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b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A8226.JPGThe Missing Pan is known for their unique spin on brunch food, like the perfectly-cooked 62 Degree Eggs Benedict and their French Toast Salpicon. But more than just serving all-day breakfast, The Missing Pan has introduced new items to its menu, ensuring that it serves all-day dinner as well!

Having heard positive reviews about their brunch items, we were eager to find out how the rest of their menu fared.


The Missing Pan Starters


b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A8246.JPGFor the appetiser, we had the Chargrilled Squid ($12++). Marinated in their special seasoning, the squid was well-cooked and did not have the rubbery consistency some squid dishes have.

While this dish was too sweet for my taste, the sauce provided complemented it well.


The Mains At The Missing Pan


b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A8250.JPGNext we had the Mushroom Quesadillas ($18++), which had wild mushrooms, Spanish onions, capsicums and a generous helping of mozzarella. You will like this if you’re a vegetarian – the ratio of cheese to mushrooms was spot on.

The carnivore in me, however, was craving meat, which made me happy to see the arrival of the next dish.b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A8265.JPGThe Smoked Duck Risotto ($25++) had smoked duck breast, semi sun-dried tomato, baby spinach, and hojimeishi mushrooms. The tomatoes were delicious, juicy and tangy and exploding with flavour when you bite into them. b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A8278.JPGThe German Baby Back Ribs ($36++) came beautifully presented on a black plate. This dish is good for sharing for 3 people. The barbecue sauce is home-made, and the meat was tender, falling off the bone easily. 




b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A8314.JPGOur first dessert was the Frozen Honey Nougat ($12++). The frozen nougat was light and smooth, with the dried apricots and pistachio nuts adding different textures and flavours. The biscuit it came with brings to mind the Love Letters we eat during Chinese New Year. b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A8330.JPGNext was the Lychee Lemongrass Creme Brulee ($6++). I was apprehensive when I first heard about it as it sounded like a strange combination, but it was surprisingly good! The lychee taste overpowered the lemongrass, which I could barely taste. The taste was subtle and wasn’t too sweet, and the custard had good consistency.

An interesting take on a classic dessert. b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A8355.jpgThe Passion Fruit Ivory Coconut Biscuit ($7.50++) looks like Swiss Cheese, being unassuming, but turned out to be my favourite dessert of the night. The slight tinge of sourness from the passionfruit complemented the sweetness of the coconut. The crunchiness of the coconut bits made it all the more addictive. It gets a little gelat after a while though, so it’s better if you share this!b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A8365.JPGThe last dessert of the night was the Bread and Butter Pudding with Vanilla Creme ($8++). When this came, we gushed over how beautiful it looked. The fruits provided a myriad of colours, and the vanilla sauce drizzled over everything looked delicious. It’s not cloyingly sweet or too custard-y, and was light for a pudding, which I appreciated. 




I enjoyed all The Missing Pan’s desserts, and their food presentation makes everything Instagram-worthy. For the mains, the Mushroom Quesadillas and German Baby Back Ribs stood out the most for me.


How to Get There


b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A8214.JPGThe Missing Pan is located along Bukit Timah Road. It’s unassuming signboard makes it easy to miss, so keep an eye out for it!

Address: 619D Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269724
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 9am-5pm and 6pm-10pm. Sunday 9am-5.45pm
Telephone: 6466 4377

This post was brought to you by The Missing Pan.

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