Canon Eseries printer

As students, searching for a printer to churn out readings and Powerpoint slides is a familiar routine. But extensive notes can easily stack up to hundreds of pages – and that results in hefty printing fees that are too much for our broke student budgets to handle.  

Here’s where the Canon PIXMA E3370 comes in. It’s an all-in-one machine that makes your life a little easier with its duplex printing and easy connectivity features. And the best part is, each page you print will set you back by about $0.035/page.

Let’s take a look at the features below:

Low ink cost – 400 pages for just $14.35

canon eseries printer

Most of us can’t do without physical notes on hand, so printing can be especially painful when our readings total up to over a hundred pages. But thanks to low ink costs, churning out these same notes with this printer won’t hurt as bad.

The printer’s black ink cartridge costs just $14.35/piece, and each cartridge has the capacity to print out 400 black and white pages, so you’ll be getting your documents at around $0.035 per piece. Compared to shop rates that can go up to $0.50/piece, it’s a comfortable price that won’t leave you sweating in financial distress.

Print your notes on both sides instantly

canon eseries printer duplex

Printing our notes on both sides of the paper is essential to saving cost. However, some printers require you to manually orientate your papers using complicated-looking settings. And most of the time, we end up jabbing buttons at random in hopes of it working out.

Thankfully, this printer comes with automatic duplex printing. That means it’ll instantly churn out double-sided documents, so you won’t have to go nuts reprinting it till you get it right.

Print, photocopy, and scan your documents directly from your phone

canon eseries printer photocopy

Remember those printing rooms in school where we had to scan, print and photocopy our work using 3 different machines? This printer has all that combined into 1 easy-to-use machine, and it can all be accessed through a mobile app. 

canon eseries printer mobile

Here’s how to get started:

  • Pair the printer with your phone via WiFi; 
  • Open the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app and select your printer;
  • Click which function you want to do, whether it’s printing photos and documents, scanning or making copies straight from your device.

You can pair the printer with your computer using WiFi too. 

Print notes with the Canon PIXMA E3370

canon eseries printer officeWhen it comes to printing our notes, we want it to be done as quickly and fuss-free as possible. We already have our mounting assignment stress to deal with – the last thing we need would be a complicated process to exasperate us further.

canon eseries printer home

With the Canon PIXMA E3370, you’ll not only be able to print a stack of cost-efficient documents, but its all-in-one features, duplex printing ability, and easy connectivity saves you loads of time. At a retail price of just $139, this small printer comes in black and red, both of which are sleek and compact enough to sit on any table without taking up too much space. 

Find out more about Canon’s Eseries Printers here

This post was brought to you by Canon.
Photography by Gabriel Seow.