Singapore’s answer To Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner


Young Singaporeans today are obsessed with Instagram and they’re willing to do anything at all to get the perfect shot of their food, their pets and themselves. And now, it seems that TSLTV’s very own Jonathan, of #Joynathan fame, has decided to do something crazy to get more followers.

In this episode of TSL Comedy, follow him as he did his best to recreate 2015’s most liked photos of Instagram. And since all the photos are of famous ladies like Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner, expect to see him in short shorts, cropped tops and a lot of wigs. Watch the video below and after that, have a look at all the photos Jonathan took next to the original!


Will these be Most Liked In 2016?


1. Jonathan’s trashy hairstyle.

2. Yup… Those roses are made of toilet paper.

3. Move aside Joyce. Jonathan + Thomas = #RelationshipGoals.

4. Kylie graduated from high school. Jonathan graduated from University of Wa Kin Lau Sai Pa.

5. Jonathan and overgrown baby Keiji. 

6. Pika wasn’t ready to stand on her own two feet. 

7. Pika doesn’t like the camera.

8. Pika CLEARLY doesn’t like the camera.

9. Finally, Jonathan Shows Us What He’s Truly Made Of. 

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