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Speak Good Singlish Movement

No matter what the gahmen does to make us Speak Good English, we know deep down in our hearts that Singlish is the best language in the world. It helps us say as little as possible but still gets our message across, and honestly, most of us would be uneasy if we just don’t hear a lah for too long. 

The TSL team loves Singlish too, so we took it upon ourselves to make a video to show the world just how efficient Singlish is. 

Why Singlish Is The Most Efficient Language In The World - TSL Comedy
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Why Singlish Is The Most Efficient Language In The World - TSL Comedy

Singlish is a beatiful language, with its own rules and syntax. Check out the Singlish Dictionary! You’ll find proper Singlish definitions – in the Queen’s English, no less! And if you’re not convinced, check out how poet Gwee Li Sui shows there’s so much more to Singlish than most people think:

what i learned yesterday from Gwee Li Sui. Singlish has something like adjectives but it modifies the entire sentence….

Posted by Miak Siew on Monday, April 13, 2015

If you’re a proud Singlish speaker, keep it up! It’s a part of a heritage we should keep for as long as possible. And hey, there’s nothing more comforting to hear overseas than “eh, the queue so long, confirm nice!” 

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