Christmas shopper quiz

From personality tests to horoscope predictions, we all love an insight to our inner beings. So as the malls get decked out in glitzy ornaments and festive jingles fill the air, here’s a TSL Quiz to decipher what kind of Christmas shopper you are.Don’t be shy to whip this questionnaire out when you’re attending year-end parties and potluck gatherings – you may be surprised which of your friends and family members turn out to be a “The Super Local”, “The Classy Connoisseur” or “The Trends Guru”.

What is your first holiday destination once travel is allowed again?

What drinks would you serve at a party?

What is your favourite part about EOY parties?

What dessert are you buying for your party?

What movie would you pick at the cinema?

What is your favourite board/card game?

TSL Quiz: What type of Christmas Shopper Are You?
The Super Local
Celebrates Christmas with a local twist, opting for chicken rice over turkey dinners. Your go-to for local lobangs and fun new things to do without having to go abroad.
The Merry Maker
The one who brings joy and good vibes wherever they go. The life of the party and always has a party game or Netflix series to recommend to beat boredom.
The Classy Buddy
Brings a touch of class and elegance everywhere they go. People joke that they’re atas and always prefer a Starbucks frappuccino over kopi or teh.
The Trends Guru
Your source for emerging trends and updates on current affairs, be it celeb gossip or new TikTok dances. Being their friend is like being subscribed to a newsletter.
The Easygoing Pal
Fuss-free, the dose of chill we need to survive 2020. Nothing fazes them, and they’re content with just the company of loved ones and maybe some simple snacks.

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Christmas essentials for every type of shopper

Now that you’ve got you and your loved ones’ Christmas shopper “personalities” down pat, head to your nearest FairPrice store to settle your festive shopping complete with lucky draws and special gift ideas. 

Especially if you’re shopping for potluck gatherings or stocking up for Christmas dinner essentials, knowing their shopper types pretty much gives you a tailored gifting list that’s set to impress.

FairPrice Christmas Supermarket

Here’s a handy guide which you can bring along with your shopping list during your next FairPrice grocery run: 

Super Local: Roast pork and black pepper chicken in place of turkey. Sauce kits for familiar flavours like satay, laksa and snacks like pork floss and salted egg yolk fish skin.

Easygoing Pal: Ready-to-eat party essentials like snack platter in sweet and savoury options. Bottled drinks in all sorts of varieties, from fizzy sodas to refreshing juices.

Classy Connoisseur: FairPrice’s range of quality deli meats and international gourmet offerings such as wines and cheeses for quality products at an affordable price.

Merry Maker: Classic Christmas crackers, advent calendars and snacks in festive packaging which can double as decor.

Trends Guru: Newly released food and drinks that are Instagrammable treasure finds, trendy cooking ingredients or beverages like plant-based foods and bottled boba milk tea.

For a spot of festive fun with your squad now that everyone knows their shopper type, have a go at the FairPrice Augmented Reality (AR) Instagram Filter where you can see your quiz results come to life.

FairPrice Christmas Instagram Filter

Post them to your Instagram Story, and your followers might very well pick up on the hint and buy you some personality-specific food gifts this year.

Christmas discounts and festive lucky draws at FairPrice

FairPrice Christmas Shopper Decor

FairPrice is making festive shopping even easier by breaking it down into three categories: Christmas Feasting, Christmas Prepping and Christmas Gifting. 

Whether you’re a home-cooking newbie or a culinary king/queen, they’ve also curated eight Christmas recipes each requiring 45 minutes or less to whip up. They’re also uniquely local so you can add a Singaporean touch to your festive meals this year, from Salted Egg Yolk Pork Roulade to Rojak Trifle. Keep your eyes peeled for recipe cards in-store as well.

FairPrice Christmas Giveaway

As part of A FairPrice Christmas Made In Singapore, there’ll be a Festive Draw taking place from now till 30th December 2020. Every $30 spent at all FairPrice, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, FairPrice Shop, Warehouse Club and Unity stores, as well as purchases made via Scan & Go and FairPrice Online, will qualify you for one chance at their lucky draw.

Each winner gets a $500 FairPrice Gift Card, and there’ll be 40 winners weekly throughout the campaign period so shop more for better chances of winning from a total of $160,000 worth of FairPrice Gift Cards up for grabs. Check out the full details and terms & conditions on the FairPrice Festive Draw.

FairPrice Christmas Shopper Gift Box

Spend a minimum of $80 at participating FairPrice stores to redeem a limited edition Christmas Gift Box, which you can stuff with goodies and present to your loved ones. No need to fuss around with wrapping paper or worry about unsightly crumpling!

FairPrice Christmas Wine

As an early bird special, order a minimum of $150 on FairPrice Festive Deli products and receive one bottle of Chateau La Marine Red Wine (750ml) and Domremy Sparkling Red Grape Juice (750ml) worth $38.90 in total. The pre-order for this early bird deal is open till 19th December 2020*, and collection will be available till 2nd January 2021.

*While stocks last, terms & conditions apply.

FairPrice Christmas Catalogue

For more festive party prep essentials or holiday gift inspo, sift through the FairPrice Christmas Catalogue which is chock full of exclusive deals. Stay tuned to all the latest FairPrice Christmas happenings as well.

Find out more about FairPrice Christmas promotions here

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Photography by Pepita Hope Wauran.