Do you chut pattern when you travel? 


Travelling is a favourite pastime for many Singaporeans. You’ll get to see new places and meet new people – but you’ll also get to see the good, bad, and awkward sides of your friends and family when they’re suddenly thrust into a foreign land.

You’ll find Singaporeans who think they know where they’re going (but don’t), Singaporeans who bring their entire home with them on holiday, and Singaporeans who go all out to make sure the true Singaporean kiasu spirit is alive and kicking. Check out the video below, and see if you’ve had to deal with these types of Singaporean Travellers before.

On a more serious note, take care of your personal belongings when overseas, or you might find out, like I did, that your stuff overseas is “here today, gone tomorrow”. Fauzi certainly made sure he secured all his possessions – but he didn’t quite have the last laugh. 

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