COVID-19 in Vietnam, update on 4th August 2020

Since our last update yesterday, Vietnam has reported 31 additional COVID-19 cases caused by community transmission. All of the new cases are associated with the central city of Đà Nẵng, which was heavily hit by the second wave of infections and is currently under lockdown. At the moment, Vietnam’s total COVID-19 patient count is sitting at 652.

Two more fatalities have also been reported in the morning, which bring the total COVID-19-related death tally to 8.

Authorities across Vietnam are implementing measures to contain the spread of the disease. Many activities that can attract crowds have been suspended. Meanwhile, Đà Nẵng is preparing 2 flights to send stranded tourists home.

31 new cases since yesterday

Image credit: Bệnh Viện Chợ Rẫy

The Ministry of Health announced 21 new COVID-19 cases yesterday evening and 10 more early this morning, making for a jump of 31 cases in Vietnam’s total COVID-19 patient count since our last update yesterday.

All of the new cases, including 22 Đà Nẵng residents and 9 people from the nearby province of Quảng Nam, are associated with the Đà Nẵng Hospital – a major COVID-19 cluster in the city. These include the hospital’s staff, patients, patients’ relatives who visit, and those who’ve had contact with them.

Meanwhile, two fatalities were reported this morning. These are Patient 426, a 62-year-old woman, and Patient 496, a 65-year-old man. They were both from Đà Nẵng and both had a medical background of chronic kidney disease.

So far, Vietnam has recorded 652 total COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic, among whom there have been 374 recoveries and 8 fatalities. The remaining 270 patients are still in treatment.

Hanoi to suspend activities at pedestrian street

The pedestrian street in Hanoi attracts crowds with many entertainment activities
Image credit: @phodibohoguomhanoi

Hanoi’s pedestrian street is a popular gathering spot for residents every weekend, when vehicles are barred from entering the area around the iconic Hoàn Kiếm Lake to make room for music performances, traditional games, and other entertainment activities. However, in light of the new threat of the second COVID-19 wave, the city’s Steering Committee on COVID-19 prevention has ordered all activities that can attract crowds around the pedestrian streets to shut down.

According to a report from the Committee, as of 1st August, Hanoi has conducted tests on nearly 50,000 citizens who have been to Đà Nẵng recently. None were found positive for COVID-19.

Huế Festival postponed until next year

A performance at the Huế Festival 2018
Image credit: @carrot011092

The Huế Festival is a major cultural event held biannually in the central city of Huế – formerly the capital of the last feudal dynasty of Vietnam. Aimed to celebrate Vietnam’s traditional values, the festival is home to a plethora of activities from áo dài fashion shows to music performances.

Normally, the festival would be held in late April – early May, but this year, it was originally rescheduled to late August due to impacts of COVID-19.

With new developments regarding the virus, however, the People’s Committee of Huế City has announced that the festival will once again be postponed until next year. The exact date is yet to be determined.

High school graduation exam to be carried out as normal

Image credit: Thời Sự VTV

The resurgence of the novel coronavirus has also left many 12th grade students worried as to whether they’ll still be able to take their high school graduation exams.

According to the latest update from Vietnam’s Government Portal, the national high school graduation exam will still be carried out as planned on the 8th to the 10th of August. Safety measures will be in place at exam points to protect students, teachers, and parents.

Students living in areas that are enforcing strict social distancing policies, as well as students who have contracted COVID-19 or have had close contact with COVID-19 patients, will take the exam on a later date.

In related reports, many universities in Hanoi and Hồ Chí Minh City are switching to online teaching to avoid gatherings of large groups.

Đà Nẵng to send stranded tourists home

Image credit: Vietnam Airlines

As we reported yesterday, there are still 400 domestic tourists stranded in Đà Nẵng City, most of whom are from Hanoi and Hồ Chí Minh City. Upon being granted approval by Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc, Đà Nẵng’s authorities announced that they are planning 2 flights to Hanoi and Hồ Chí Minh City to send these tourists home.

Passengers will pay for their own tickets to the flights and are also required to provide proof that they are indeed stranded tourists in need of support, including:

  • A confirmation from their hotel. If the tourist is staying with a relative in Đà Nẵng, that relative will provide the confirmation.
  • Proof of the means of transportation they took to Đà Nẵng, such as their flight reservation information, a picture of their train ticket, or other documents.

All relevant information is to be sent with a filled application form (found here) to the Đà Nẵng Visitor Center before 3PM today via email to

Vietnam’s COVID-19 situation, update 4th August 2020

With dozens of new COVID-19 cases still being reported in Vietnam every day, it makes sense for the government to cancel festivals and other non-essential activities that can attract crowds. Meanwhile, it is also reassuring to see that authorities are making efforts to ensure that 12th graders can still take their graduation exam.

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Cover image adapted from Bệnh Viện Chợ Rẫy and Bệnh Viện Đà Nẵng

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