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Couple Cancels Wedding Due To COVID-19, Neighbors Help Buy 150 Tables Of Food

Neighbors buy food after couple cancels wedding due to COVID-19

We all know that a wedding is a major event in one’s life that requires months of planning ahead – an opportunity for the lucky couple to gather with their friends and family to celebrate a new life together.

Unfortunately, with the sudden resurgence of COVID-19 in Vietnam, many cities have issued orders to cancel public gatherings and events that may attract crowds. That, of course, means many couples have had to call off their wedding, despite having prepared everything.

But in the case of this particular couple in Hà Tĩnh Province, all their efforts did not go to waste. Their neighbors came to their rescue and bought all the food that they’d paid for.

Couple adhered to authorities’ warnings and called off their wedding overnight

wedding canceled
The couple decided to cancel their wedding despite having all the preparations in place

Image credit: Beatvn

Mr. Danh Bảo and Ms. Thanh Bình, from Hà Tĩnh Province, planned to hold their wedding yesterday, 6th May. However, on the eve of their big day, Hà Tĩnh reported two COVID-19 relapse cases – both of whom were overseas returnees who had completed their quarantine and had been discharged.

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Image credit: Zing News

Concerned about the increased risk of infections, authorities urged the couple to call off their wedding. Despite having prepared and paid for everything, including enough food to satisfy guests seated at 150 tables, the couple happily complied to ensure the safety of everyone.

Neighbors buy 150 tables’ worth of food after wedding was cancelled

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Image credit: Beatvn

Upon learning of the couple’s decision to forgo their own convenience for the good of the community, their neighbors came over by the dozens to buy the prepared food as a way to help them out.

Within just over an hour, 150 tables’ worth of food were sold out, reported Zing News.

The groom’s father also shared that his family still came to the bride’s house on the wedding day to hold a modest wedding ceremony just between the two families.

“We hope to invite everyone over to share the joy once the pandemic is snuffed out,” he said.

Couple called off their wedding to minimize risks of COVID-19 cases

The couple had no doubt been looking forward to their big day for a long time, and they probably spent months of hard work to prepare for the event. It couldn’t have been an easy decision to cancel everything on such short notice.

We have to give huge props to them for being so responsible towards the community, and we wish the newlyweds all the best in their new life together.

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Cover image adapted from Beatvn and Zing News

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