Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

The next time you find yourself planning a trip to JB, make time for something other than the good food the Malaysian city has to offer. A 25-minute drive from City Square mall, Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park is a 3-in-1 park with a drift cart race track, crazy tall slides, and a suspended obstacle course.

Thrill seekers, rejoice as we break down the best parts of this attraction:

– Adventure Park –

A high elements course with over 51 different obstacles and 7 course routes, the Adventure Park (RM80/pax, ~S$23.34) at Austin Heights is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Here’s what you can expect there:

Safety briefing with hands-on simulation

Adventure Park - Safety Briefing

Before you start scaling walls and dashing across wooden planks, there are instructors that will teach you  how to use our equipment properly.

You’re also required to walk through a mock obstacle course to show that you know how to use the carabiners the right way and maneuver the trolleys along the safety line. There’s even a mini zip line where you’re taught to zip down safely.

Adventure Park - Hands-on Simulation

7 difficulty levels with 51 obstacles & multiple zip-lines

Conquer 7 difficulty levels of the obstacle course and get rewarded with the ultimate zip line at the final crossing.

Adventure Park - Flying Fox

Start off with the lower levels at about 5m high, above the park’s drift-kart track. These first 3 levels’ obstacles aren’t as tough, but are still enough to give you an adrenaline rush – starting with a short whizz on the flying fox. Then it’s mostly crossing various planks, scaling a netted wall, or crawling through a tunnel.

Adventure Park - Netted Wall

Adventure Park - Netted Tunnel

Adventure Park - Walking on cylinders

The next 3 course routes take you one storey higher and outdoors, where you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the water park from above. You’ll scale wobbly cylinders, swinging logs, and even a tightrope.

Adventure Park - Tarzan Swing
Outdoor Tarzan Swing for the Level 5 route.

The 7th and final course is a 2-way zipline that swings you at least 10m across the park, before swinging you back to the main building.

– Water Park –

The heat in JB can get unbearable at times and after a day of swinging on vines, a good splash in the waters is especially welcome. Austin Height’s Water Park has a range of slides with varying thrill factors – including some as high as 2 storeys. Entry rates go from RM70/pax (~S$20.43), and kids under 3 years old can score a ticket at RM12/pax (~S$3.50).


Water Park - Supersurf

The Supersurf is a thrill-inducing slide that’ll have you zooming down 3 steep drops while lying face down on a mat. The smooth mats boost your speed and you might even feel  your heart plummet with each drop.

Water Park - Supersurf mats

Thrill-o-meter: 7.5/10

Yellow Wall

Water Park - Yellow Wall
Be prepared to move back and forth for quite a bit before you end the ride in the pool.

The Yellow Wall is all about the buildup before the exhilaration at the end. First, you get on a 2-seater tube float, and enjoy the conventional tunnel slide that is decorated with neon lights. Before you know it, you’re greeted with a steep open drop.The momentum is enough to send you straight up an almost vertical wall!

Water Park - Yellow Wall section

Thrill-O-meter: 9/10

Wave pool

Water Park - Wave Pool

Don’t expect to get tossed around in high waves at the Wave Pool, because this is more relaxing than anything. It’s up to you if you want to bring a tube in, or lay back and let the waves take you on a leisurely float.

Thrill-o-meter: 2/10

Racer Bowl

Water Park - Racer Bowl

Slide down a tube and you’ll end up in the Racer Bowl, a large, circular basin where you’ll swirl around on your tube before making a big splash. This is one ride you can actually stay dry on, as long as your tube doesn’t overturn. But from what we’ve seen, you’re likely to get soaked.

Thrill-O-meter: 6/10

Splash World

Water Park - Splash World

At Austin Heights, there’s something for everyone, including the little ones. If the kids can’t ride the big slides, at least they can have lots of fun at Splash World. There are many water features like splash guns, sprinklers and a few mini slides.

G Force Alley

Water Park - G Force Alley

If you like the feeling of having your heart in your mouth, G Force Alley should be right up your alley. To ride this slide, you’ll need a 2-person tube, so grab a friend and brace yourselves for the wild drops – with the first one close to 90°!

Water Park - G Force Alley drop

Thrill-O-meter: 9/10

– Sports and Leisure Park –

Austin Height’s Sports and Leisure Park is full of adrenaline-pumping activities – such as drift karting, ice-skating, and, trampoline fun.

Drift in Austin

Sports and Leisure Park - Drift in Austin

If high elements aren’t your thing, watch your friends complete the obstacle courses above you while you drift away on a go-kart. Drift in Austin, combines traditional go-karts with drifting ability – all you have to do is step on the pedal and speed away. Don’t worry about crashing, the tyres that line the track will help cushion the impact.

Sports and Leisure Park - Drift in Austin loop

Rides are priced at RM25/10 min (~S$7.25).

Sports and Leisure Park - Drift in Austin drifting

Jump Street

Sports and Leisure Park - Jump Street Main Court

Jump Street is Austin Height’s trampoline park. The main court is similar to that of most trampoline parks in Singapore, with many trampolines lined up in one area for you to bounce around on. Some of them are even built at an angle, against the walls, so it’s almost like being in a mini parkour training ground.

Sports and Leisure Park - Jump Street Slam Dunk

They’ve got a Slam Dunk court too, so you can try all the Michael Jordan basketball tricks that you’ve probably only seen on TV but never tried out IRL.

Sports and Leisure Park - Jump Street Foam Pit

Try some flips into the Foam Pit, or attempt some tricks into the extra-large Air Bag! There’s also a kids’ zone for those who have little ones with them. The park is air conditioned, so you don’t have to worry about getting sweaty.

Sports and Leisure Park - Jump Street Air Bag

Jump Street also has a Dodgeball Court for some friendly competition with your pals. Rates go at RM25/hour (~S$7.25) and you can purchase a pair of grip socks for RM5 (~S$1.46) too.

Sports and Leisure Park - Skating Rink

Just across Jump Street is the Skating Rink, a synthetic ice-skating rink where you can glide your heart out. Entry goes at RM25/pax (~S$7.25) and you can rent a pair of skates for RM5 (~S$1.46) if you don’t have your own.

Adrenaline-packed adventure at Austin Heights

Austin Heights Adventure Park

If you’re looking for something to challenge yourself with the next time you head across the border, or just want to work off some of the JB street food you’ve been feasting on, head on over to Austin Heights! With 3 parks in 1, you might even need more than a day to cover all they have to offer.

Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park
71, Jalan Austin Heights 8/1, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Opening Hours: Monday 10:00 a.m - 06:00 p.m  Show More Timings 

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Article originally published on 24th May 2018. Last updated by Joycelyn Yeow on 22nd August 2023.

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