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123ChiCha Photo Studio

123ChiCha Is Singapore’s First 24H Photo Studio With Fun Costumes & Backdrops

24-hour photo studio in Singapore

Gone are the days of packing an extra change of clothes and rushing down after school to a nearby arcade for a fun photo session with friends at Neoprint booths. Self-photo studios are increasing in popularity instead, where you have full control of the photo taking process, and 123ChiCha is the latest to join in on the trend. 

Straying away from the clean, minimalistic theme other self-photo studios offer, 123ChiCha provides a professional take on photoshoots with a variety of themed rooms available. With professional lighting, props and selfie stands, visitors can conduct their own photoshoots without the awkwardness of having to pose in front of a photographer at 123ChiCha. 

20 photo spots and themed rooms

The neon-themed room is filled with reflective foil backdrops, LED lights, bats and guns to play around with, and utility vests you can wear.

There are multiple places to take individual shots concurrently if you’re heading down in a group at its 20 different photo spots in eight themed rooms: 

  • Neon
  • Retro
  • Bedroom
  • Floral Fantasy
  • Glamping and The Furbies
  • Black Romance
  • Cosy Laundry and Cloudy Land
  • Colour-themed room: Lavender, Hot Pink Fanatic, Red and Tiffany Blue

BedroomThe Bedroom themed room is perfect for mimicking a sleepover with your friends

From bridal shoots in the white-themed “Cloudy Land”, to family portraits complete with teepees and a picnic in “Glamping”, there is sure to be a theme to suit every purpose. 

Floral FantasyThe Floral Fantasy room is perfect for those seeking a girly, Korean minimalist vibe.

Retro & Black RomanceDress in traditional hanfu and qipaos for the Retro room or go gothic in the Black Romance room.

There are also other themed rooms perfect for groups of friends. Select Floral Fantasy for that dreamy aesthetic surrounded by flowers and all things pastel. Other couples who want to channel their inner period Kdrama romance or play Bella and Edward from Twilight can try out Retro or Black Romance respectively. 

The FurbiesHave fun and play around in the ball pit in The Furbies-themed room

Hot Pink Fanatic & Lavender
[L-R] Hot Pink Fanatic, Lavender.

If you’re not a fan of themes, go for your favourite colours instead with four colour-themed rooms: hot pink, red, Tiffany blue, and lavender.

Pretend to have a picnic in the Glamping themed room without having to go through the hassle of actually setting up and preparing food.

Each room is partitioned with curtains too, so don’t be afraid to go all out while posing for selfies and working those angles. 

Play dress up with the hundreds of outfits available

A struggle for photoshoots, especially outdoors, is to lug a bunch of clothes around and looking for a space to change in between shoots. With over 200 costumes available, from loungewear to qipao and even bridal gowns, you can dress up to fit your own personal style while dressing according to each themed room.

Whether it’s an impromptu date idea, or you just want to have fun trying on costumes such as the hanfu that you would not otherwise have the opportunity to, 123ChiCha has a wide variety of costumes to suit every need and want. 

Clothes and sets are sanitised and cleaned after every last session of the day

Outfits are mainly available in sizes small and medium, but plus sizes are available too, so everyone will look good during their shoot. 

Costumes only tell half the story. To fully immerse yourself into the experience, complete your look with accessories such as decorative hair clips, tiaras, hair extensions and wigs provided. 

Makeup and hairstyling services available

Fret not if it’s the end of a long day out and your makeup has been ruined by the heat, as 123ChiCha also provides makeup to make sure you’re camera ready. 

In this pandemic, sharing makeup brushes and sponges is a huge no-no. For hygiene purposes, 123ChiCha provides each visitor with their own set of disposable makeup tools. Brush cleaning sprays are also available at every vanity station. 

There’s enough makeup to go around, with products ranging from eyeshadow palettes to lipsticks and even face glitter from respectable brands like Chanel and M.A.C at each makeup table. There are four vanity areas set up for visitors, ensuring that no one has to fight for a spot when getting ready.

It is recommended to have at least simple makeup done at home so preparing for the shoot doesn’t eat too much into your time slot. 

Get the help of 123ChiCha’s staff for simple makeup styles and hairstyling

If you need help in achieving looks even drag queens would be envious of, full glam makeup services are available for booking at an additional cost of $80 for cosplay and event makeup, and $90 for pre-wedding makeup. 

Professional photography or self-taken photos

You’ll have to bring your own cameras to start shooting but that means there’s no downtime in waiting for the pictures to process. If you just have your smartphone on hand with you, however, these nifty phone camera tricks will up your selfie-taking game for a flawless shoot.

Selfie stands and professional lighting are available in each room so you’ll look well-lit in your photos. Remote-controlled selfie stands are also available so there’s no need to run back and forth setting up the self-timer when taking pictures. 

Professional photography packages are available from $88/pax for a group of four if you’re not confident in your selfie-taking skills or want to take pictures for a special occasion.

Channel your inner model with 123ChiCha

123ChiCha’s themed backgrounds, props, and costumes will be revamped every three to six months to keep things fresh for repeat customers. Sign up as a member to start earning points that can be redeemed during future visits.  

Located just a 5-minute walk from Aljunied MRT, 123ChiCha is open 24 hours a day and bookings have to be made just six hours in advance. Lockers with keys are also provided so you don’t have to lug your belongings around during your shoot. 

Whether it’s for a solo photoshoot or to commemorate a special occasion with friends, say goodbye to outdoor photoshoots, the hot sun, and boring old selfies and make a date with 123ChiCha. 

Play around with the multitude of props available in each themed room

At an all-inclusive price of $80/pax, each session gives you access to a whole selection of costumes, props, themed rooms, and makeup for two whole hours.  

Additionally, to thank nurses for their hard work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, all nurses can redeem a free one-hour trial worth $50. All you have to do is to book a session online and show your work pass or badge upon arrival.

It might be a bummer that grad trips or overseas plans with friends have been disrupted due to the pandemic, but you can gather your friends to commemorate the special occasion or a fun activity idea during a staycation with a fun photo shoot. Budding photographers who also want to have a hand in this experience and are looking for opportunities to practice in a professional setting can do so at 123ChiCha. 

Address: 110 Lor 23 Geylang, #03-07 Victory Center, Singapore 388410
Opening hours: 24 hours, Daily
Telephone: 9029 4733 

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