holiday on Celebrity Cruises

2. Royal Caribbean

Indoor skydiving & surf simulators

With their massive, family-friendly ships, it’s no surprise that Royal Caribbean has been the go-to cruise line for many.

This is only what’s available at the pool deck – there’s plenty more on board.

This year, 4 of their ships will be making a stop on our sunny island, with cruises ranging from short 3-day round trips to Phuket to 15-day journeys to Dubai. 

Image credit: Royal Caribbean

There’s so much to do onboard that we don’t blame you if you decide to skip out on shore excursions to fully explore the ship’s activities. Crowd favourites include the indoor skydiving station – RipCord by iFly. If it sounds familiar it’s because it’s by the same people behind iFly Singapore. You’ll enter a wind tunnel and experience free-falling, as if you’ve just leapt out of a plane.

Image credit: @luicosta via Instagram

If not skydiving, maybe surfing might be more your cup of tea. But there’s no need to step into the deep blue to try this out. Both Anthem of the Seas and Spectrum of the Seas have a FlowRider surf simulator on deck, where you’ll get to safely ride on artificial waves.

Book an Anthem of the Seas cruise & Spectrum of the Seas cruise on Royal Caribbean

15-Night Ultimate India, Sri Lanka & Malaysia Cruise
Price: From S$2,040/pax
Next available cruise date: 24th April 2024

12-Night Singapore To Brisbane Cruise
Price: From S$2,679/pax
Next available cruise date: 19th November 2024

3-Night Penang cruise
Price: From S$594/pax
Next available cruise date: 25th November 2024

3. Carnival Cruise Line

Visit the on-board brewery

2 Carnival Cruise Line ships – Carnival Panorama and Carnival Splendor – are due to dock at Singapore this year before they head to Los Angeles and Sydney respectively. The voyages last up to 25 days, but before you worry about cabin fever, there’s loads to do, even on days while the ships are out at sea.

Image adapted from: Carnival Cruise Line

For one, you’ll want to get a seat on the SkyRide. Suspended 45m above the sea, the ride gives you a bird’s eye view of the ship. You’ll have to pedal to move along the 243m-long track, but that just means more calories burned so you can enjoy the international cuisines available.

The brewery is located within Guy’s Pig & Anchor Smokehouse, a restaurant by celebrity chef Guy Fieri.
Image credit: Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line ships also have the only beer breweries at sea. Join a brewery tour (US$27, ~S$36.26) and a resident brewmaster will show how beer is made from hops to bottle using seawater.

25-Day Transpacific from Singapore
Price: From USD3,521/pax (~S$4,740.34)
Next available cruise date: 12th October 2024
Book the 25-Day Transpacific from Singapore on Carnival Cruise Line

16-Day Singapore from Singapore
Price: From USD2,454/pax (~S$3,303.83)
Next available cruise date: 24th August 2024
Book the 16-Day Singapore from Singapore on Carnival Cruise Line

4. Silversea Cruises

Personal butler services at no extra charge

Image credit: Silversea Cruises

Having someone wait on you, hand and foot, is hardly heard of these days, but not on board Silversea Cruises. The luxury cruise line provides all guests with personal butler services at no extra cost. They’ll take care of all your needs, such as drawing aromatherapy baths, planning surprises for special occasions, and ensuring your mini bar is never empty.

Image credit: Silversea Cruise

The bougie life awaits you outside of your cabin too. The all-inclusive cruises means you get gourmet fine dining at any of their 10 restaurants, free-flow champagne and other beverages, and even shore excursions.

18-Day Singapore to Cairns
Price: From USD8,938/pax (~S$11,984.34)
Next available cruise date: 31st October 2024
Book the 18-Day Singapore to Cairns on Silversea Cruises

5. Seabourn Cruises

Marina days with water skiing & banana boating

As much as cruises happen on water, there aren’t many that allow its passengers to jump straight into the ocean. But it is a possibility with Seabourn Cruises.

Image credit: Seabourn via Facebook

The cruise line has dedicated Marina Days where the ship anchors itself in the middle of the sea and guests get to play water sports. The adventurous ones can try out water skiing, banana boating, and donut rides.

Image credit: Seabourn Cruises

But if you’d rather relax in the water, look out for the cruise’s Caviar in the Surf. For the outbound cruises from Singapore, this involves docking the ship at a private island in Thailand. There’ll be a barbeque on the beach, as well as free champagne and caviar served to all guests.

14-Day Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam
Price: From US$7,499 /pax (~S$10,093.58)
Next available cruise date: 17th February 2024
Book the 14-Day Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam on Seabourn Cruises

6. Oceania Cruises

Chock full of activities for art lovers

Oceania Nautica.
Image credit: @sofiiaapereiraa via Instagram

Oceania Cruises are known for their cross-continental voyages, like the 28-Day Asia & Africa Explorer aboard the Oceania Nautica. It’ll stopover at 9 different countries, including Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Seychelles before dropping anchor in South Africa.

A month on the seas might bring a bout of cabin sickness. But fret not, there are port excursions and activities onboard aplenty to allay any restlessness. In Sri Lanka, visit a tea plantation or join in on Buddhist meditation. Then in Seychelles, board a catamaran that’ll take you to a coral reef for snorkelling.

Image credit: @oceaniacruises via Instagram

You’ll be kept well-occupied even if you’re the type who prefers staying onboard the ship. The cruise regularly runs art classes run by resident artists who’ll teach passengers how to sculpt, paint, or shoot photography. There are also well-stocked libraries and brain teaser nights to keep the mind sharp.

28-Day Asia & Africa Explorer
Price: From US$6,199/pax (~S$8,347.05)
Next available cruise date: 11th April 2024
Book the 28-Day Asia & Africa Explorer on Oceania Cruises

7. Azamara Cruises

Explore the ocean depths in a submarine

Image credit: @azamaravoyagaes via Instagram

If you’ve always been curious about what Ariel and Flounder are up to in Atlantis, then you’ll want to sign up for the excursions offered by Azamara Cruises. Instead of island-hopping and shopping trips you’d typically find on other cruises, guests can try out seabed excursions in mini submarines as part of the 26-Night Spice Route Voyage to Athens, Greece.

Those travelling with kids can opt for the tour around Rottnest Island as well.

Should 26 nights prove too long for those looking to conserve their AL, Azamara also has a 12-Night Bali and& Western Australia Voyage. Similar to the Spice Route voyage, this cruise also includes unique experiences like a steam train ride to view the expansive Lake Rawa Pening, and winery tours in Swan Valley.

26-Night Spice Route Voyage
Price: From USD$7,779.54 (~S$10,425.98)
Next available cruise date: 3rd May 2024
Book the 26-Night Spice Route Voyage on Azamara Cruises

12-Night Bali & Western Australia Voyage
Price: From USD$5,050.10 (~S$6,768.04)
Next available cruise date: 8th December 2024
Book the 12-Night Bali & Western Australia Voyage on Azamara Cruises

8. Resorts World Cruises

Offers short weekend getaways

Those looking for a short getaway during the many long weekends in 2024 can consider the 2-Night Weekend Getaway by Resorts World Cruises. These depart on Friday and return on Sunday, so you’ll be in time to clock into work on Monday. There’s also the round trip 3-Nights Phuket cruise for those who want a longer vacation.

You’ll be onboard the ship during the entire cruise, but there’s so much to do to fill up your time. Think waterslides, theatre shows, and even a Little Dreamers’ Club for your mini-mes to get in some play time.

The beach club has foam parties that kids are very much welcome to enjoy.
Image credit: @churra_k via Instagram

Thrillseekers can get their adrenaline fix on the 18-storey tall zipline and rope course. After dinner, swing by Zouk and the Zouk Beach Club right at the ship’s pool deck. The famed nightclub that was once at Jiak Kim House will keep you on your feet with their pumping beats right on the sea.

Book a cruise on Resorts World Cruises

2-Night Weekend Getaway
Price: From S$1,238.15/pax
Next available cruise date: 23rd February 2024

3-Night Phuket
Price: From S$1,037.99
Next available cruise date: 18th February 2024

9. Holland America Line

Dive in the Maldives

There are 8 pools on board, plenty enough to go around.
Image credit: @supercruises via Instagram

Flying around the world can be costly, which is why the 49-Day Grand World Voyage by Holland America Line might be a more viable option. From just USD9,899/pax (~S$13,544.06), you’ll visit a whopping 12 countries, including Seychelles, Tanzania, and Namibia before finally stopping at Florida in the United States.

Onboard activities include theatre shows, music trivia quizzes, and rock and roll lounges.
Image credit: Holland America Line

Expect exciting shore excursions when you dock at these places, including exploring Walvis Bay in Namibia by catamaran, and diving into pristine Maldivian waters.

49-Day Grand World Voyage
Price: From US$9,899/pax (~S$13,544.06)
Next available cruise date: 23rd March 2024

Book the 49-Day Grand World Voyage on Holland America Line

10. Viking Cruises

Go on a 55-day sail to London

Your last port of call will be in London, United Kingdom.
Image credit: Viking Cruises

49 days is quite the voyage but if you’re loving the sweet life on deck, try the 55-Day Asia to Europe Grand Passage on Viking Cruises. You’ll spend 20 days sailing the seas but the rest of the time is dedicated to docking at places like Jeddah, Istanbul, and Monte Carlo. In total, you’ll travel to 17 countries once you complete the cruise.

Sip on aquavits while enjoying panoramic views of the sea at the Explorer’s Lounge.

Image credit: Viking Cruises

With such exotic locales on the docket, you can expect shore excursions to be just as novel. In Egypt, there are guided tours to the Ancient Temple of Karnak, while the stopover in Naples has drives around Pompeii that end with a Napoli staple – pizza.

55-Day Asia to Europe Grand Passage
Price: From £14,990/pax (~S$25,489.75)
Next available cruise date: 13th March 2024
Book the 55-Day Asia to Europe Grand Passage on Viking Cruises

Consider a life on the ocean wave aboard these cruises

From short 2-day cruises to nowhere to epic 55-day voyages to London, there’s a plethora of cruises to choose from for your next nautical adventure. Anchors away, it’s time to set sail.

If you’d like a life on the ocean wave, read on:

Cover image adapted from: Cruceroadicto via Pintrest, Mycruises, Seabourn via Facebook, @supercruises via Instagram

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