Late night Orchard supper spots – for when it’s late and you’re starving


It’s 11pm. You’ve just finished watching a late-night movie somewhere along Orchard, you’re hungry, but everything seems to be closed. When faced with this first-world problem, most people will head to McDonald’s because that’s the only place they know open this late.

But at TheSmartLocal, we are better than that. There’s no way we’re wasting precious stomach space and calories on a meal you don’t get to choose. And neither should you. We present you 31 alternatives in the Orchard area so you will never ever have to resort to lousy late night fast food ever again.


The Late Sleepers (open till 12am – 1am)

1. Curious Palette


Brought to you by the team behind the ever-popular Strangers’ Reunion, Curious Palette is a quirky little cafe buried in the heart of Prinsep Street. Serving up a variety of fusion brunch fare, desserts, and solid coffee.

Founded by award-winning barista, and 2015 World Siphonist Champion, Ryan Tan, the term ‘bad coffee’ doesn’t exist in this joint.

Also, their berry ricotta hotcakes do taste as beautiful as they look.

Address: 64 Prinsep St, 188667
Contact: 6238 1068
Opening hours: 
Fri – Sat: 9.00am-12.00am;
Sun – Thu: 9.00am-10.00pm

2. PS Cafe


Think of PS Cafe, and the first thing that comes to mind is their humongous servings of truffle fries. With its colonial-inspired black and white colour interior, their Palais Renaissance branch is a popular choice for diners looking for a more regal experience.

We also recommend the Double Chocolate Blackout Cake with a scoop of ice cream on the side. A word of caution though – be prepared for a sugar hangover.

Address: 390 Orchard Rd, Palais Renaissance, Singapore 238871
Contact: 9834 8232
Opening hours: 
Sun – Thurs: 11.30am-12am;
Fri – Sat: 9.30am-1am

3. South Bronx


Just like the eponymous borough on the other side of the globe, the South Bronx Burger restaurant was inspired by the same melting pot of cultures that gave birth to hip-hop music.

Not only does the restaurant try to replicate the worn and weathered streets of the Big Apple with its graffitied walls, its menu also puts up quite a show with each dish holding its own hood name. How about an Original Rump Shaker or a Thai-Tanium burger?

Address: 1 Selegie Road, #01-02 Pomo Mall, Singapore 188306
Contact: 9833 1790
Opening hours:
Fri – Sat: 11.00am-12.00am; Sun – Thu: 11.00am-10.00pm

4. Santouka Hokkaido Ramen


From its humble beginnings as a small ramen stall with only one item on the menu, Santouka Hokkaido has grown into a massive globetrotting ramen behemoth. Springy, yet firm noodles, perfectly cooked Komi-Tamago (soft-boiled egg) and a creamy white tonkotsu broth? Sounds like a perfect supper to me.

Did you know that their specialty broth is made from the simmering of pork bones for over 20 hours?

Address: Cuppage Rd, Singapore 229452
Contact: 6235 1059
Opening hours: 
12.00pm-3.00pm and 5.30pm-12.00am, daily

5. Gyoza no Ohsho


Hidden in a less traveled corner of Cuppage Terrace, Gyoza no Ohsho is a humble eatery that serves up, as their name would suggests, exceptional Gyoza alongside ramen and cahan (fried rice).

It’s dishes fuse both Japanese and Chinese cooking, and its reasonable prices won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

Address: 5 Koek Road #01-10, Cuppage Plaza, Singapore 228796
Contact: 6735 7068
Opening hours: 
Mon – Sat: 11.30am-1.30am;
Sun & PH: 12.00pm-11.30pm

6. Eighteen Chefs @ Cineleisure


From ex-con to social entrepreneur, Benny Se Teo is the founder of Eighteen chefs, a restaurant and social enterprise that helps troubled youths integrate back into society.

A good cause isn’t the only reason you should be having supper here – with quality western food at affordable prices, you’ll quickly find their Cineleisure outlet becoming a haunt for you and your friends to chill at over the weekends.

Address: 8 Grange Road #04-02, Cathay Cineleisure, Singapore 239695
Contact: 6736 3800
Opening hours: 
Sun – Thurs: 11.30am-10.30pm;
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH: 11.30am-1.00am

7. Fatboy’s The Burger Bar


I have never left a Fat Boys outlet dissatisfied. Their customizable burgers and generously thick beef patties will fulfil your every craving.

If moderation is not in your dictionary, then go crazy building your own burger. With 25 toppings, 11 sauces and 4 different types of burger buns – the possibilities are endless!

And for the lazier eaters who don’t do beef, the Mahalo is not one to disappoint.

Address: 38 Orchard Road, MacDonald’s House Singapore 238836
Contact: 6337 3834
Opening hours: 
Mon – Thurs & Sun: 12.00pm-11.00pm;
Fri – Sat: 12.00pm-12.00am

8. Overeasy

Party-goers at Butter Factory will be familiar with Overeasy at One Fullerton, but a new outlet has since opened at Orchard Road. Located just beside Wheelock place, you can expect to find sinful but hearty western fare here, like this glorious creation with a beer can shoved up its ass.

If you’re in the mood for late-night desserts, be sure to sample their milkshakes and bourbon donut with homemade fudge. They even serve waffles with fried chicken, maple syrup and honey butter!

Read our review of Overeasy’s most popular dishes here.

Address: 541 Orchard Road, #01-01, Liat Towers, Singapore 238881
Contact: 6684 1453
Opening hours: 
Mon – Fri: 11.00am-12.00am;
Sat – Sun: 10.00am-12.00am

9. Papparich 


PappaRich enshrines local street food in a restaurant setting, at a reasonable price. Purists may prefer to eat these local delights on the streets, but fulfilling your craving for junk food in a family-friendly, air-conditioned restaurant is not a bad prospect.

Address: 68 Orchard Road #01-35, Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
Contact: 6735 9323
Opening hours: Sun – Thurs: 10am-12am; Fri – Sat: 10am-1am

10. Bao Today


If you frequent Somerset 313, you’d probably have chanced upon Bao Today, an alfresco diner serving up a range of creative dim sum creations you won’t find at any other Cantonese restaurant. How about a Fiery Potato Bao to kickstart your night out?

Address: 313 Orchard Road #01-25B 313@Somerset Discovery Walk, 238895
Contact: 6735 3045
Opening hours: 8.30am – 12.00am, daily

11. Shang Pin Hot Pot


Shang Pin Hot Pot is a budget version of the famous Hai Di Lao hotpot. If you’re not interested in all the frills that the latter has to offer, this is one a la carte steamboat restaurant that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Don’t worry, the chefs here also hand-pull the la mian right before your eyes, so you’re not missing out on that much. Seating is fairly limited, so you might want to make reservations before you head down.

Address: 9 Bras Basah Road, #02-02 Rendezvous Gallery, 189559
Contact: 6238 7666
Opening hours: 12.00pm – 12.00am, daily

12. Fukuichi Japanese Dining


TripleOne Somerset might not be the most popular mall along Orchard road, but once more people start finding out about Fukuichi Japanese Dining, all of that is going to change.

This hidden gem serves up only the freshest cuts of sashimi that’ve been air flown in straight from the Shizuoka prefecture, and are stored in their three-story storage unit until they’re on your plates, and in your bellies.

Be sure to try both their specialties – swordfish and tuna.

Address: 111 Somerset Road #02-11/12, TripleOne Somerset, Singapore 238164
Contact: 6271 5586 / 6472 8269
Opening hours: 11.30am – 3.00pm and 5.30pm – 12.00am, daily

13. Rochor Original Beancurd


We’re all used to having piping hot tau huay for breakfast, or as a midday snack – but there’s really nothing stopping us from having it for supper. If All-Day-Breakfasts are a thing, All-Day-Tau-Huay should be one too.

Hot or cold, You Tiao (friend dough fritters) or Fried Butterfly – Rocher Original Beancurd is sure to sate any midnight munchies.

Address: 2 Short Street, Singapore 188211
Contact: 6334 1138
Opening hours: 
Mon – Thu: 11.00am-1.00am;
Fri: 11.00am-3.00am;
Sat: 12.00pm-3.00pm;
Sun: 12.00pm-1.00am

The Insomniacs (open till 1am – 3 am) 

14. Ramen Keisuke Kani King 


Ramen Keisuke Kani King is part of the insanely popular ramen empire owned by Celebrity Chef,  Keisuke Takeda. Be warned – the queue on a Friday night can get insanely long, so you might want to head up to Cathay for a late-night flick and the queue will be gone by the time you’re done!

Address: 8 Grange Road #01-03, Cathay Cineleisure, Singapore 239695
Contact: 6262 6968
Opening hours: 
Mon – Thurs: 12.00pm–3.00pm and 5.00pm–10.00pm;
Fri & Eve of PH: 12.00pm–3.00pm and 5.00pm–2.00am;
Sat: 12.00pm–2.00am;
Sun & PH: 12.00pm–10.00pm

15. Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe 


Like Singapore, Hong Kong is a booming metropolis that has developed its very own unique food culture over the years. It’s not distinctly chinese, but a fusion of asian and western tastes that have become its own cuisine, justifying its own restaurant chain. From the classic Hong Kong Bo Lo Buns to Curry Ramen, this cafe has something for everybody.

Check out some other cool things about Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe here.

Address: 8 Grange Road #02-11, Cathay Cineleisure, Singapore 239695
Contact: 6235 6480
Opening hours: 11.00am-2.00am, daily

16. Marutama Ramen


While most ramen shops you’ll find in Singapore pride themselves on their rich Tonkotsu (pork) broths, Marutama specialises in a lighter, but equally tasty variety. While a number of ramen lovers still swear by the hearty former; the combination of perfectly cooked ingredients, coupled with their signature Toripaitan (chicken) broth present a really strong case for the opposition.

Address: 75 Killiney road, 239529
Contact: 6352 6369
Opening hours:  11am-330pm, 5.30pm-10pm daily

17. Hai Di Lao @ 313 Somerset


The Hai Di Lao Hot Pot brand is synonymous with legendary service. You don’t just get to have a hot pot, it is a complete experience. Their friendly staff will do everything they can to make you feel like a king. From the moment you step-in till the time you leave, even it’s 3am.

Address: 313 Orchard Road #04-23/24, Singapore 238895
Contact:  6835 7227
Opening hours: 10.30am-3.00am, daily

18. Korat Thai Cafe


If you’ve spent all your money shopping the night away, and have run out of cash for supper – don’t worry, you don’t have to starve on the streets. Korat Thai Cafe is a budget restaurant smack in the middle of Singapore’s most expensive shopping district. They serve up traditional thai food like tom yam soup and pineapple rice, mostly under $10 per dish.

Address: 400 Orchard Tower #03-28,Orchard Road, Singapore 238875
Contact: 6736 2282
Opening hours: Sun – Thu: 7.00pm-3.00am; Fri – Sun: 7.00pm-4.00am



We all feel a little guilty about eating supper, but at least it doesn’t need to be the most unhealthy meal of the day. If you are hungry out late, and don’t want to stuff yourself with oily junk food, SHIROKIYA is a japanese healthy dining restaurant that serves up hot meals till late at night.

As the saying goes, you are what you eat. SHIROKIYA serves up delicious yet nutritious foods like their Homemade Tofu and Bishoku Nabe (collagen hot pot) so that you can eat late yet eat clean.

Address: 43 Cuppage Rd, Cuppage Terrace, Singapore 229463
Contact: 6732 8588
Opening hours: 3.00pm-2.00am, daily

20. Senki Japanese Restaurant


This Japanese a la carte buffet was made for sumo-wrestling insomniacs. But even with over 100 tasty morsels on their menu, quantity doesn’t trump quality.

Their selection of fresh sashimi and culinary excellence have since earned them many accolades such as “Top 100 Singapore Excellence award 2011/2012” and “SG Best Gourmet 2011”.

For just $30++ for lunch, and $33++ for dinner, you can let loose and indulge in all the sashimi, tempura and all the yakimono you want without having to worry about the bill!

Address: 109 Killiney Rd, Singapore 239548
Contact: 6734 5565
Opening hours: 11.30am-2.30am, daily

21. Akanoya Robatayaki 


The entrance to this restaurant looks like a portal to Japan embedded within modern Singapore, and upon stepping inside you’ll realise it’s not too far off. Decorated to mimic a Japanese fish market, a whole spread of fresh seafood and ingredients will be laid out before you. All you have to do is point, and the chef will grill it for you on the spot.

Address: 1 Tanglin Road #01-01, Orchard Parade Hotel, Singapore 247905
Contact: 6732 1866
Opening hours: 6.00pm-1.30am, daily

22. KPO


Hokkien Mee at a Bar is just about as local you can get. I would never have thought of it myself. Located across the road from orchard central, this is a great place to head to for a bite once everything else is closed.

Address: 1 Killiney Rd, 239518
Contact: 6733 3648
Opening hours: Mon – Thu, 3pm – 1am;  Fri, 3pm – 2am; Sat, 6pm – 2am; Closed on Sundays

23. Kuvo Singapore


Nobody ever said supper had to be be a gritty affair. You can have one classy supper with some fine dining and drinks at Kuvo Singapore late into the night.

The name Kuvo comes from the french work “cuvée”, meaning “blend”, and that’s what the chefs set out to do with the menu. They serve everything from Grilled Lamb Chops to unique creations such as Slipper Lobster Laksa Lemak and Balachan Crispy Wings. They are served in small portions too, so you can try a bit of everything. Because, why wouldn’t you?

Address: 321 Orchard Rd, #02-01 Orchard Shopping Centre, Orchard Shopping Centre, 238866
Contact: 6733 8272
Opening hours: Sun – Thus: 12pm-1am; Fri – Sat: 12pm-2am

24. Chatterbox


If you’re a chicken rice lover, you would most definitely have heard of this place. Once considered the absolute best chicken rice in Singapore, Chatterbox still markets itself as the Home of the Legendary Mandarin Chicken Rice. The price is steep for a plate of chicken rice though, at $28.90 a pop.

Address: 333 Orchard Rd, 5/F Mandarin Orchard, Singapore 238867
Contact: 6831 6288
Opening hours: Sun-Thurs:11.00am-1.00am, Fri, Sat & Eve of PH:11.00am- 2.00am

The Night Owls (open till 4am onwards)

25. The Ramen Stall


A movie night at The Cathay usually involves getting stranded at the mall after the show ends with nowhere to go for supper. More often than not, you’ll end up at McDonald’s at Peace Centre, or the stretch of bars along Prinsep Road.

But venture a little farther and you’ll find this Japanese joint that opens till 6am! There’s nothing like a piping hot bowl of Cha Shu Ramen late at night, or freshly grilled yakitori and sushi. The Ramen Stall is halal, so it’s perfect if you have muslim friends in your company.

Address: 787 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198755
Contact: 6655 0800
Opening hours: 
Mon – Fri: 5.00pm-6.00am;
Sat – Sun & P.H.: 12.00pm-6.00am

26. Aroy Dee Thai Kitchen 


Bangkok is the city that never sleeps, and similarly, the Aroy Dee Thai Kitchen hardly sleeps at all either. There is something special about Thai food that makes it appropriate for just about any time of the day…or night. I’ll never say no to some delicious pad thai no matter the hour!

Address: 262 Middle Road, Singapore 188989
Contact: 6336 8812
Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 11.30am-6.00am

27. Famous Pontian Wanton Noodles


Wanton Mee is a perennial Singaporean favourite, and the Famous Pontian Wanton Noodles is one hugely successful franchise specializing in bringing this dish to every corner of Singapore. Now, not only can you have it anywhere, you can also have it any time with their 24 hour outlet at Cuppage Plaza.

Address: 5 Koek Road #01-08/14, Cuppage Plaza, Singapore 228796
Contact: N/A
Opening hours: 24 hours, daily

28. O’Coffee Club


It’s exam season once again and you need somewhere to burn the midnight oil. O’ Coffee Club is a home-grown cafe that has a been around since before cafes were cool. If you need a shot of premium gourmet caffeine and light snacks in the wee hours of the morning, this local coffee joint is the place to be.

Address: 501 Orchard Road, #01-k1, Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880
Contact: 6838 5737
Opening hours: 24 hours, daily

29. The Connoisseur Concerto


The Coffee Concerto is a massive chain in Singapore, known for serving up excellent coffee, high tea, and food. A restaurant of this calibre would usually have pretty sane opening hours, but thankfully, out of their 19 outlets around the island, their International Building outlet breaks the mould by opening 24 hours, so you can get a plate of their delicious spaghetti at even the most ungodly of hours.

Address: 360 Orchard Road #01-01, International Building, Singapore 238869
Contact: 67323696
Opening hours: 24 hours, daily

30. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


Oil and calorie-laden food past midnight is always satisfying, but sometimes, all we want is a little quiet coffee joint to settle down in and have a piping hot meal along with a good cuppa. And though it’s hard to find 24 hour coffee houses, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is one such option.

Serving more than just caffeinated beverages, their all-day breakfast menu is now an all-night breakfast menu as well, thanks to their 24-hour outlet at the Forum The Shopping Mall.

Address: 583 Orchard Rd, #01-45/46 Forum The Shopping Mall, Forum The Shopping Mall, Singapore 238884
Contact: 6733 8005
Opening hours: 24 hours, daily

Orchard supper spots – no rest for the hungry


While the shops in Singapore may close early, some of our eateries are bucking that trend, even along Orchard Road. So the next time you’re stuck in town after missing the last train, skip the midnight surcharge and grab a bite. After all, it’s probably the only time you needn’t queue to dine in town!

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