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There’s nothing like a cup of coffee to start your day. If you have your own coffee machine, getting that fresh cuppa in the morning is never an issue – until you forget to replenish your beans. If this is something that often slips your mind, here are 8 coffee subscription services to keep you constantly stocked. 

Pro tip: Consume each batch of beans within 1-2 weeks for the freshest brew.

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1. Perk – sent out within 48 hours of roasting

coffee subscriptionsNitro-drip coffee packs
Image credit: Perk Coffee Facebook

If you are particular about how fresh your coffee is, this is for you. Roasted locally, Perk’s coffee beans are sent out within 48 hours of roasting to ensure that you get the best quality of coffee. Besides single origin coffees sourced from countries like Ethiopia, they have blends with various tasting profiles for you to choose depending on your preference.

The best part about Perk is that you get to customise how you want your coffee prepared. Other than regular whole beans and ground coffee, they also have nitro drip packets, a nifty pouch that perches atop a cup to brew a single portion without the need for special equipment.

Prices: From $17.90 for 250 grams
Roasting and Delivery: Roasted every Monday and sent out within 48 hours

2. Hook – local flavours like iced gem biscuits and kaya

coffee subscriptions
All their beans are roasted locally to ensure its freshness
Image credit: Hook Coffee Facebook 

You’ll never be bored when it comes to looking for your preferred flavour profile on Hook Coffee with blends named Singablend and RelationChip Goals. A homegrown brand that is focused on making coffee accessible to the masses, Hook’s unique and cute names help you understand their roast profiles easily.

You can also customise how often you want your coffee to be delivered to you depending on how often you drink. So if you’re one of those people who hydrate with coffee, look no further.

Prices: From $14 for 200 grams
Roasting and Delivery: Sent out within 7 days of roasting

3. Nylon Coffee Roasters – different seasonal coffees every month

coffee subscriptionsImage credit: @duapuisai

If you’re new to the coffee game and don’t know where to start, this is for you. Nylon Coffee Roasters subscription plan allows you to choose to have either 1 or 2 bags delivered to you each month for a unique tasting experience each time. With this subscription, you’ll get to taste coffees from different origins, such as beans from regions in Honduras and El Salvador.

Besides getting exclusive previews of new coffee beans and blends, you’ll occasionally get coffee from their regular lineup. You’ll save some cash by ordering a subscription too, as their standalone bags of regular coffee cost up to $23.50 per bag. 

Prices: $20 for 1 bag, $40 for 2 bags (300 grams/bag)
Roasting and delivery: Roasted on the first Tuesday of each month and sent out the day after

4. Cowpresso – green coffee beans for DIY roasting at home

coffee subscriptionsImage credit: Cowpresso Facebook

Cowpresso boasts a large range of coffee blends, including their regulars, seasonal, monthly and even half-decaf blends. If you’re looking for unique blends, you’ll probably be able to find some special ones here such as Fruitcake Blend, a blend with fruity flavour notes. They even have surprise subscription plans if you’re the type who can’t decide which coffees to get. 

Other than having a large variety under their belt, Cowpresso sells green coffee beans, which are unroasted coffee beans. These cost from $25 for 1KG (U.P. $30), and you can perfect your roasting skills by using a frying pan or oven to do the deed. Being able to control the darkness of your roast also allows you to adjust the acidity of your brew.

Pro tip: For the best flavour, wait at least 12-24 hours after roasting your beans before brewing it.
Prices: From $14 for 250 grams
Roasting and delivery: Roasted and delivered twice weekly

5. The Maks’ Coffee – gift-worthy prepaid coffee

coffee subscriptionsImage credit: @themakscoffee

Automated subscription plans come with a slight con: when you no longer require it but are still paying for it. For those who can’t commit to a long-term subscription, The Maks’ Coffee is a prepaid option to consider. 

They allow you to pay for either 3, 6 or 12 months in advance, and you’ll save up to $3.40 per bag with a year-long subscription service.

If you’re looking for gifts, they also sell lifestyle products and coffee equipment. Their WFH kit comes with a tumbler and scented candle that would make the perfect gift for your coffee-loving friends and family. You can even gift someone a subscription plan without having to awkwardly stop the plan after 3 months as you would with a regular subscription model.

Prices: From $48 for 3 months (250 grams/bag)
Roasting and delivery: Roasted weekly, delivered within 2-3 working days

6. Cafe Bond – exclusive coffee from Australian roasters

coffee subscriptionsImage credit: Cafe Bond Facebook

We Singaporeans do love our local kopi, but if you’ve ever been to Australia, you’d be aware of their famed coffee culture. 

Good news for you if no other coffee has so far matched up, because Cafe Bond has beans from all over the world that’ve been prepared by Australian roasters. This means you can brew a cuppa at home that’s of the same quality as what you’d get in a cafe from the Land Down Under. 

They also make sure you receive the freshest beans possible, as they have a zero-inventory model where beans will be sent straight to you as soon as Cafe Bond receives it.

Prices: From $16 for 200 grams
Roasting and delivery: Roasted-to-order and flown in weekly

7. Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee – curated by experienced locals

coffee subscriptionsImage credit: Tan Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee Facebook

Those who are familiar with the local coffee scene would definitely know Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee. From its humble beginnings in the 1960s, it has now evolved into a cafe carrying over 20 different origins of specialty coffee, meticulously processed by 3 in-house Q-Graders who are licensed to evaluate coffee as well.

Their coffee subscriptions are based on upfront payments for a subscription of 8, 16 or 24 bags depending on which type of coffee you choose. You’ll be able to select either their house, seasonal espresso or single origin filter coffee and customise how often you would like to have these delivered to you.

Prices: From $140 for 8 bags (250 grams/bag)
Roasting and delivery: Orders processed on Mondays will be dispatched on Wednesdays, and orders processed on Thursdays will be dispatched on Fridays

8. Common Man Coffee Roasters – best value for larger orders

coffee subscriptionsImage credit: Common Man Coffee Roasters Facebook

If you live with a family of coffee-lovers, Common Man Coffee Roasters’ subscription will probably get you the most bang for your buck. Their 1KG bags are priced at $52 – the cheapest on this list at only $0.052 per gram of beans. For a caffeine-hooked family of 4, that’s about enough to last 2 full weeks.

These 1KG bags are available for both their blend and origin subscriptions. Besides subscription coffee, they also provide a decaf option as a one-time purchase. You can choose to pay monthly or upfront for a period of time depending on your preference.

Price: Starts at $16 for 250 grams
Roasting and delivery: Roasted to order, delivers in 3 days.

Coffee subscription services with doorstep delivery

Getting coffee from your nearby cafe or kopitiam will probably never go wrong, but making your own coffee always seems to taste better and gives you opportunities to try different flavours. With these subscription services, you’ll save money in the long run and get stocked with the freshest beans possible – ensuring great coffee all the time. 

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These services have been ranked in terms of features and price from sources and reviews online.

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