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4 Carousell Hacks To Make Your Items Stand Out Against Thousands Of Listings

Carousell seller hacks


Carousell hacks for sellers

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – and so we list our unwanted items for sale on Carousell in hopes of making a quick and easy buck. It’s basically a flea market in the form of an app – you can find just about anything there, ranging from innocent Hello Kitty collectibles to dupes of branded makeup and even, uh, used undies.

Here’s how to make your items stand out on Carousell against the thousands of listings, without having to fork out money for Carousell Coins.


1. Delete and re-list items that’ve been up for over a year


Others can see how long your items have been up on the virtual marketplace for. Even if the product is brand new and unused, any listing automatically appears less attractive when it’s been around long since the debut of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”. In the world of online shopping, that’s ancient.

Carousell seller tips - delete and re-list old items

Sadly, nobody’s interested in the Biebs these days

It’s not difficult to imagine dust bunnies and silverfish invading that “BNIP Love Bonito romper” over the course of the past 3 years. Even if it has been properly stored in a vacuum sealed bag all this while. Such is human perception.

If you’ve got listings that have survived past their first birthdays, delete and re-post them. Don’t worry about losing the previous “likes” on your post – if someone’s been “considering” for that long, the hard truth is that they’re unlikely to ever purchase the item. 


2. Include relevant keywords in listings


Carousell seller tips - include relevant keywords

Boost the searchability of your listings by including relevant keywords in them. For example, if you’re selling a Korean lip tint, you could include related words and phrases like “lipstick, lip gloss, makeup, Korean cosmetics” in your product description.

Some people do this in the form of “tags” at the bottom of each description to avoid clutter. Think of these as hashtags a la Instagram, minus the “#” symbol.

Make sure you don’t shamelessly spam unrelated phrases though – that means no including “Zara, H&M, Topshop, Pasar Malam” when your shorts are from Cotton On. Others will get annoyed and possibly report you, and it’s not worth the account suspension.


3. Get potential buyers to make an offer before proceeding with sale


Carousell seller tips - accept offer before meetup

Once an offer is accepted, both buyer and seller can leave reviews – or feedback, as they call it on Carousell – for each other. Get interested buyers to make an offer before proceeding with the sale. Most serious buyers have no issue with that, because it’s not like they’re going to disappear without warning like KFC’s Double Down.

Only flakers are hesitant about making offers because they know a negative review might come their way. If someone keeps putting off payment or a meetup and refuses to make an offer, don’t waste time on them. Open up the sale to other buyers instead.


4. Broadcast your listings in Carousell Groups


Carousell Groups

Carousell Groups allow you to promote items to a specific bunch of people – be it of an interest group or select neighbourhood. You might want to join your neighbourhood group to facilitate hassle-free meetups with those living near you. Greater convenience for both you and the buyer would increase chances for a successful meetup and sale.

Unfortunately, Carousell doesn’t allow you to create your own groups, but you can try your luck in requesting for a new one to be created.


Tricks for selling more on Carousell


The key to selling more – and earning more – on Carousell is to first let your listings get noticed. Hopefully, armed with these tips, you’ll finally be able to get rid of that old Supreme sweater you now deem yourself too old to wear.

Sure, you might run into some ridiculous Carouhellers from time to time, but nothing beats the satisfaction of making a successful sale – and earning some extra dough to cover your next cafe-hopping date.