Plastic surgery – yay or nay?


For the longest time, the media has idealized physical perfection and us commoners have always sought out to achieve it. *cough*DescendantsOfTheSun*cough* Be it through clothes or make-up or dieting, we would do anything to become a little bit closer to our ideal self. But when we aren’t happy with the physical features we were born with, how many of us would go under the knife to fix it? 

In this episode of Word On The Street, I sought to find out what some Singaporeans really thought about plastic surgery. With the advent of K-Pop and the normalization of getting things done to look a certain way, I wasn’t surprised that many of them had no issues with the idea of plastic surgery. But when it came down to their loved ones, they were a little bit more protective.

Watch the video below to find out what popped into their heads when we talk about plastic surgery and whether they would be open to getting it themselves. 

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