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9 Best Hand Poke Tattoo Artists In Singapore For Those Who Wanna Get Inked The Old-School Way

Hand poke tattoo artists in Singapore

Tattoos have long been a physical expression of our personal and cultural identities. They can serve as a permanent visual record of significant moments, which is why tattoos can be so meaningful to some of us. If you’re thinking of getting one, check out these nine best hand poke tattoo artists in Singapore to get inked – old school style.

1. Scarlett Pokes – Colourful doodles with “crayon texture”

hand pokes tattoo artists - Scarlett Pokes 1
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@scarlettpokes, @scarlettpokes, @scarlettpokes

While we may have outgrown crayons, Scarlett Pokes has turned that hobby into a pretty tattoo style. From sunsets to portraits of pets, you can have any design inked onto your skin with Scarlett Pokes’ trademark “crayon texture”.

hand pokes tattoo artists - Scarlett Pokes 2
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@scarlettpokes, @scarlettpokes, @scarlettpokes

Our kiddie days probably had us watching our favourite Disney characters all day – after all, they’re a mainstay in our childhoods. If you’re looking for whimsical designs that are both cute and quirky, you can also turn to Scarlett Pokes, who has a bunch of inspired Disney tattoos in her portfolio. 

Scarlett Pokes’ Instagram

2. Elicia – Cutesy cartoon designs

hand pokes tattoo artists - Elicia 1
“No-Face” – a character from the film
Spirited Away.
Image credit: @e.llocia, @e.llocia, @e.llocia

Weeb or not, you most likely have watched the well-known Japanese anime film Spirited Away. If you’re a fan, have No-Face inked onto your skin by Elicia, who does flash tattoos of her own unique interpretation of the little spirit. 

Elicia 2
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If you’d like to satisfy your minimalist fancies with a splash of colour, you can also get one of Elicia’s colour-blocking illustrations, where she tattoos leaves and flowers in bright pastel colours.

Address: 21 Tan Quee Lan Street, #05-07 Heritage Place, Singapore 188108
Opening hours: By appointment only

Elicia’s Instagram

3. Sick N Poke – Fine-line desert bohemian

hand pokes tattoo artists - Sick N Poke 1
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@sick_n_poke, @sick_n_poke, @sick_n_poke

Social butterfly or homebody, we all have that bit of nomad in us. But besides hopping on your next VTL flight or dressing up in hippie-style dresses and boots, another way you can capture your inner adventurer is through Sick N Pokes’s fine-line desert bohemian style tattoos.

Sick N Poke 2
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Another design frequently seen in Sick N Poke’s catalogue is the Forbidden Fruit motif – a biblical symbol about temptation. A realistically-coloured apple inked against a black monoline background, this is Sick N Poke’s take on the iconic motif.

If you’re interested in getting a sternum tattoo, good news is that Sick N Poke can do a steady job at it. 

Address: 30A Bali Lane, Singapore 189866
Opening hours: By appointment only

Sick N Poke’s Instagram

4. Maineeak Tattoos – Detailed pointillism illustrations

Maineeak Tattoos 1
Image credit:
@maineeak.tattoos, @maineeak.tattoos

If you have a penchant for the gothic – think dark and mysterious – you can get a goth-inspired tattoo at Maineeak Tattoos done with pointillism, an art style that uses dots to shade colour gradients. 

hand pokes tattoo artists - Maineeak Tattoos 2
Image credit: @maineeak.tattoos

Maineeak Tattoos’ pointillism style can also be applied to other cartoon illustrations, like in this cartoon version of Pennywise, the clown from horror movie It – though it looking cute probably makes it creepier.

Address: 12 Tai Seng Link, #04-01B, Singapore 534233
Opening hours: By appointment only

Maineeak Tattoos’ Instagram

5. Pierrot Pokes – Sanrio-inspired animal drawings

Pierrot Pokes 1
Image credit:
@pierrotpokes, @pierrotpokes

Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty, My Melody or Gudetama played a huge part in our childhoods – we all had that cherished pencil case and wallet during our primary school days. If you still have a soft spot for them, you can turn to Pierrot Pokes, who specialises in Sanrio-inspired animal drawings.

hand pokes tattoo artists - Pierrot Pokes
Image credit:

These drawings tend to be small and cute, which are perfect if you’re looking for something that is more subtle.

Address: 12 Tai Seng Link, #04-01B, Singapore 534233
Opening hours: By appointment only

Pierrot Pokes’ Instagram

6. Wynn Gray Studios – Custom doodles with black & red outlines

Wynn Gray Studio 1
Image credit: @wynngraystudio, @wynngraystudio

If you already have your own cartoon design, hit Wynn Gray Studios up. She has a simple doodle style that can capture anything from mini hoomans to cute animals. A splash of black and red are also added to jazz things up the black outline drawings. 

Wynn Gray Studio 2
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Wynn Gray Studios also does custom designs that go beyond cutesy animal doodles – turning them into full-fledged characters by adding sailor hats to ducklings or by turning tigers into fierce lil boxers. 

Wynn Gray Studios’ Instagram

7. Vinterdoodle – Glow-in-the-dark designs

hand pokes tattoo artists - Vinterdoodle
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Reminiscent of classic tattoo sleeve designs, Vinterdoodle uses intricate floral and graphic motifs in a dark and edgy style. But what sets her apart is the glow-in-the-dark ink she uses on her designs, perfect if you’d like that glo-up factor for your skin.

Vinterdoodle 2
Image credit:
@vinterdoodle, @vinterdoodle

Vinterdoodle’s Telegram

8. Jessinfully – Tattoos inspired by famous paintings

Jessinfully 1
Image credit:
@jessinfully, @jessinfully

Visiting the Louvre is on top of everyone’s list of things to do in Paris, but you can also have a version of it inked on yourself by Jessinfully. Inspired by famous paintings such as the Mona Lisa, Jessinfully’s style is distinct and will appease any of your artsy whims. 

hand pokes tattoo artists - Jessinfully
Image credit:
@jessinfully, @jessinfully

Aside from paintings, Jessinfully also does typographic designs – great if you want to have your life motto or your favourite QOTD inked onto your skin. 

Address: 4A Haji Lane, Singapore 189187
Opening hours: 12PM-8PM, Daily (By appointment only)

Jessinfully’s Instagram

9. Poke-ahontas – Henna-style tattoos

Poke AhontasImage credit: @poke_ahontas, @poke_ahontas, @poke_ahontas

A favourite to-do during carnivals and fiestas, henna tattoos are pretty but temporary. If you’d like to get them for reals this time, head to Poke-ahontas, who specialises in henna-style tattoos.

Similar to the henna style is the mandela, the intricate designs of which can really make for some really pretty tattoos. Poke-ahontas does variations of mandela designs.

Poke-ahontas’ Instagram

Get inked by these hand poke tattoo artists in Singapore

An art form that has been around for ages, tattoos have come a long way in helping us express our own unique identities. Whether it’s a precious memory inked onto our skin or a cute doodle, tattoos are one of the most authentic forms of storytelling – after all, the greatest canvas we have is our own skin. 

If you want to experience the ultimate OG way of getting a tattoo, hit these best hand poke tattoo artists in Singapore up if you’d like to get a lil something inked – traditional style. 

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