Man Angered By Friend’s Teasing, Breaks Social Distancing Rules To Settle The Score With Him

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Man teased by friend, breaks social distancing rules to beat him up

Being friends means we can afford to be informal and, more often than not, to get on one another’s nerves just for the fun of it.

However, everything has a limit. There are boundaries to things we can and cannot joke about, even to the closest of friends.

One man in Đà Nẵng seems to have crossed one such boundary. His jokes and teases angered his friend so much that, despite strict Covid-19 travel restrictions in the city, the other man came all the way to his house to beat him up.

Here’s what happened.

The man crossed several Covid-19 checkpoints to beat up his friend

man settle score with friend
The assailant

Image credit: Thanh Niên

With Đà Nẵng is currently under strict Covid-19 social distancing rules, citizens are required to stay in their houses at all time, and even trips to grocery stores are prohibited. That, however, hasn’t stopped a bizarre case where a local man came all the way to another’s house to beat him up.

The incident happened on the late evening of 18th August. N.T.L., a 33-year-old man, was hospitalized with a broken nose and multiple other injuries after being assaulted in his own house, Thanh Niên reported Friday.

The assailant was 35-year-old N.Đ.N, one of L.’s friends. And it would seem their quarrels stemmed from a joke taken too far.

The victim kept teasing the assailant that he’d get Covid-19, which angered him

fist fight
(Photo for illustrative purposes only)

Image credit: Dan Burton

As it turned out, N.Đ.N. had come into contact with a suspected Covid-19 patient before. Learning of this, L. repeatedly teased him on social media, jinxing that he’d get infected himself.

Perhaps L. thought his jokes lighthearted and harmless. Or perhaps he thought there was no way N. could get back at him with all the Covid-19 checkpoints and barricades set up throughout the city to make sure everyone stays put.

da nang restrictions
Security checkpoints are set up at every Đà Nẵng street and alley to make sure everyone stays put

Image credit: Pháp Luật Online

Whatever L.’s reasoning was, he underestimated the gravity of his jokes. Apparently, his words angered N. so much that the man ignored social distancing rules and came all the way to his friend’s house to settle the score.

It is unclear how N. managed to get past the checkpoints. Maybe he climbed over unguarded barricades, in which case, we have to admit he was quite determined.

But of course, that doesn’t justify his actions, and now the man will have to face legal consequences. He’s been given a fine for breaking Covid-19 social distancing rules. As for his assault charges, the consequences will depend on how much damage the victim suffered.

Respect your friends’ boundaries

While we certainly don’t agree with N.’s violent way to settle this argument, we do believe L. is also at fault here. Covid-19 is a very serious topic, and we should never wish that someone would contract the disease, even as a joke.

Let their case be a lesson for us all to respect our friends’ feelings and boundaries, no matter how close we are.

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Cover image adapted from Thanh Niên and Dan Burton, right panel for illustrative purposes only

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