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Everyone knows about Xin Wang, the cafe with the affordable Hong Kong-style comfort food that we all love. From tea-time snacks to dimsum and noodles to congee, Xin Wang’s extensive menu caters to the taste buds of even the fussiest eaters. I can vouch for their Hong Kong Milk Tea which in my opinion is one of the best milk teas you can have in Singapore.

As this home-grown cafe celebrates its 9th year of operations, we bring you 9 facts about Xin Wang that you never knew.


1. Nothing on the menu costs more than $15



As a secondary school student with a miserable budget, Xin Wang was my go-to place for a lunch out with friends. All their items are reasonably priced. You can get a bowl of Dry Noodles with Luncheon Meat ‘N’ Egg for $8.50++, and Cheese Baked Rice with Pork Chop for $11.90++.


2. They serve Papaya Soup


b2ap3_thumbnail_Xin-Wang-Hong-Kong-Cafe-1.JPGI know what you’re thinking: wouldn’t this soup taste sweet and weird? The answer: not at all. The soup smelled amazing when it arrived at our table and tasted so nourishingly savoury. 

This is the perfect dish for someone looking for a light meal and you have the option of choosing pork chop, chicken, fish or luncheon meat for your protein. 


3. Xin Wang stays open till 2am 



I know how it feels to be hungry in the wee hours of the morning when everything is closed. If you’re feeling peckish after a late-night movie, most of Xin Wang outlets stay open till 2am, while the 3 of the outlets close at 10pm or 11pm. 

Check out the list of Xin Wang outletsand their trading hours here.


4. They have 168 items on their menu



Xin Wang has a dish for you any time of the day and for every kind of hunger ranging from “I’ll just have a drink” to “I could eat a cow”. Xin Wang offers a wide range of food, snacks, desserts and beverages including their famous Hong Kong Milk Tea and other fanciful drinks like Iced Lychee Tea that comes in a jar. 


5. Free WiFi



Pretty self-explanatory. Everybody loves free wifi! 


6. They have delicious “sick food”



I hate nothing more than to eat bland porridge when I’m down with the flu. Thankfully Xin Wang offers a wide range of tasty congee and soupy noodles that are easy on the throat and the stomach. I’ll be sure to go there for my meals the next time I’m ill (touch wood).

Being sick doesn’t mean having to eat tasteless food!


7. There are 17 Xin Wang outlets in Singapore and 3 overseas 



The fact that there are 17 Xin Wang outlets in Singapore means that you can have your Hong Kong comfort food anytime and anywhere you want. There are also Xin Wang outlets in Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam in case you’re travelling and need your fix of delicious Hong Kong food!



8. Xin Wang Lets You Escape Singapore’s heat



For some reason, all the Xin Wang outlets I’ve visited all had their air-conditioning cranked up to the lowest possible temperature. I’ve visited the ones at Anchorpoint, Changi Airport T3, Holland Village and Orchard Cineleisure and they were all pretty chilly. The perfect place to go when you want to escape Singapore’s humidity!  


9. Most of the Xin Wang outlets have group friendly booths



Xin Wang have booth seating options that offer some degree of privacy and facilitate cosy group conversations. Most outlets are also spacious and roomy, with no issues accommodating a large group of 10 diners comfortably. 


TSL Goes Behind The Scenes With Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe



Our video host Christabel recently went behind the scenes and tried becoming a Xin Wang Chef for a day. If you’re curious as to how it went, check out the video below! We had her try her hand at making 3 signature dishes, and I was there to be the “taste-tester” for the day.


Address: 8 Grange Road, #02-11 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard Singapore 239695

For a full list of addresses for their 15 branches, check out their official website.

This post was brought to you by Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe.

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