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65eday – Singapore’s First ‘Black Friday’ Is CRAZIER Than All the GSS Deals in Town Combined

ezbuy’s 65eday: Better than the GSS


Whether you’re a girl or a guy, you’ve probably heard your friends raving about the wonder that is Taobao. $3 tops, $8 dresses and $10 bags?!? Shopping on Taobao might sound like a dream, but it’s more than a nightmare for non-Chinese speakers or those “jiak-kantang” Chinese.


Which is why ezbuy is such a godsend. It’s a service that allows you to easily browse through the categorised collections without encountering any Chinese words. And as if things aren’t cheap enough, we’re letting you in on a little secret. This 5th June, ezbuy’s staging an unbelievable e-commerce sale of up to 80% off in their 65eday flash sale. 

If you don’t know where to start, here are 5 items you can’t miss out on, regardless of whether you need them or not. Sun’s out, CASH OUT.

PS: ezbuy has assured us of authenticity on these featured products so you won’t have to worry about receiving “inspired” goods. 


1. Xiaomi portable power bank at S$8.27



Small, light and sleek, this palm-sized Xiaomi power bank is the ultimate battery lifesaver for all smartphone addicts. Its immense power reserves can last you several days without recharging, which is pretty amazing considering its unbelievably cheap price. 

You can get a Double McSpicy meal for $8, or you can get this Xiaomi powerbank – it’s your choice.

Retail Price: S$18.99
ezbuy Price: $9.27
Get it here on 5th June.


2. Onesies at S$3.85



What’s a slumber party without onesies? With the June holidays coming up, onesies will definitely be your admission ticket into every sleepover party. Unfortunately, onesies don’t come cheap, and paying $50 for something you won’t wear out of the bedroom is just ridonkulous.

Who says onesies can’t be worn out?

With ezbuy’s incredible price of $3.85 – cheaper than a McDonald’s Extra Value meal! – you can get onesies for your whole squad, and even your family while you’re at it. Use it as movie marathon-garb or glam it up with heels and work up a Grande fashion statement. You can also bust it out as a last minute Halloween costume. The uses for onesies are endless!  S$56

Retail Price: S$56
ezbuy Price: $3.85
Get it here on 5th June.


3. Herschel Supply Co. Ryder at S$46



This luxury backpack brand is all a fashionista can dream of with its sleek blend of fashion and functionality. The slashed price of $46 (original price S$103) makes it a sin not to cart this steal immediately, and stock up on a few more for upcoming birthdays.


This chic carry-all strikes a balance between laid back chic and effortless sleek, making it the best bag to carry around when you’ve got lots of barang barang to lug around. You can use it as a gym bag, briefcase or even a suitcase substitute!

Retail Price: S$103.11
ezbuy Price: $46
Get it here on 5th June.


4. Kindle E Reader at S$49


From clothing to E-Books, ezbuy has it all. Re-Kindle your love for reading on-the-go with this ultra light Kindle with a 6 inch glare-free touchscreen display and wifi feature, all at $49. You’re not only saving lots of money, but luggage space as well when you travel. 

Retail Price: S$109.99
ezbuy Price: $49
Get it here on 5th June.


5. Daniel Wellington Men’s Watch at S$79



Ladies, stop trying to pick ties for your man and gift him a cool and stylish watch instead.  A classy time piece will spruce up any sloppy outfit, and Daniel Wellington’s minimalistic watch face and classic nautical wristband make the perfect accessory to every smart casual get-up. 

Retail Price: S$229
ezbuy Price: $79
Get it here on 5th June.


Ready, get set, online SHOP!


With ezbuy’s insanely cheap prices falling even lower on top of its generous voucher giveaways, you’ll have no time to hesitate this Sunday, 5th June. Just Add to Cart and go. The shipping fee starts from $0.36 for 500 grams, but another hack is to use ezbuy Prime and get your shipping fee capped at just $2.99. More savings!

Mark my words – ezbuy’s 65eday is Singapore’s gamechanger to online shopping. You’ll never look at US’ Black Friday sales again when you have this mega monster happening this 5th June. All those living in the +65, get ready to camp down at ezbuy to snag their generous hourly flash deals and get your stash at unbeatably low prices. 

With up to $6,500,000 discounts and giveaway vouchers up for grabs, you just can’t miss out on the biggest annual online shopping sale of the year! Plus, get a $10 rebate with a minimum purchase of $20 when you sign up with ezbuy and shop on 65eday, promotion till 5th June 2016.

Shop and save on ezbuy today!

This post is brought to you by ezbuy.