Black Panther EZ-Link charm

Ez-Link charms are perhaps the biggest public transport hack in Singapore. No longer would you need to dig through your bag at the gantry, riddled with both anxiety levels and the line behind you piling up by the minute. The charms are, after all, easily attached to your phone or wallet so you’ll never have to worry about losing your card again. 

There have been plenty of designs available, from chubby Snorlaxes to adorable Tsum Tsums. Marvel fans however, can look forward to a new Black Panther EZ-Link charm to tap your way through gantries like the absolute hero you are for not clogging up the lines. They’re available from 13th August 2021 onwards!

LED charm that comes in a matching gift box

Image credit: Shopee

This year, Marvel has blessed us with the intriguing Loki series and thrilling Black Widow movie. All of us were probably hoping for way more releases but as we wait for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever to come our way in 2022, show your allegiance to the MCU with the Black Panther LED EZ-Link charm.

ez-link charm singapore
Image credit: Shopee

The charm comes in a 3D motif of T’Challa’s sleek black-and-white suit, attached to a silver clasp chain. Unlike some of the other EZ-Link charms, this one comes complete with LED lights that flash when you tap it on a reader. It’s also encased in a matching box – so it’ll be a great gift for friends as well. 

black panther ez-link
Image credit: Shopee

Priced from $29.90, this comes without any stored value, making it slightly pricier than most EZ-Link cards and charms. But you can take heart in the fact that other commuters will likely be marvelling at your swaggy new accessory as you travel to and from work. 

If you’ve never used an EZ-Link charm before, it basically functions like a regular ol’ EZ-Link card. Use it for the usual stuff like tapping in and out of trains and buses, paying for cab fares and shopping. 

Get your Black Panther EZ-Link charm from Shopee

In 2020, the average number of commuters per day is five million so stand from the crowd with your new nifty EZ-Link charm. Who knows, it might just be a conversation starter on your next journey. 

Get your Black Panther EZ-Link charm, available exclusively on Shopee from 13th August 2021 onwards.

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