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Trifecta at Somerset

Trifecta First Look – New Sports Facility With Winter Activities Like VR Skiing & Snowboarding In Somerset

Trifecta by The Ride Side at Somerset

It’s not every day that we get to have a taste of extreme sports here on our little island. Wanna go surfing? The biggest wave we have is the Kallang Wave – we love our iconic NDP jig, but still. 

That’s about to change with Trifecta by The Ride Side, a new sports facility in the heart of Somerset that officially opens on 28th October 2023. Think of a complex as large as 4 Olympic-sized pools complete with a skate bowl, surfing simulator, plus virtual reality (VR) snowboarding and skiing simulators. Yup, winter sports in Singapore.

Play 4 different sports at this massive integrated facility

trifecta - surfing skateboarding snowboarding

Chasing the trifecta – known in the board sports world when one dabbles in surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding – is notoriously difficult. After all, it’s not often one can find a location to do all these activities in 1 place. But now, thrillseekers can try all these sports without ever having to grab their passports.

Conveniently located right next to Somerset MRT, the whopping 49,611sqft facility comprises 3 main arenas – skate, surf and snow – with the last arena offering both snowboarding and skiing. It’s all beginner-friendly too, so if you’ve never tried winter sports, here’s your chance to learn something new.

Surf’s up at one of Asia’s largest standing wave pools

For those who love the white-capped waves of Bali, look forward to a new indoor surfing simulator with water columns stretching to a whopping 1.5m. The high-tech wave pool promises plenty of waves to ride on, so it’s time to pull out some slick moves.

trifecta - wave pool

But if you have second thoughts and fear a wipeout, sign up for a class and the experienced instructors will guide you on essentials such as footwork and weight distribution. 

trifecta - wave pool class

They also offer safety tips such as covering your face immediately if you fall from the board, which you must be ready for given that your legs will give out at some point. 

trifecta - wave pool viewing area

If getting wet is not your kinda thing, you can chill out at the viewing area, where rattan couches and sofas are available for you to hang loose and watch the surfers catch waves, all while jamming along to classic rock tunes.

Hit the slopes at the snowboarding & skiing arena

For a Singaporean, cruising down snowy mountains on skis or snowboards often requires a lengthy plane ride. Soon, you can pop on a pair of VR goggles and ride the first VR ski simulator in Asia. Tell yourself you’re in Hokkaido, Japan or Zermatt, Switzerland with their speed simulation that replicates uneven mountain slopes.

trifecta - ski slope

While the VR element is still in the works, there is currently a white astroturf-lined carpet that works like a treadmill. It comes complete with variable speeds, as well as horizontal and vertical inclines.

Classes are also available for those wishing to carve up the snow without booking a flight overseas.

trifecta - snowboarding class

As a complete beginner whose only idea of snowboarding was watching others do it on YouTube, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I still felt that I was in good hands thanks to the experienced instructors. Not only did they help us don our boots and choose our boards, they also conducted a safety briefing and ensured that we had all our protective gear on before hitting the slopes.

trifecta - snowboarding equipment

Over the course of 45 minutes, we covered the basics of snowboarding, such as moving forward, side to side, and slowing down and speeding up – all under the watchful eye of the instructors. To cater to us novices, they lowered the machine speed, and stopped it any time someone fell.

trifecta - dry slope area

For the more experienced folks, there are also 2 dry slope areas, one equipped with a ramp and the other with a rail. There, skiers and snowboarders can practice tricks such as jumps, flips or jibs – where skiers or snowboarders slide on rails, before safely landing on a giant airbag.

Channel your inner Tony Hawk at the skating park

trifecta - skate bowl
Fun fact: The skate bowl can also double up as a rainwater harvesting area, much like the pools it was styled after.

The skate arena is modelled after the dry backyard pools of California. It also caters to surf skaters – think surfing but on land with skateboards.

trifecta - skate park

If you’d like to channel your inner Tony Hawk, classes are available with skilled instructors there to guide you through the basics. Otherwise, you can always hang out on the viewing deck and watch the pros do ollies and other tricks.

trifecta - wave pool 2
Wave pool.

Visitors can either use credits or cash to pay for the guided classes here. The prices are indeed pegged at a pretty penny, from $100 for surfing, $80 for snowboarding and skiing, or $40 for skating. But hey, it eliminates flight ticket costs and annual leave usage for those itching to hit the waves or slopes.

trifecta - ski slope 2
Snow skiing simulator.

Credits are also available in packs for open sessions from $390 that can be shared with up to 10 people. For avid practitioners, season passes from $320/month that last for 6 months might be more appealing.

But if you’re just here to get in on the action, fret not, visitors can watch for free from the roof viewing deck, which offers an expansive view of all 3 arenas.

trifecta - skate shop
There’s also a customisation space to personalise your gear.

Just as manners maketh man, gear maketh hero – and The Ride Side Up’s flagship store brims with gear for all 4 board sports. Ranging from high performance surfboards to roller bearings for skateboards, there’s a massive collection of merch, apparel, and sports equipment.

Dine at Butter, a Two Men Bagel House collab

trifecta - two men bagel house

Food – you’ll definitely need it after a day out playing extreme sports. Foodies may be glad to know that Two Men Bagel House has partnered with the attraction to open Butter. In a cosy dining space, refuel on brunch hits like bagels, croissants, and pancakes. Grain bowls are also available for the health conscious. 

trifecta - butter
Image adapted from: Butter

If beer with your skiing or surfing pals sounds like a better idea, they’ve got those too, alongside desserts, and of course, coffee. Don’t miss the butter-based gelato on the menu. 

trifecta - butter interior

It is designed much like a seaside surf bar, with its dark interior illuminated by neon lights snaking about the ceiling and colourful graffiti adorning its walls. There’s even a surfboard hanging over one of the couches, like a mantelpiece.

Make a trip down to Trifecta at Orchard


Nothing can replace skiing down an actual mountain, or hitting the waves at Canggu. But if you can’t wait for the holiday season, this is a nifty solution right in the heart of Orchard Road. Surfing, skiing, and skateboarding with your pals and bagels after – imagine that.

Also, from 28th October to 19th November 2023, Trifecta will be hosting a festival. Pop by for a visit and you’ll be in for a treat with exhilarating surf and snowboard demonstrations, colourful graffiti murals, and lively community marketplaces.

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Photography by Brad Lee.
Originally published on 6th April 2022. Last updated on 25th October 2023.