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Carpenter Makes Drivable Wooden Cars For His Son, BMW & Ferrari Models Included

Carpenter from Bắc Ninh makes drivable cars from wood

You might have heard a joke that men don’t grow up, but only their toys do. In the case of a carpenter from Bắc Ninh Province, Vietnam, this saying has proven particularly true.

Ever a car enthusiast, the man has dedicated his talents and time to creating incredibly realistic wooden models of rare cars from respected brands like BMW.

It’s not just for show either – his products are actually drivable. Here’s how he went from making toys for his son, to discovering a latent talent for transforming wood into incredible vehicles.

The cars come with realistic designs and equipment

wood car gif
Video credit: ND – Woodworking Art

Trương Văn Đạo, from Bắc Ninh, Vietnam, is known for his viral videos – some hitting millions of views – on his YouTube channel ND – Woodworking Art. Here, he showcases the process of making amazingly detailed models of rare sports cars such as the BMW 328 or the Bugatti Centodieci.

drivable wood car
Image credit: Trương Văn Đạo

About the size of a kid’s ride-on car, these models come equipped with steering wheels, working headlights and backlights, and electric motors to resemble the real deal down to the smallest details. That, of course, means they’re actually drivable and can go as far as 30KM.

car details - key and wheel
His products pay attention to the smallest of details

Image credit: Trương Văn Đạo

According to the carpenter, a completed model can weigh up to 350KG and takes about 1.5 to 2 months to finish.

He made the drivable wood cars as toys for his son

drivable wood car 2
Image credit: Trương Văn Đạo

Speaking to VNExpress, Đạo shared that at first, he only made a few table-sized car models as toys for his son. However, these models were not durable and broke easily.

Later, seeing that his son loved to ride kid-sized cars at the park, the man got the idea of building one at home, in the likeness of beautiful cars from well-known brands around the world.

wood gun
Image credit: Trương Văn Đạo

Aside from cars, Đạo also recreates other objects with wood, from guns to antique furniture.

A dedicated craftsman driven by fatherly love

Time and time again, many artists and craftsmen all over Vietnam have shown us the wonders one can achieve with passion and dedication. Yet, no matter how many times we see such stories, they never fail to amaze us.

In the case of Đạo, his deeds are even more commendable given that he’s done all that hard work just to entertain his son.

We can’t wait to see what else is in store, as he continues to create amazing car models driven by his commitment to his art.

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Cover image adapted from Trương Văn Đạo (left) and Trương Văn Đạo (right)

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