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10 Cheapest Impromptu Flights To Clear Your Leave Under $800 This December

Escape to paradise with super cheap flights



December is coming, and everyone knows what that means: cool weather, Christmas, and sky-high air tickets. If you didn’t plan your flights as early as August, chances are that ‘clearing leave’ will mean staying home rewatching K-Dramas, wishing that you had a chaebol oppa to send you beyond KL, Penang, or Kota Kinabalu.

Reality check: there probably aren’t enough chaebol oppas to go around, so we’ll have to resort to finding our own ways to get to our dream holiday destinations. If you’re looking for a quick getaway this December, we’ve done the homework for you so that you’ll make the most of your leave:

Note: prices in this article were accurate at time of publication but are subject to change.


1. Hike up Surabaya’s most active volcano ($153)





The view from Indonesia’s most famed, most active volcano is good reason for sacrificing sleep for 2am hikes, but that isn’t Mount Bromo’s best light – its night sky is a thousand times more breathtaking. surabaya3


Featuring a pitch black sky and the absence of the pesky city lights that block us from seeing the stars, this 3-day tour is one you won’t forget. Bring bae along, because the night brings with it some serious #dategoals. Hint: Great place to put a ring on it.

Perfect for: an outdoorsy couple looking for a romantic hike
You’ll be walking in pitch-black darkness, so we recommend booking a guide and a tour here.
Best dates to book: 1-7 December ($153)


2. Fly to the world’s ONLY Cartoon Network theme park @ Pattaya ($140)



Pattaya has long been a beach getaway destination, but it made history when the first Cartoon Network-themed water park opened there. No more basic IG shots with the Adventure Cove signage when the you can take a picture with Jake the Dog:


Source @saigumimos

At almost half the regular airfare in December, you’ll be in for thrilling gravity drops on the Goop Loop to a combination of rafting and vertical bursts on Adventure Time’s Jake Jump.

Address: 888 Moo8 NaJomtien, Najomtien, Sattahip District, Chon Buri 20250, Thailand
Perfect for: water theme park + Cartoon Network lovers
For non-Thai residents, book tickets to Cartoon Network Amazone here.
Best dates to book: 2-9 December ($140)


3. Check out true richness of culture @ Phnom Penh ($161)



In many ways, Phnom Penh is a hipster Thailand – there are night markets where hard bargains can be found, and majestic palaces where you can bask in the history of the country. Phnom Penh is slowly opening up to outside influences, as we discovered when we found a Geylang Frog Leg Porridge at the corner of Street 63!

So take a trip to Cambodia and skip the visit to Angkor Wat – there’s much to see in Phnom Penh. We recommend taking date nights to new hipster levels at Empire Movie House, where there are daily screenings of the must-see The Killing Fields (about Cambodia’s Civil War) daily.


Source @robscotch cambodia3


Phnom Penh has 4D movie theatres that could trump your Shrek experience at USS – the air conditioning and comfy seats should get you snuggled in and ready to unwind, especially after a long day exploring the city.

Empire Movie House: No. 34, St 130, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Best dates to book: 6-10 December ($161)


4. Take the Unbeaten Path in Yangon ($164)




Myanmar is one of those countries that we all know about thanks to Social Study classes about ASEAN, but let slip off our radar every time we plan a getaway. That’s something that ought to change – look past Myanmar’s ‘dangerous + nothing much to do’ stereotype, and find that Myanmar is an oasis of fresh sights that the world is only just beginning to have access to.



Visit Bagan, where a thousand stupas await. Stupas are Buddhist shrines that contain relics, and are sometimes used for meditation by monks. Get a workout and conquer your fear of heights as you climb to the top for an unrivalled view.

Get a ride on a horse carriage or a hot air balloon, and check out what else we did in Myanmar.

Book a guided tour to Myanmar’s undiscovered destinations here.
Best dates to book: 2-11 December ($164) 

We found these at ~50% off their usual prices!

While waiting for your year-end bonus, splurge a little on these one-time prices before they’re gone for ever – trips to destinations like New Zealand and London are available for less than half their regular prices!


5. Live the K-Life in Seoul for only $331


We’ve seen places like Namsan Tower, Myeongdong, Everland and Jejudo so much on Running Man that we feel like we already know these place despite not having been there physically. Besides these typical tourist-y locations, there are plenty of other places you can visit in Seoul. Visit sheep or raccoon cafes, or even check out Seoul’s only abandoned theme park!

If you’ve checked all these out and are still looking for a fresh Seoul experience, here’s one that hasn’t been plastered all over your tv shows:




Located next to the swarmed-with-people Hongdae is Seogyo-dong, its chill neighbour that houses vintage boutiques, cozy cafes, and atas restaurants that you can spend an entire day at. Visit Cafe Ronin – cafe by day, wine bar/mini theatre by night. We recommend going in the evening, when the silent movies start playing.

Go for the red wines, that are served with a platter of cheese, and indulge in silent black and white films for those retro feels.



Phone: 02 336 0105
Best dates to book: 6-13 December ($331)


6. Take a Picturesque Road Trip in New Zealand ($819)


At less than half of what you’d normally expect to pay in December, New Zealand has made it to list as a must-go destination this December. If you’re not into Lord of the Rings, or you just don’t want to blow $115 on a Hobbiton Tour, there are a multitude of free walks and trails that you can visit in New Zealand.

If you’re into the #AuNaturale life, the rest of your holiday isn’t going to cost you anything other than food and accommodation – pack your lunch, put those hiking boots on, and you’ll be taking selfies in gorgeous valleys, atop mountain peaks and upon vast, endless seas.

Hamurana Springs


Source: @melissa_rozsa97

Rotorua is the most well-known destination for tourists in the North Island, but besides the tourist-packed Whakarewarewa Forest, Rotorua has an undiscovered turquoise gem only locals know about: Hamurana Springs.


Source @melissa_rozsa97

It’s the deepest natural spring in the North Island and you can explore its crystal clear spring water via stand-up paddle board, suitable even for beginners. You might even get a glimpse of the scaup (New Zealand diving duck) and the endangered dabchick.

The water remains at 10 degrees Celsius all year round, so take some thermals with you when you go.

Book your paddle board tour here.

We recommend booking a Campervan when you go – New Zealand is the best country if you want a real road trip – complete with sleeping, cooking, and showering in your own tiny moving house. In the chilly summer evenings, just put on a sweater and watch the night stars pass you slowly by.


Source @samearp

Check out Campervan rentals here.
Best dates to book: 29 November – 6 December $819


7. Go on your own garden adventures in Perth ($313)


Perth was once explained to me as “basically Singapore, but more chill”. But one thing that Perth has over Singapore is the abundance of pure unadulterated nature. Here are 2 attractions you can’t miss when you’re there:

Gwelup Secret Garden


Source @ashleighjaneogg

Beside the busy Mitchell Freeway is Western Australia’s very own wonderland. Up your OOTD game, and step inside this bit of swamp to give your feed that aesthetic boost, especially in the early morning light.


Source @sebastian_mrugalski

There are walking paths, so don’t worry about getting lost. It gets muddy, too, so a pair of wellies will help. There are bridges to cross, tree hollows to poke your head in, and the serenity only nature can give you while you take a little wanderlust to this elegant swamp.

Red Hill Quarry





If you’re craving some Indiana Jones styled adventure, look no further than a 20-minute drive from the city. As one of the spots only frequented by locals, this is going to be your chance at first dibs before this oasis turns touristy. There are vast swimming pools for you to soak and cool yourself down after the hike up, too.


Source @saritasryn

Read a comprehensive guide to Red Hill Quarry here.

Best flight dates: 1-7 December $313


8. Take a beach retreat in Turkey, Istanbul ($754)


Besides the magnificent Hagia Sophia, mosques, and intense history lesson at each attraction you visit, take some time off to venture into Turkey’s best kept secret:

Butterfly Valley on the Coast


Source @smallhotels


Source @visitoludeniz

Named after the butterflies that blanketed the valley, Butterfly Valley is the kind of place you’d see in Snow White as she dreamily sings in her meadow. While the elusive butterfly sightings may be rare these days, there are other things you can do: stay overnight in tents or bungalows, visit the Mavi Magara (Blue Cave), and go full Pirates of the Caribbean swimming in clear waters while you’re out on this vacay.

Note: Access is only by renting a boat or via water taxi. You can board a boat from Fethiye, Ölüdeniz for a half hour boat ride. Blue Cave is on the way to Butterfly Valley.

Best dates to book: 24 November – 8 December ($754 U.P. $1300)


9. Get on a flight to London for $758!


You’ll need to visit the “normal” places in London when you’re here: Big Ben, London Bridge, and Buckingham Palace. But you need to do MORE to justify the airfare and get more street cred, so here’s the attraction everyone else has been missing out on:

Dennis Severs’ House


Source @dennissevershouse


Source @dennissevershouse

Watching movies and reading books like Pride and Prejudice definitely get you wondering – what was it like to live in the 18th century? Dennis Severs’ House is a time capsule designed to get all 5 (or 6) of your senses going in first person – in every of the 10 rooms you’ll visit.

It’s kind of like being in a real life detective novel – except in the 18th century. Piece all the information you get – from half eaten meals to what’s in the master bedroom – and form your own conclusions about what happened here.

Book your slot here.

Best dates to book: 23 November – 8 December ($758 U.P. $1200+)


10. Escape to Nagoya – Japan’s laid-back Tokyo ($445)



Source @xingzxz

As an all-in-one city, Nagoya’s got the best of Japanese culture – shrines, Buddhist temples, shopping, and a restored castle – all without that frantic buzz and wandering tourists of Tokyo (and their confusing subways).

Plus, here in Nagoya, you’ll find one of the best roller coasters in Asia:

Nagashima Spa Land


Source @keisuke10sugiyama16


Source @t_ponrapato

A 40 minute car ride from Nagoya Castle is Nagashima Spa Land, where the Steel Dragon 2000 roller coaster lays waiting for tourists to hop onto its back. It’s the world’s longest roller coaster ride, so you’ll be in for more than a quick adrenaline rush – get ready for an adrenaline surge when you go down that 100m vertical drop.

Best dates to book: 2 – 9 December ($445)


11. Walk through Tibet’s secret valleys ($287)



Source @onefinesunday

Set in the secluded Himalayan range that has played many an epic backdrop for Hollywood films, Tibet’s zen feels are going to get you rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to take on whatever 2017 has in store for you.

Hidden Monasteries and Secret Valleys

Take a tour in the East of Tibet over endless grasslands, snowy mountains, and along the rims of holy lakes. See two of the oldest hidden monasteries housing thousands of monks and visit colourful Mongolian villages filled with the warm hospitality of the Tibetans.

Taktsang Lhamo monastery offers a scenic hiking and horseback trips through secret valleys that’ll leave you in picturesque, Nat-Geo styled awe – all while feeling like you’re at the literal top of the world.


Source @minzeakara


Source @tibettrail

Note: Altitude in these areas averages at about 3500m. To avoid altitude sickness, consult your GP and ask for altitude sickness medication.

Here are crucial things you need to know about Tibet before you book your flight!

Book tour here
Best dates to book: 2-6 December ($287)

*Flight prices (last updated on 31 Oct 2016) are lowest estimated prices only at time of publication and are subject to change and/or availability.

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Source: @tippytoess

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